Tuesday, November 25, 2008





Whether you are celebrating an official Thanksgiving holiday or not, this New Moon on Thursday (11:45 am EST) (Friday in Australia) gives us lot to celebrate and be thankful for.

VENUS and JUPITER are the two bright diamonds that sparkle out in the afterglow of sunset. December 1 is their closest encounter, of the 'third kind' with the addition of the crescent Moon. For several nights after the Thanksgiving New Moon, a thin crescent will join these planets for an extra-special celestial treat. Welcome the "lucky star" feeling. Taking place in Capricorn, a good way to honor this glory is to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of Earth.

NASA offers more details at http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/24nov_skyshow.htm?ist1071561

Meanwhile the M&M planets, MARS and MERCURY, are huddling with the Sun, charged with an invisible but potent impact. One can be too quick with words, for the notorious Sagittarian "foot-in-mouth" effect. Those on the "right" can be feeling extra righteous, even while the collective is opening the right side of our brains for expanded intuitive recognition of universal truths.
Mercury and Mars move rapidly onward, eager to plug into the SATURN-URANUS pattern that promotes social change. The New Moon signals the turn-around and forward movement of URANUS, now raring to go. Mercury puts the word out the first week in December. Mars gives a call to action the following week. The winds of change are blowing strong and things are moving right along as we head into the last month of 2008.

PLUTO, the TRANSFORMER, is securely into Capricorn, where it stays until the year 2024. Pluto may be secure, but we may not be feeling that way. Pluto doesn't care what we call it, planet or not, this God of Death and Rebirth, will deconstruct the outdated and inaugurate efficient and sustainable systems. Have you gotten that memo?

CHIRON, the quantum-shifter has turned forward as well, heading on to make a pact with NEPTUNE, the Dream-Time. The leading edge of change, indicated by the North Node of the Moon in Aquarius with these other two, engages us in a global consciousness shift, a Dream-Shift. There is a moment in late May that this dream is amplified. Let us prepare now.

There is a myth from India that is relevant to these times, featuring Vishnu, the Sustainer, and his consort Lakshmi, with an essential cameo appearance by Shiva, the Hindu Pluto. Vishnu dreams the universe into being and periodically enters his own dreams to save the day. This Big Dream is called:


Ages ago, for some reason, a powerful rishi (magician) cursed Indra, king of the gods. so that Indra begins to lose his life force. Like a wounded grail king, the world weakens with him. Smiling his enigmatic smile, Cosmic Lord Vishnu appears:

Indra, I will give you back your power. Here is what you must do. Go to Mount Mandara which rises from the Sea of Milk to the high heavens. Ask Vasuki, King of Serpents, to wrap himself around the mountain. With the mountain as a rod, pull the snake back and forth as if you are churning milk to make butter and the sea will yield many treasures, including the ambrosia of immortality. But you will need the help of the demons. Make a deal that you will share the ambrosia with them. I will see that these evil ones do not get their share.

Indra takes this advice; such a bargain is sealed. The ugly demons grasp the head of the snake, while the gods hold on to the tail. [These are the Moon's Nodes, known as the Dragon Head and the Dragon Tail.] Both sides pull in a fierce tug of war, back and forth, back and forth, so that the mountain rotates and the ocean begins to churn. The violent motion and heat causes great quaking all over the world. Indra sends heavy rains and winds, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornados, to quench the flames and cool the air. Still, the immense weight and rapid motion causes the mountain to bore down into the earth and starts to crack it. Vishnu, taking the form of a giant turtle, dives down beneath the mountain and places himself as a stabilizing pivot. All the while, he is still seen regally seated on the mountain top, his energy infusing those engaged in the task at hand.

They churn faster and faster. The Serpent King, pulled from both directions, suffers from his painful labor. Torrents of venom escape from his jaws, threatening to poison the gods, demons, animals, and humans like. All pray for Shiva to come down from his remote mountain retreat. After centuries of meditation, this God of Endings is the only god pure enough to save them all from destruction. Shiva drinks the poison, though it burns his throat and turns it blue.

