Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Message of Love from Sanat Kumara ~ July 2011 Activations

A Message of Love from Sanat Kumara ~ July 2011 Activations

Dearest Ones,

Blessings, it is an honor to be here with you in this moment. I Am Sanat Kumara at your service. My presence is now going to be coming more into the forefront as many of you are part of the Kumara’s of Venus. Lemuria is being awakened in new ways of Beingness through the energetics of the higher dimensional frequencies. I am honored to be more present in your lives at this time.

We have been awaiting for this time of remembrance to fully be awakened within the Hearts and Minds of the many. First, I say, thank you to each of you for the hard work and diligence that you have been doing. The challenges will continue but on a different level of acceptance within each of you. No matter what your level of initiation of your chela-ship is at this time, you are being awakened to more levels to assist the planetary awareness. This month of June is very pivotal for these occurrences to happen. Please know that your work does not go unnoticed. We are very aware of the challenges and the triumphs that you are experiencing.

Prepare for these changes to occur within you more fully than previously. Be very astute with your diligence of your internalization and the work that needs to be done. Work within first before you choose to work outside of yourself. Some of you may think that you are ready, but yet you may not be. It is important to cleanse the entire system inside and out before you choose to work with others in a higher capacity. We urge you to take these heeds very seriously as the darkness is very quick to notice the ones that are not fully activated within the higher frequencies. It can take you down a peg or two and at this point in the whole scheme of creation, it is important to look at your own mirrors and what you are projecting for yourself.

If you have had challenges, taken a pathway that put you in the stages of lessons that you thought you had already taken care of, listen to these signs. Go deeply within and fully look at yourself inside and out. Be your own healer and be very strong with yourself as you would for another that you were helping. What goes for another - must go for you. The deepness of this healing is essential for you to receive the full effects of these activations. Do not let any stone not to be turned over. Express yourself deeply within and allow the changes to occur.

It is important to work with another to remove any debris that you may have received. The best chela is one in which the energies can fully be actualized at the state of being that is necessary for all concerned. One small hole in your aura can upset the whole conditioning process that you have been working on. I cannot stress this enough. Prepare yourself; are you fully sure that what you are experiencing is part of your essence or is there an outside influence. Be very cognizant of the elements around you and how you are being affected. If you need assistance, please ask and if you have never had an individual remove any negative implants, etc., please have it done immediately.

With all of that being shared, then you are ready. The next step after the cleansing process is “are you assisting others in service to the Divine Plan thereof?” Are you reaching out to express your Divinity in a new a different manner. Coming deeply from your heart is an essential component of the energies that are going to be occurring. There must not be anything that you are unsure of ~ as if you are, then the end result will be a challenge that you truly do not want to experience. Utilizing the bartering method or a graduated scale on a fee basis is only going to serve your highest purpose. You will find once you start to implement such changes, then you will receive more than you would have been charging on a regimented fee schedule.

The upcoming energies are wonderful but only as wonderful as the Ones that are truly ready to handle them. I have expressed the cleansing process as it is a necessary component to embrace the upcoming energies. Stand within your light with all of your energies fully accessed on the higher levels. You may not be ready for the 5th dimensional Light Body, but you must aspire to be more than you were previously. Allow your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart to take precedence over all elements occurring within you.

So now you are ready. The onset of the energies of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse are going to totally assist One in being the space and time that is necessary. I also need to remind you that at this time is the Festival of Humanity, the last of the three festivals of Wesak, which truly represents your upgraded ascension integration from Wesak and sharing it to the world. Be prepared to do so in love, compassion, joy, and expression of God’s Will within you. Take this time to fully activate these energies within you to assist you in the next process of your development.

The Summer Solstice will be the next occurrence of your momentum. Allowing yourself to fully accept the activations of this solstice energy in 2011 is gong to assist you tremendously. If you have followed the guidelines that I have given you, then this event is only going to catapult you into the next level of your awareness and your service onto this Earth. Only you can be the judge of where you are but be very honest with yourself. This is very imperative. Be aware of the mirrors around you ~ are the people that you are attracting at this time truly a representative of where you are presently. Are you feeling the synchronization of events in your life? Are you attracting your desires within minutes, hours, or days of your intentions?

I would like to categorize these elements into five stages:

1. Those individuals that are fully unaware of their surroundings; in other words, the unawakened ones.
2. Individuals that are waking up but are still accessing their teachings on a 3rd dimensional level such as self help, relaxation techniques, and affirmations.
3. Individuals that have been awake, working on themselves but are still very lower emotional and ego driven. They still are unsure of the symptoms they are feeling even though they may be doing very deep emotional work. These individuals are resisting the process and are only on the 4th dimensional level.
4. Individuals that are truly utilizing the higher vibrational techniques such as stating decrees, attunements, vocalization through chants and higher vibrational work, color therapy, has a knowledge of the higher chakras and the Rays of God.
5. The Pioneers that have walked this path, utilized as many teachings as necessary, are beyond the 5th dimensional consciousness and are working between worlds. These are the ones that are the leaders of the 5th dimensional level and are teaching the 4th level of individuals to raise up to this level. They have a choice to stay in this level of Earth or to move into the 5th dimensional Earth; many are choosing to leave. The Ones that stay are truly walking as Ascended Masters, have fully mastered the Rays of God, understand Universal Laws, and are only driven by the God-Essence within them.

Please know that every individual person who reaches the fifth can always fall. It depends on their God Consciousness and how they interact within the world. The Love and Light Quotient frequency is a necessary component. This means that all individuals on the Earth can also fall or they can rise. It is up to each of you and where you want to be on the scale. This month is so very important.

One last point of reference ~ many are channeling at this time. It is up to you to decide what resonates within your Heart and what does not. If you are a channel, please make sure that you are very clear and you continually work on raising your Light Quotient, have a sense of the higher vibration verses the lower vibrations. Some may come as each of us and truly are not of the highest frequencies. It is a time for many to be showing themselves, and it is imperative to discern within your Heart what feels right within you.

Take the time during the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and Festival of Humanity to make a list of where you are, what you may need to do, and how to go about it. Sometimes just the intention of doing so is all that is needed. Please know that we are in a very magical and powerful time but it is Earth-driven. In order to reach these heights of awareness, it is important to do Service onto this Earth. That is why each of you are here. Your karma must be cleared at least 51%; otherwise you will return into the karmic wheel of rebirth.

Please know that I give you these words to encourage you, to show you that possibly it is time to take inventory and take stock of where you are presently in your pathway. Some of you may already know but most do not. Part of the process of integrating these energies is the problem of getting lost in the shuffle and when that happens, confusion can set in and the full awareness is not within you but around you. Again, I reiterate, each of you are doing a fabulous job. This is an awareness lesson with love and joy. We will rise to the higher frequencies together as One Team of Love and Light. You, as the Earth Hierarchy, the Telosians as the Inner Earth Hierarchy, the Higher Vibrational Inner Space Beings as the Galactic Hierarchy, and each of us as the Spiritual Hierarchy as we become one Hierarchy for Terra Christa, the New Earth, the Golden Age. I reach out my hand to each and every one of you in partnership. We have been waiting for this time to see for the Gods and Goddesses to reappear in their full glory. This is your time to shine and we are here to embrace in the Light and the Love that you are.

I feel very blessed in this moment to share my Light with you as we walk hand-in-hand together.

I Am Sanat Kumara in great gratitude for your service to the New Earth, the Golden Era.


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