Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FreeRemote Resonance Repatterning

Just wanted to check in with you to see how you made it through the
last days of 2012, and what you’re up to in 2013. So many hopes and
fears had been focused on December 21, 2012 that when the day finally
came and went some people felt great relief that not much happened.
Others were severely disappointed that the ‘Eden on Earth’ didn’t arrive
as predicted. And for some, the day passed unnoticed as life as usual goes on.

Now that it’s behind us you may be wondering, “What’s changed?”

We’ve done all this inner work and yet, the outside world looks much the same.
Just like kids on a long car ride it’s hard not to ask, “When are we going to get there?”

So, what do we do now?
I’ll be exploring this on my next Free Global Teleconference “Being the Bridge.”
I’m happy to say that my friend Michelle Casto will be joining me and
we’ve designed this transformational call to help you:

*  Feel more fulfilled with “what is”

*  Accept yourself and your process
*  Attune to your own natural rhythms
*  Distinguish between push mode and flow mode
*  Maintain your faith and hope even when it looks like nothing’s moving
*  Explore your unique dance with Destiny. 

The call is Tuesday, January 22 at 1:00 p.m. EST
Call in on your phone:
(long distance charges may apply)

Call ID: 125674#, then press 1#
If you have trouble logging in, create a account.

Listen on your computer at:
(If you’re using Firefox as your browser and you have trouble with the page 
loading use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer instead – that should work.)

There's no neeed to pre-register, but call lines are limited so please dial
in a few minutes early to ensure your seat. (Replay will be available.)  

Michelle and I look forward to “seeing” you on the call!


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