Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's Birth a New Earth - by Meg Benedicte

The New Year is already proving to be quite different than most of us more ways than one. On the final day of the Mayan Calendar, a significant shift occurred on Dec. 21st in the planetary magnetic field at all the sacred sites. I live at Mt Shasta, of the sites with a powerful vortex linking to the crystalline grid of Gaia. Not only did our electronics go wonky, but the mountain whipped up an intense blizzard dumping 4 ft of snow everywhere.

The Winter Solstice marked the annual alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Recent reports from Astronomers in eastern Australia discovered massive outflows of charged particles surging from the center of the Milky Way. These outflows contain extraordinary amounts of energy; bursts of gamma ray microwave emissions that extend 50,000 light-years across the galactic plane.
Between 12:12 and 12:21, the Gamma photonic light carried new consciousness into our planet's ionosphere, traveling around a global grid in wireless energy transmissions. During this window of time, our planet received an influx of crystalline Light Codes from the Galactic Center that are now integrating into our morphic field. These powerful Christ Light Codes altered the magnetic field at the sacred sites, unlocking the centuries-old stranglehold of 3D polarity.

Earth's natural energy flows around the planet in a matrix of sacred geometry based on the 'Flower of Life' pattern. The grid intersects at specific power places that act like spin points similar to acupuncture points on our bodies. These sacred sites, pyramids, standing stones, etc are located within the center of intersecting points of the 'Flower of Life' map.
The Planetary Grid System is harmonically designed in a matrix of sound, light and color - that creates a holographic grid program that forms our physical reality. The 'Flower of Life' sacred geometry contains the original patterns of creation in our universe - formed out of sonic vibrations from the basic Seed of Life structure seen in ancient Tibetan Buddhism, ancient Egyptian alchemy, and many older traditions.

The global grid linked the ancient sites (power points) and Earth's energy pulse to the geometric icosahedron, known as Metatron's Cube - which all other forms such as the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron and the dodecahedron fit into. The mathematical formulas of Phi, Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, and the Golden Spiral can be mapped consistently to Metatron's icosahedron.
Metatron's Cube is an esoteric, transcendental icosahedron that can collapse within itself and become smaller and smaller or expand larger outwards and maintain its shape into infinity. The global grid is a hypothetical model of a crystal planet, anchored to the north and south axial poles and the Great Pyramid at Giza. The crystalline matrix is visualized as a dodecahedron (12 pentagons) superimposed with an icosahedron (20 triangles) which correlate with ancient sacred sites, earth faults, magnetic anomalies, migration patterns, etc. 
At the center of the sacred sites (power places) spins a natural vortex, as we have here in Mt. Shasta. During particular alignments of the sun, moon, and earth to the Galactic Center, we experience a shift in the geomagnetic field, creating a magnetic null zone of zero gravity. In those moments of precise positioning, there occurs a 'hyper-dimensional bleed-through' of higher consciousness that triggers an Awakening in the crystalline fabric of the collective field.
We just experienced a momentous 'bleed-through' on Dec. 22nd as we anchored onto Gaia the 5D unity consciousness realm. That morning we piled into two vans and drove up Mt Shasta as far as our snow chains would take us, to form a sacred meditation circle to anchor and birth our new 5D earth. I can say it was the happiest day of my life! 

It is imperative that we heal and open our 4th Dimensional Heart Center to fill with Love frequency in order to access the unity consciousness at 5th Dimension. We need to Master the Ego, and transcend all negative judgment and control, in order to maintain a neutral, detached, balanced Still Point in our core center. When we can actualize the null zone in our emotions/thoughts, we can access the bridge to the higher dimensional Earth and the divine flow of receptivity. This requires that we awaken our pineal/right hemisphere and unite Left/Right Brain in order to visualize, create higher intentions, and receive our natural abundance.

Since the dimensional shift on Dec. 22nd many of the First Wavers have experienced extreme physical collapsing of 3D systems. It has felt like my body was melting inside, dissolving and departiculating the old infrastructure. We have unplugged from the 3D planetary grid of polarity and separation, while transitioning into the vast space of no time, living in the Now Moment. It is quiet, void, dispersed, and free of want or desire!
We are starting to experience at the molecular level the internal collapse of a dying ecosystem - mirroring the ongoing external collapse of an unsustainable civilization in the current 3D Earth. The Uranus/Pluto square will continue thru 2015, catalyzing ongoing change and transformation of our fading lifestyle in separation. The 'bleed-through' unity consciousness from December is lifting Earth up higher and higher into a new world paradigm. I invite you to join me in upcoming Global Meditations to anchor onto the crystalline 'Flower of Life' grid and birth our New Earth!

Meg Benedicte