Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Relationships in a Time of Change

Family Relationships in a Time of Change
Julie Redstone

Beloved Ones, family relationships are going through a healing process at this time, initiated by the presence of greater spiritual light on Earth and brought forth by the process of purification. This light reveals areas within the family that need to move into greater wholeness. Sometimes, this is accomplished in an atmosphere of love and trust. At other times, issues that have lain dormant within the family may suddenly rise to the surface and intensify, leading to overt conflict and discord.

It is the property of spiritual light to separate light from darkness. As part of this process, painful truths that may have gone unexpressed or been suppressed are now raised to awareness so that they may be dealt with. Under such circumstances, it may appear that once peaceful relationships now become difficult or that formerly minimized aspects of discord now assume a more central place. Maintaining an understanding of what is happening is important in such situations, for the perspective one holds deeply affects the choices one makes about how to manage the situation.

It is not always the case, however, that conflict is the result of light's increasing presence. Each human being contains a range of potential responses to life situations, including relationships within a family. As light increases, it also awakens and gives greater potency to the heart and to its deeper feelings. It does this as the energy of the soul assumes greater prominence in life. This can mean that family members, without knowing how or why, suddenly become more gentle and softer with each other. It can mean that things that were once sore spots can now be overlooked. The opening of the heart can open doors to greater acceptance and closeness. It can create understandings where none seemed possible before.

Where light in one meets growing light in another, the potential range of responses that each brings to a relationship can initiate totally new ways of responding. In fact, this can take place based on changes in one person alone who no longer responds to situations according to old patterns, but according to the new values and potencies of the vibration of light. Within a relationship, this is good news, for it often only takes one person to not respond in the old way in order for the other to sense the subtle energetic cues indicating that the old response in the other is gone, and that a new way of being has arrived.

By contrast, where negative energies in one are met by negative energies in another, there can be anger, conflict, judgment, and in extreme situations, a decision taken to create distance or, in the case of couples, to end the relationship. This flaring up of difficulties can occur, even in an otherwise peaceful relationship. When it is held in the context of purification, it can lead to the greatest potential for healing if those involved can speak honestly about what is taking place.

Change within families during this time of purification is not uncommon. Value differences among family members may become exaggerated, leading to a need to review and recalibrate the relationship. Where one partner within a couple, for example, is less open to a conscious spiritual life while the other is moved even more to pursue this direction, such differences can either create estrangement or become the springboard for efforts to accommodate the situation in a way that allows for maximum growth.

As a way of promoting growth, it is always useful to ask when situations arise: What is the forward movement that could take place here? What could this present moment or interaction turn into that would serve the purposes of greater wholeness and light? Even in the presence of anger and conflict, even in the presence of a seemingly intractable situation, this question may be asked.

Such a question implies a purposefulness within Divine intelligence that infuses each unfolding situation with healing potential. This is especially true to the degree that one aligns with the positive purposes of God and light and does not become involved with negative energies. Holding to Divine purpose means that one looks for the way of love and healing that could potentially reveal itself within any given situation. Patience and trust are aspects of such love. In support of these qualities, prayer is helpful, as is asking the following question: How may I be a vehicle for greater love, no matter what is going on around me?

Beloved Ones, hearts are opening everywhere, spurred into greater activity by the intensification of spiritual energy on the planet. At the same time, negative energies are being released that are needing to be acknowledged and purified. Within the present moment, it is important to look for the heart-opening possibilities for oneself and for one's family, and to know that one's own capacity to love is not dependent upon another. It is dependent only upon one's trust and faith that it is possible to live a life in God and in love, and one's commitment to such a purpose.

Julie Redstone is an emissary of the Realms of Light and the founder of Light Omega, a spiritual center that has been given a mandate to assist with planetary change through making available the ancient teachings of light.

Julie's work in collaboration with the Realms of Light is to bring through both the concepts and energy that are needed so that a new consciousness and way of life can be anchored and established upon the Earth. This new energy is not meant for those of any particular religion or form of belief, but belongs to all. It is simultaneously an energy of the heart and an energy of awakened consciousness that can recognize Divine reality in and through the mind, heart, and body.

Julie serves the mission of the Christ as does the center that is Light Omega. This mission serves all of the Earth's inhabitants in bringing into awareness knowledge of the One Creator and of the One Heart that dwells within all.

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