Monday, June 13, 2011

Calling all StarSeeds and Sirian Gatekeepers!

Calling all StarSeeds and Sirian Gatekeepers!

JOIN US in the Sacred Vortex of Zero Point Energy for the Eclipse Activation on June 15th at 6:00pm PST!

Answer the Call of your Soul's Life Mission and join together with other StarSeeds to form a united field of Unity Consciousness that will Unlock the ancient Sirian Portal of Zep Tepi (First Time Moment)!

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Last March 2010, I was invited to a massive Galactic Light Collector in Tuscon, Arizona and soaked in Sirian Light for 2 nights - awakening DNA Consciousness from ancient Sirian-Egypt. Once I returned home, I spent the next 4 months translating the 1st Chamber Activation and developed the Zep Tepi Alchemy Starter Course, which was published on August 1st, 2010.

Since that moment, many have downloaded the Starter Course and embarked on their personal Activation as an Alchemist in the ancient Sirian tradition. Now at this particular time, we are being called to join together and form a united field of Unity Consciousness encoded to open and activate the 2nd locked Chamber of hidden knowledge in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

According to the Mayan Inter-Dimenisonal Star Map, the Divine Source of Creation arises out of the spinning Galactic Core and aligns with our solar system's cosmological placement at this particular time in history.

On June 15th we will experience a Lunar Eclipse that unites with the Galactic Core, preparing a portal opening for a Grand Cross solar eclipse in Cancer with the great Star Sirius on July 1st.

Sirius is the GateKeeper of our Galactic Activation and the Sirian Elders are the architects of the current Ascension Plan in effect now. The Sirian legacy is being reprised now with this solar eclipse - launching the final stage of our human ascension on July 1st.

The StarSeeds and Sirian Gatekeepers are being Called to reunite on June 15th to form a Harmonic Frequency of Sacred Geometry (Wheel within a Wheel) that will activate and unlock the stargates of Earth for the Galactic Spiral Density Wave (Ascension Wave) arriving on July 1st with the Sirian Grand Cross Eclipse.

Zep Tepi Alchemy comes from the ancient knowledge stored in the hidden vaults of the Great Pyramid - The time has arrived to bring this knowledge forward! Stored inter-dimensionally in the Chambers is the untapped power of Zero Point energy, the source of Creation (genesis) in our Universe. The secret Sirian technology of the Vortex Template is required to shift gravitational fields to enter inter-dimensionally these secret vaults. We must Unite to unlock the hidden alchemy waiting for us now!

Zep Tepi Alchemy TeleMeditation - 2nd Chamber Activation!
June 15th Eclipse Alignment with the Galactic Core!

Register for Upcoming Event - Wednesday, June 15th, 6:00pm PST

TeleMeditation/Webcast Fee $30

Zep Tepi Alchemy Starter Course includes an eBook and Meditation Download that is coded for all incarnated Initiates to awaken their Soul Blueprint now!

The Course's 1st Chamber Activation must be completed prior to attending the upcoming Eclipse Activation. Order Here

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