Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Karen Bishop Energy Update 4/30/2011

April 30, 2011
Hello Everyone!
Exciting news to report during these monumental times-so yes, just another brief update,
as the energies are creating a lot of movement with corresponding experiences-too much
to go unnoticed.
The equinox on March 20th did indeed create a cross-over and movement, with the
corresponding earthquakes preparing the earth for more light-and the arrival of the light
has created even more movement with a substantial amount of purging and detoxing along
with it.
The earth is now in a somersault, as it is being turned upside down and inside out, and we can now say, "Finally! The change has come!". With this somersault, the last tendrils of darkness are up and out, but things are very different this time in regard to dark energies making an exit. For several years now, the darker energies would depart in waves, over and over again, and it would seem as though these waves went on forever. Even so, change was indeed created, it was just that the way things unfolded left many of us scratching our heads in confusion, as so many souls were not moving forward or making inward changes and outward choices that came from the light. So as we are finally moving ahead no matter what, we are now turning inside out while we embark on this journey of creating a planet of light.
The manifestations are varied and lengthy, but I felt it important to present them to you to validate what you already know and are experiencing, and to emphasize that the light is indeed here, even though the purging may make it seem otherwise at times.

are as we have evolved out of that space (lots about these kinds of things in the new book which is very near completion now). So we may move into new territory, take the first few steps, and find that we cannot go any further. The energies are moving things into very new spaces at a rapid rate. In this way, much is upside down, inside out, here and there, and hard to grab onto. In addition, what we may have begun may suddenly no longer apply. All of this creates "half done."
• Lots of physical symptoms ofpurging and detoxing. With the somersault scenario and so much movement now, much is moving up and out. This affects us physically as well. Skin rashes, acne, bladder and kidney ailments and pain, intestinal distress, coughing and congestion, and even cancerous eruptions can occur.
• Emotional symptoms as well! A common feeling during the end times is what I call "the hysteria energy." For unidentifiable reasons, we may feel a subtle underlying hysteria as so much is moving and changing, or even that we are hyperventilating. And as always, the usual panic, anxiety, and depression as well.
• Climatic and earth changes. Movement, movement and more movement. Cleansing is a natural by-product, as the energies continue to rev up and push, push, push out the old. Earthquakes open to receive more light and climatic catastrophes cleanse to receive more light. (And human beings detox to receive more light!) All preparing for alignment with the heart energy.
• Loss of life. Many souls are departing the planet at this time. Some because they have experienced all they came to experience, some because they have not chosen to be present during the end times, and yet others because they are not able or willing to align themselves with the heart energy.

But strangely enough, this is all news that something magnificent is indeed occurring if we choose to perceive things in this way. The end times are a rare and unprecedented time, and we will experience them in a way that fits who, what, and where the planet is at this particular time. We can only bob and weave, and know that all is in divine and perfect order.
The high gas prices during this time are a perfect example. We are being encouraged to examine and "see" where we are currently residing, either globally or locally. With high gasoline prices, we are forced to stay local, stay put, and stay home. In this way, we will eventually begin to see what is right in front of us, learn to love and cherish our close neighbors (not the connections that exist from the artificial internet grid!) and the towns we reside in, and begin the evolutionary process of staying local and evolving into local governing bodies as well (which will suit us much better as they are much more relevant to the distinct energies they are each comprised Of). So in this way, everything is supporting our evolutionary process, even though it may not seem so at times (okay, okay may be tired of hearing about this book that is taking forever to complete, but there is lots of this kind of information in the book as well.)
We are rapidly evolving into a planet comprised of the heart energy. In this way, there will be nothing left that does not involve the heart. Relationships, interactions, decisions, and new structures will all have the heart at their core, and much change is finally occurring to support this new structure. Things are falling at a rapid rate, we are being encouraged to come together at last, and the pin that I mentioned in articles past is finally being pulled. It would not be pulled if we were not making good progress!
Wishing heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life during these miraculous times,

Karen Bishop
P.O. Box 44064
Rio Rancho, NM 87174