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Our Movement into the New Time is Vertical, not Linear by DL Zeta

Our Movement into the New Time is Vertical, not Linear
DL Zeta

We're standing now inside the new time. Our arrival here can be traced
across past decades when we increased our capacity to assimilate light.
High-vibrational frequencies flooding the earth over the past 25 years
slowly raised the frequencies our physical bodies could assimilate.

Frequency Upgrades Trigger our Movement into the New Time

Frequency upgrades to the physical system trigger clearings at
emotional, mental and spiritual levels. With each frequency upgrade, the
past comes before us so we can see it through the light of our
newly-expanded consciousness. With each upgrade in frequency, we shed
veils, enter new levels of seeing, and activate new potentials. We held
these potentials from the beginning of our journey, and only activated
them as our prevailing consciousness was ready to enter a new phase of
our spiritual mission.

Spiritual Growth is Based in Vibrational Frequency, not Linear Time

Though this movement has taken place over a period of years, the
progression to the new time has been vertical, not linear. Time is a
human construct that helps us break experience into increments for easy
processing and assimilation. Linear time is sometimes erroneously
applied to predict the arrival of spiritual visions into our physical
reality. The movement into new levels of our spiritual purpose is based
in vibrational frequency, not time. This new passage we have entered is
about raising our vibrational frequency to enter timelines where
spiritually-aligned realities exist. As we raise our vibration, we
become the one who is capable of existing along these new timelines. As
our vibrational frequency ascends, so do we.

Linear Versus Vertical Time

Linear time is the continuous movement along the same timeline for a
period of time. We cannot change an existing timeline, so it can be
expected that navigating experience in a linear, rather than vertical,
manner will hold us in a vibrational continuum along the same timeline.
Change is a matter of shifting to a new timeline. When we raise our
frequency, the new timelines we access reflect our spiritual destiny.

Vertical "time" is packed with experiences that hold the power to
transform us by allowing us to grow spiritually. A week of vertical time
may seem like five years of linear time. A single moment the duration of
the blink of an eye can bring quantum change to our lives. Generally
speaking, these moments are often preceded by a series of other moments
containing intentions and efforts that lead us to exist in a state of
vertical time.

Vertical time is a moment or succession of moments where we undergo
experiences that allow our spirit to grow in understanding and insight.
These new understandings change our vibrational frequency and lift us
into new timelines. As we grow in this way, we expand our conscious
awareness, enter new levels of our spiritual mission, activate new
levels of love and compassion, and become better able to create new
realities that uplift and inspire ourselves and others.

Linear and Vertical Timelines

Whatever timelines we are currently experiencing will remain in place as
we continue along the same energetic plane. Even though we are in the
new time where fifth-dimensional potentials are more readily accessible,
we can continue to experience third-dimensional realities if we choose
to do so. It will become increasingly uncomfortable to remain in a
third-dimensional timeline for any period of time as the "rewards" for
this form of existence are being phased out.

Shifting to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

For many, shifting to high-vibrational timelines is a matter of
examining the means by which they create reality and gaining awareness
of old templates that are still in place. If you have been creating life
experiences from past templates - consulting the past for what is
possible for the future -- it's time to abandon these now. If you are
frustrated because spiritual visions have failed to manifest or have
manifested differently than expected, do not let this throw you off or
discourage you. Your visions have always been close at hand, standing
beside you, guiding you. What may have previously been misunderstood is
how we would move into these visions and begin to live them.

Light Infusions Awaken us to Aspects that Hold the Answers

We are able to consciously raise our vibration by healing our emotional,
mental, physical and spiritual bodies. We heal as we allow greater
infusions of light to illuminate and expand our consciousness, therefore
transforming our existence. Infusions of light awaken us to the location
in consciousness where answers to our present-moment issues reside. We
already have within us the answers to any questions or issues that might
arise. When we view a situation, question or issue from an expanded
perspective, we are directed to the aspect of our being that holds the
highest and best answer. This is how we navigate and explore reality in
the new time.

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