Friday, January 25, 2013

Planetary Grid Transmissions - Children of the Sun


The Planetary Grid Transmissions
Full Moon Sunday ~ January 27, 2013    

With unified meditation, receiving and
transmitting during 4 synchronized times:

Sydney, Australia: 8 pm
Country of India: 8 pm
Paris, France: 8 pm
New York, USA: 9 pm

Dear Family,

This month, as we continue to reflect, recalibrate and assimilate the tremendous out-flow of light codes from the December alignments, the Foundation's Team takes a great pause for all of January.

We can say, without any doubt, that a grand shift has been made. We now find ourselves in a most delicate process of integration and firmly "securing the bridge" between the two matrices of consciousness. We have now entered into a deep process of repositioning as we prepare to address the mass public.

While we integrate the new frequencies and take some rest from our tremendous outpouring in 2012, we also are in the process of relocating our USA base to the Ojai Valley in southern California. It is here that we will base the production processes for the World Tour and all forward momentum.

We have received a tremendous amount of mail regarding our upcoming programs for 2013. Many of you are inquiring as to how your group or center may participate as an affiliate with the Children of the Sun Foundation or desiring to come on board to assist in a much more tangible way, and, from your own home port.

This February, many new announcements will be made in this regard and to help answer some of your questions. (See below.)

We have been in Council to co-create an expanded platform to bring on board numerous Educational and Healing Facilitators to assist our momentum. You can imagine all that is required to coordinate a project undertaking of this scale. Thank you for your patience with us as we get re-organized and re-focused in order to swiftly bring this into manifest form.

Meanwhile, we continue with ever increasing vigor to transmit from the Planetary Crystalline Grid on the New and Full Moons. Please join us this Full Moon Sunday, January 27, as we continue to meet in the Unified Consciousness and to especially support those who are experiencing personal life challenges as a result of the continued transformational processes.

We are greatly inspired by your Presence of love with us.


Children of the Sun Foundation


P E R S O N A L    S U P P O R T    T H I S    S U N D A Y 




Receive Energy Transference from our Group Avatar
during the Full Moon Grid Transmissions 
We are here to help you shift all that remains stuck and to integrate the higher frequencies through your emotional and physical bodies.  

Our transmissions can help you to soothe the scattered energies in your life so that you may enter that space with the Divine Presence where all becomes clear and harmonized.

We come to you as a Unified Field, one Group Body... and the tangible points of light transmission from the Planetary Crystalline Grid.
We invoke and then simply allow ourselves to be used as Divine Conduits for the greater energy to do its work. We are also transmitting the codes oflight from our own actualized frequency  signatures.
This is a session of direct energy transference and is set into momentum through your commitment and intention to receive and then to make necessary changes in your life and thought perceptions!     

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The suggested energy exchange is a love donation or "pay it forward".    
Donations greatly assist the humanitarian momentum of Children of the Sun Foundation