Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Galactic Core - The Source of Life! Eclipse 6/15/11

Galactic Core - The Source of Life!
by Meg Benedicte

Take a moment today and connect to the cosmological Eclipse happening in our 'neck of the woods' - the earth, sun and the full moon are aligned with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. Often called the Throne of God...our Galactic Core pulses with life force as the heart of creation in our universe! In the spiraling whirlpool of the Galactic Center all life is birthed in the eternal 'heartbeat' of collapse and expansion.

Today's Eclipse is conjunct this universal source of 'godhead' energy and by setting our intention to connect, honor and bestow the blessing of Creation within our pulsing Core - we can deepen our divine connection and strengthen our inner sense of immortality. When connecting to the rhythm of Creation in our Galactic Center we are transforming the esoteric concept of the godhead into a real, tangible source of divine light in our daily human lives.

The full moon signals a time of resolution and completion, but also a new beginning. Today's lunar event with the Galactic Core - Full Moon Eclipse ushers in a new awareness of our inherent divine connection and the final days of Polarity Consciousness. As we process through our own personal healing and karmic resolution, we open our hearts and liberate our spirits in sovereignty. The heart center operates as the internal connection to our eternal Soul and the psychic brain of our divine knowing. When our hearts can open and embrace soul presence, we have access to more and more inner knowing.

In the 'Wheel within a Wheel' sacred geometry,

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we encounter the central Hub of the wheel which represents the eternal Soul. All the spokes of the wheel represent every timeline our soul has incarnated and the outer wheel is the container of our timeless Unified Field. Today marks the gateway of the collapsing timelines to pulse in Singularity and collapse/merge into union with the eternal Soul. Imagine all the spokes of the wheel to break free, dissolve and merge every soul aspect into the central Hub of the Wheel within a Wheel. We are at the precipice of Unity Consciousness, where no aspect of our Soul exists in separation or disconnection.

Our alignment with the Galactic Center of our universe is our doorway into the timeless, eternal wellspring of life force that fuels all existence. Take a moment today and dip into the well, nourish your inner spirit, and connect to divine godhead energy to eradicate all separation from our beloved planet. Namaste!

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