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Energy Update - December 2012 by Matt Kahn

Energy Update - December 2012
by Matt Kahn
A climate of rapid change and acceleration has dawned. A new world is being born right before your eyes, and yet, as quickly as things are changing on this planet and throughout your life, it may also seem as if nothing is actually happening at all. This is because the change we are now welcoming into our individual and collective awareness has always been here. It is simply a matter of coming to a point in history where all that has been prophesized and described by many saints and sages is ready to be seen as the way life is.
There are three distinct categories of energetic expansion taking place during this critical time in history. I will briefly outline each, so you may tune in and sense which one speaks to your experience.
The Healing Heart - For those making their way through the depths of the first stage of initiation, the experience of cellular healing remains at the forefront of your daily activities. There is also a deep spiritual impulse drawing you inward to awaken a unified view of everyday life. Whether this is sensed as a heartfelt desire to experience a deeper sense of connection, or noticing how the life you once knew and understood no longer seems to work, the journey of a healing heart is one of chaos and transformation. As I always say, "What you are feeling, you're healing." This means by the time you recognize a reaction in your body, it is reminding you what is already on its way out. Every time a reaction occurs, or perhaps is noticed as a lingering heaviness or lack of motivation, take a moment to sit, close your eyes, and slow your breath. With each breath in, offer a "Thank you" to wherever the feelings are felt. With each breath out, allow it to be released and healed on its own accord without trying to push it away or force the healing to happen at a faster rate. Every reaction or feeling is an opportunity to take full responsibility for your healing journey by embracing in yourself what only cries out for your own loving attention. When navigating the path of ascension as the healing heart, there can be upheavals in relationships, discontent at your workplace, as well as abject disdain for the rules of society, or even fears about the state of the world. This occurs as a way of drawing your attention inward, so to begin recognizing how the patterns of your inner landscape create your perception of experience in the external world around you.
At this initial stage of initiation, it is common to identify with your life's circumstances and feel like a victim of the world around you. If this is your experience, your only recourse of action is to accept that life will seem to be whatever is necessary to continually show you what only you can stop and take the time to embrace in yourself; not only as gift of healing for your own life, but as a contribution of transformation for one and all. At this stage, it is important to know, what you are healing in yourself are patterns of the collective consciousness. Therefore, there is no reason to rely on thoughts to link any feeling in the body with anything from the past. Even when memories spontaneously float to the surface, they are an opportunity for you to heal yourself by thanking any unresolved aspects for reminding you of the perfect time to stop and embrace yourself as never before. No matter what seems wrong with the world, when you are knee deep in healing cellular memories, or confronting contractions of resistance as a way of escorting yourself out of the dream of victimhood, it is essential to remember that equally loving and accepting all aspects of self is the only remedy.
At this stage, life is reduced into two distinct options: you can choose to blame and continue to suffer or surrender into unconditional love by accepting yourself - fully and completely.
The Awakening Heart - If you have spent the past few months or even years releasing cellular memories and lightening the load within your energy field, you may begin to sense more spaciousness, openness, and relief. When you find yourself at this next stage of initiation, you might feel like an empty cup that is now ready to be filled up with the light of your soul's frequency. At this stage, there is often a lack of motivation toward activities, environments, or even people who still carry the unresolved frequency of victimhood in their energy field. This is because an awakening heart is learning to adjust to the rawness and sensitivity of life without an attachment to ego. This can feel like an identity crisis, which is only a crisis to the dissolving shadow self. It is the beginning stages of opening up to the magnificence of life without it centered in the endless fears or needs of a separate character who you've innocently imagined yourself to be, in comparison to your ideas about others.
While it is normal for an awakening heart to feel a need to be alone more often, and even pull away from those who are still entrenched in their healing journey, it is important to allow yourself whatever space you need without casting judgment upon those who are beginning to blossom at a different rate. An easy way to remedy this is to acknowledge the reactions, dilemmas, or heaviness felt in the presence of others as an opportunity to stop and offer loving acceptance to your own heart. Even though the reactions weren't erupting in your body, the fact that you are witnessing eruptions around you invites you to love your own heart, as the law of One reminds you: what is loved in one is healed in all. It is also important at this stage to let go of any need to plan far in advance. In time, everything will come into a flow of miraculous precision. As this occurs, planning re-enters your hologram with the ability to intuitively make decisions without exhausting yourself with a list of what-ifs. When it comes to planning, an awakened heart feels their way through every detail by following the intuitive flow of inspiration, joy, and excitement. Whenever this inner guidance hasn't quite kicked into full gear, it is important to simply relax, so all subtle defenses may drop away completely.
