Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Offerings

Love Offerings


A Prayer Of Thanks

I give thanks to my neighbor
I give thanks to my friend
I give thanks to a stranger
I give thanks to my adversaries
I give thanks to my mother
I give thanks to my father
I give thanks to myself
I express my gratitude, to everyone that crosses my path.
I am a spiritual being, supporting myself and others in
Our growth.
I share my light with my family and my community.
Everything I do shapes me.
I create my expression filled with light and love.
Your love donations are greatly appreciated.
You are greatly appreciated.


In the spirit of planetary service this work is freely offered. I create
and share information joyously. Green is the color of the heart chakra, so
in acknowledging my service financially, you're coming from your heart --
and enabling me to fulfill my heart service to others. Your sponsorship is
a gift that can literally make all the difference in the world.
Everyone who donates will also be included in my Universal Love Crystal Energy Grid.
Your tithe, multiplied by that of other dearhearts, helps sustain and
expand this work. Please take a moment and click on the PayPal donation button.