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3-3-2010 Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening (x4)

3-3-2010 Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening (x4)


(Disclaimer statement: reading the information below may cause you to
re-evaluate your self-concept!)

We welcome you on this day of 2-28-2010, the Full Moon which opens the
New Beginning in March 2010 for Mastery of Mission and the Unfoldment
of Human Purpose.
Energy = Symbiotic Mutualism (=111)

You are a fractal macrocosm of a microscopic universe! Read on to
remember what this means (and yes! We have our macro and micro terms
in correct order.)

One of the greatest openings to the heart portals of earth and thus,
each being inhabiting the earth occurs on 3-3-2010, a date of 333, the
first of 4 dates for Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening. Earth-Gaia, is the
third planet from the sun and is emerging from a long period of
preparation for ascension. The process of loving and letting go of
limitation has created mass critical shifts of consciousness. As the
earth’s body is letting go of old patterns, it is resulting in the
increasing geological disruptions around the world. As you open your
own hearts to support those in need, you are participating in the
shift to the vibration of 33:33 - “I AM MASTER OF LOVE”. (Note, the
phrase “I am Master of Love” translated to number using Pythagorean
numerology, equals 66 total, with the vowels in this phrase = 33 and
the consonants = 33).

March, historically, and we are referring to times before the current
calendar changes, is the first month of the New Year, the time of
Equinox and preparation for spring planting or fall harvesting. In
the current calendar in this year of 2010, representing 21/3 - the
Universe and Empress, the initiations of Mastery occur in the Month of
March over a 4 week, 4×333 calibration. If you choose to be conscious
of the shift that is occurring, you create your path for your mission
and purpose, in alignment with Gaia and your place in the great
awakening:” I AM the Macrocosm-Microcosm” (= 111)
3-3-2010 = 333 = 9
3-12-2010 = 333= 9
3-21-2010 = 333 =9
3-30-2010 = 333 =9
TOTAL of the 4 x3 awakening alignments = 99:99

Before we proceed, we refer you to the 9-1-2001 discourse “This
Ascension Lifetime”. This discourse provides information about the
9999 vibrations.

What is theme of Earth’s Mastery of mission and the Unfoldment of
Human Purpose as the conscious attunement instruments?

This is the essence of all wisdom teachers that have walked on earth.
Teachers such as Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Florence Nightingale,
Jesus, Buddha, and masters you know by many names have lived their
lives through this principle: I AM a Master of Love. They have not had
the need to proclaim this but have simply lived it by seeing what is
needed to be done, by offering their service to change-creation, and
by opening their hearts to share and to teach by being a Master of
Love. They were in attunement and alignment with all things from the
microcosm to the macrocosm. This living, breathing action, or Act-I-
ON, is now open for you to Master. Many of you are already being
called to share and to serve in new ways. By following your heart and
your inner vision you are creating the alignment of your own
Unfoldment of Purpose and paving the way for others to do the same by
your example.

During the 4×333 attunements, we are asking you to walk upon the earth
as I AM MASTER OF LOVE. By your actions, share your love, share your
vision for a New Earth, share your time and your talents, share your
treasures with those in need. For now is the time to open your hearts
in the knowledge that the Unfoldment of Human Purpose is here.

Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening (a “123″ start phrase) attunes the
heartbeat at the core of the earth and the collective heart beat of
all sentient life forms on earth. This attunement creates a unified
heart vibration. This unified heart beat is the third heart opening,
the wholeness of each person who connects to him or herself, to earth
and to all inhabitants of earth as One Being of Supreme Love.

We are going to share with you a very powerful fractal energy law that
has to do with whole universes, you and unity. (Note: “Whole
universes, you and unity” =111)

In this concept, YOU are the macrocosm and the galaxy is the


* 1 human being generating

* 100 watts of heart-power per day supporting

* 100,000,000,000 (100 trillion) individual cells, each possessing
conscious awareness of cellular dependence and interdependence,

* 100,000,000,000,000 (100 quadrillion) symbiotic life forms (aka

Your physical body operates on the principal of Symbiotic Mutualism,
meaning that there are entire worlds of other life forms mutually and
symbiotically existing in and upon you. Energy is all that is within
you that forms a greater whole. One definition of this is “All-E -
within” (E- energy) or All-e-in. If you are conscious of the world
you sustain within, you will know the connection between your
macrocosmic whole self and the all-e-in universe within you.

For, in your own biophysical world, you are the macrocosm, and the
cellular and parasitic components of your being are the microcosmic
elements of an entire universe which is you! What if you awaken to
your own universe and begin to know all of who you are? What if in so
doing, you begin to notice the parts of you that you ignore or abuse
by not taking care of yourself as a unified whole? What if rather than
being at “War” with the bacterial and viral components of “you”, you
make peace with your whole being? What if the war on viruses and
microbes is aimed at keeping you at war with your whole self? What if
you understood that the use of anti-bacterial soap is reducing your
ability to remain in symbiotic mutualism within your greater
biological whole? Ponder that if you will.

What would it look and feel like if you were not engaged in anti-
microbial and anti-viral conflict with yourself and the world you

Perhaps that attunement might have an impact on another macro-

All of you human beings are living on 1 planet (!) Earth, supporting

* 100,000,000 (100 million) species

* Earth is part of the 1 Milky Way Galaxy consisting of

* 100,000,000 (100 million) stars

The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light years across the barred spiral
disk. Many, many of the soma of your brain neurons measure 100
micrometers or 1×10-6 m, meaning 1⁄1000000 m. Do you see the

What if, in this attunement, you awaken to the whole of the
100,000,000 species upon earth and the whole of the 100,000,000 stars
in the Galaxy and the whole of the 100,000,000,000 organisms that
comprise the you of your universe?

What if there is a similarity in the micro and macrocosms and all that
is required is that you see yourself as the Universe of miracles that
you are?

Our beloveds, this is the crux of our message: you cannot be at war
unconsciously with yourself and activate peace on earth. On the 333
days of Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening align your heart with the One.
Become an I AM MASTER OF LOVE, by loving all of your whole being.
Extend this mastery of love to the earth and all beings on earth.

The triple trinity is a code that reconnects the Unfoldment of Mission
and Purpose: the 3 in 1 is 1! *1,000 fractal reality. 100,100,100 =
111 = 3 or 3 one’s.

Join us on the 4 x 333 dates of transmission. Find a quiet place in
your home and in your heart and attune to the 3 in 1 of our prayer for
inner peace.

We align our hearts in love (111)

We activate the

Crystal Grids of Trinity (111)

Opening to

Infinite Spiral Alchemy (111)


The way the truth the life. (111)

Breathe the One Breath, Be I AM (111)


The Partnership of Peace (111).

All Beings All Times All Space All One (111)

Join in this

Sacred Journey of the Heart (111)

To embrace a

Quantum Leap in conscious Love. (111)

Blessed Be the One


Master Kuthumi

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article in its entirety with attribution to the author and her
website. Thank you.