It's also common for an absence of egoic behavior to reveal a sense of boredom, as the body adjusts to life without an overstimulated nervous system to constantly feed or defend. It is common for compulsive patterns of addiction to be revealed in the wake of such boredom. This is mainly because the boredom being sensed is the recognition of life's natural state of emptiness that can initially be interpreted as an absence of all the things the ego used to remain separate from the world in view. For some awakening hearts, life without anything to fix, maintain, seek, judge, compare, or label reveals a lot of time and space, which can unearth repressed forms of nervous energy that many compulsive patterns of addiction attempt to avoid or deny.
However this stage of initiation unfolds in your experience, the awakening heart is urged to eat clean, nutritious food, speak honestly from the heart, and take life slowly. As often as needed, be like a fifth-grader enjoying a day-off to heal. Watch funny movies, wear your favorite pajamas, and whenever your energy permits, step outside and go for a walk to offer "I love you's" to everything you see. This simple practice not only supports Earth's transition, but helps to accelerate your own path of ascension.
The Ascending Heart - At this stage of initiation, the cellular body has been emptied out, the overstimulated nervous system has been unraveled, where as any sense of life before this moment seems like a distant memory or a vivid dream you once had. At this stage, the body is ready to begin the activations and expansion of embodying the soul as a conscious living reality. For the ascending heart, there is a joyful excitement to step back into life, open to whatever possibilities life may offer, and ready to embrace life as a cosmic playground of divine grace. The activations that take place often feel like upgrades from basic cable to HD. Things seem brighter, more vivid, and crisp. There is also a natural ability to stand in the presence of others and be astonished at what no longer triggers you. This is because the previous stages of initiation have healed past wounds, so there can be an awareness of what others are healing without taking their behavior personally. It is also at this stage where everything that is offered to others is immediately felt within oneself. This is the recognition of Oneness, where every "I love you" offered to another allows your heart to simultaneously feel embraced, just as any form of criticism toward others is immediately sensed as a subtle form of self-judgment. Once an ascending heart understands this on a deep enough level, the power of choice allows you to celebrate all that you are by offering to others what they unknowingly refuse to give to themselves. This is also how a life of soulful service takes shape and form in every breath, without having to necessarily lead you into a spiritually-oriented career. Many ascending hearts work under the radar without the use of spiritual personas, knowing: "It's not what they do, but how they choose to do it."
At this stage, an ascending heart has no fight or negotiation with life. There is simply the willingness to show up and be of service by welcoming everything with acceptance and love. To an ascending heart, anything that captures your attention acts as an opportunity to say or do whatever you wish others would've said or done. In essence, an ascending heart has the power, capability, and freedom to become, in any moment, whatever appears missing from the world in view. At this stage, there is a hundred percent accountability in one's life without apologizing for things that serve to assist humanity in navigating these three initial stages of awakening. It is also at this stage of experience where the newfound way of being that has been nurtured internally begins to reflect outwardly and manifest new creations of external experience to match the fully awakened vibration of unity consciousness. For those who find themselves at this stage of initiation, a full participation in life and creative expression are essential. This means moving the body, exploring art projects, as well as making choices that resonate with the heart instead of the fear-based algorithms of the critical mind. As this occurs, the ascending heart quickly realizes how all the pieces in life's play always fall into place when moving in the direction of pure joy and excitement. For an ascending heart, the mantra is simple: "If it brings me joy, life will support it."
No matter which stage of initiation best describes the current climate of your reality, I invite you to make December 21, 2012 a day of rest and renewal. I encourage you to be absolutely gentle with yourself on this day of activation, which acts as a sign post that says goodbye to the old paradigm, and hello to a brand new reality.
Whether a brand new reality seems palpable right now, suddenly springs into awareness on December 21, 2012, or gradually blossoms into experience in the days to come, please allow this moment in time to be an opportunity to thank all characters and memories from your past for leading you here to become who you are now. If need be, offer closure to anything that may feel unresolved, and step forward into a brand new beginning with a clean slate. Equally so, allow this moment in time to be an opportunity to open your heart to who you are now by letting go of grudges or attachments to past. In doing so, you invite into your life the path of your highest evolution that is ready to guide you home to a space you never truly left.
Perhaps in reading this energy update, you find yourself in one of these three stages of initiation, or maybe you've been experiencing a bit of all three. No matter how the path of ascension has unfolded in your reality, it acts as an opportunity to dive deeply into the infinite potential of your soul's true purpose of awakening the Divine in human form. This energy update is only the beginning of things to come. It is indeed an exciting time as you are now stepping to the forefront of what every lifetime of experience has prepared you to explore. Whether Julie and I assist you in sessions, satsangs, or at our upcoming 5-day retreats, we are here to offer you every resource of the Universe, so you may access your highest potential as a gift of love and liberation for one and all.
Many blessings,
Matt Kahn

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