Finally the hard work starts to yield results. From the sea rises a marvelous White Cow, mother and nurse of all living things; also the God of Wine and the Tree of Paradise, its sweet perfume wafts around the globe. The shining crescent Moon rises, dripping with light; Shiva places it in the locks of his long hair over his forehead.

Then, ahh… an awed silence, as an exquisite lotus flower opens from the waters, bearing the Queen of Heaven, Padma Lakshmi herself. Swans trumpet her arrival. Angels sing her praises. Elephants shower her with holy water from the River of Life. She joins her beloved Vishnu on the mountain peak. From there she plucks a special treasure from the sea—a glowing jewel of many facets, which she places on her lover’s breast.

Lastly, flying out of the sea comes a miraculous horse carrying Dhanvantari, Ayurvedic Shaman. In his hands he holds a grail cup containing the ambrosia of immortality. The greedy demons snatch it and flee. Vishnu smiles again, delighting in this game. Taking the form of an alluring nymph, he distracts the demons with a seductive dance. While they argue over her, Vishnu recovers the ambrosia and presents it to Indra. The gods drink it, savoring every tongue-sparking drop. They regain their vitality and drive away the demons. World order and harmony are restored.
In these times of galactic shift, the churning of the sea is gaining momentum, with constant earthquakes, hurricanes and unusually extreme weather around the globe. The natives (that's us) are restless, ready for change. A deep impulse is rising from our collective sea of milk, as dark matter aligns new patterns in the cosmic sea. Even before we celebrate the return of the goddess of beauty and well-being, we begin to feel her healing grace in our lives, through the treasures and blessings that precede her. Her lover, this ancient mythic dreamer Vishnu, sustains us with vision, inspiration and encouragement.

Now THAT is something to celebrate!

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SAGITTARIUS — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gypsies of the Zodiac! Your lucky star Jupiter is shining. Communication and action are on your agenda. Follow your intuition while taking steps in the new direction that beckons most brightly. Keep an eye on the map and watch the speed limit as you go.

CAPRICORN — Go over your plan one more time and then you're good to go. Still, expect the plan to change as you proceed and find ways for things to go better than you would have thought possible in such a time.

AQUARIUS — You are riding the new wave, though you might not be sure just what that means yet. As long as it feels good, stay with it. If not, catch another one. January is your lucky month — soon come!

PISCES — You are feeling the tides of change even more than most, which is saying a lot these days. This can be a turning point month, exciting, even if unsettling. Consider options pragmatically, while new possibilities open.

ARIES —You' re on Pluto's list for a life-changing visitation. You may already have a plan brewing. Stoke up your natural fire and fearlessly offer innovative ideas. Save up your limited patience. You'll need it.

TAURUS — Not overly fond of change, you do have a finger to the wind and can take advantage of circumstances to help yourself and others.
Collaboration and community offer outlets and support. Plant or hug a tree.

GEMINI — The planets in Sagittarius are opposite your sign. If you are a busy bee with lots to do, take time out to go back to your hive and make some honey. Maintain a sense of direction and a daily list of priorities.

CANCER — The economy is not offering the level of security you like, but you can tune in to the trends and be part of the new flow. The tides are inevitably shifting, so don't be a stick-in-the-mud to be left high and dry.

LEO — This month's fire stimulates your own. Use it to fuel a fresh self-awareness and an uplifting sense of potentials. This could be a turning point in your destiny. You can be your own role model.

VIRGO — If life seems especially messy, don't let it get you down, get down and dirty yourself. Put your hands in some rich soil. Nature is your best healer. Or clean out your closets, even a friend's closet. Do what you do best.

LIBRA — Appreciate the special people in your life. Reach out and make some calls. Brothers and sisters may be in touch. There is a lot to talk about as we are all going through changes. You have a good listening ear.

SCORPIO — What are the implications of the changes in your life recently? The impact of the new situation is more evident as this transition year comes to a close. You are ready to move on with a winning strategy. Keep your eye on the ball.


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