Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mighty Are The Words That Hold The Sway

Mighty Are The Words That Hold The Sway
Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas
March 16. 2010

All that is orally spoken and endorsed by the written word can be either a true blessing in disguise, or perhaps but a headache, an undeniable fact / fiction!' The spoken word may soon be forgotten for the memory lapses at these times are quite acceptable as par for the course, but the written word in theory has a substance and indelibility that is 'in your face' and not so easily discounted! In every way that words of wisdom or worldly knowledge is shared and gifted, there is always the need to be ever always in our 'centre' and therefore to be in a position of personal responsibility, in the acceptance or not of any such information forthcoming, which hails from many and varied sources of input.

We have moved on with great leaps and bounds and the collective energies of the day are, in the main, most acceptable and of good purport, and at good levels of understanding and possible scenarios. The input via these channels for their proffered words of wisdom has indeed exceeded great 'hitches and glitches,' as infiltration and impersonation were for a while becoming perhaps somewhat too obvious.We were invited to use / practice our discernment, with a zeal and accuracy, that rendered those hiccups obsolete and unacceptable. There are now multiple sources of really good input via really grand channels and the quantity of information is becoming plentiful and the quality, too, also very much of high intent.The 'error margins' have greatly reduced and the true spirit of clarity, worthy information and content, are a credit to us all!

As there is such an increased quantity from quality channels, it becomes just a little bit confusing when they, the words, vary slightly and quite often and it is off-putting to some! What has to be adopted here again is discernment, but also common sense for there are many ways of issuing forth a truth and there are, as we all know, many levels of truth which will give variables or seeming contradictions.Each and every one of us here on planet earth, have 'slightly' or 'more than slightly' energy levels that we feel comfortable in, so in like manner are the slight variables an acceptable variation of the One truth.

There are also slight alternating fields of thought within the spirit realms and higher or lower levels of understanding, which are to be acceptable as there are still plenty of marginally varying possibilities that we will observe in ever divine highest order. We must also come to the safe conclusion that we, as channels or conduits, might well be receiving only a section of the whole truth or whole picture, and that each channel / conduit is receiving maybe but one or two parts of the jigsaw puzzle, so to speak. Collectively then, it would most surely appear that we are receiving all of the relevant pieces that then fit perfectly well together, making up the whole greater truth of the matter.

We of course are the 'scales of justice' or judgment as our weighted opinions and belief patterns or preferences, will cause the scales of actual occurrence to sway gently one way or another, so it is ever an unknown commodity what exactly happens from one moment to the next, so to say. Likewise it is, within the higher echelons, that all preferential energy will be realised or enacted in total highest good on the very day it arises to be activated. We are surely fast becoming the hosts of lighted beings upon beloved Mother Earth and Lady Gaia does welcome now our 'grounding' of the multiples of ever potent energy inputs, that are now a constant and an ever ongoing commissioning, as we move further along the road of the so called 'end times.'

Placing all faith in that which we are now sharing, we must still always/ever have our shields up, as we allow the strength of Michael in tandem with Faith, to flow through our magnificent bodies of crystalline light, and with El Moyra and his divine complement, will we protect ourselves daily with the divine will and power. We are aware that our light-bodies are fast becoming crystalline in structure and we are also aware of the transitioning out of the Merkabah into a Merkirvah, and further in progressive steps of heaven blessed inputs to the Merkavah. Ultimately will we attract to us the Merkanah, this, when we have passed though the 2012 book mark of 'time,' and the sacred geometries are ripe for the ongoing process to become more evidential and comfortably manageable, as all is in perfect divine highest good. Enwrapping ourselves within the multi magnitudes of 'Gods Rays,' and multiples of colours or tones of the expansive crystalline rainbow of light, will without doubt enhance and action a wondrous awakening experience that is now fast introducing itself into our arena of well being, and rapidly expanding the very Wholeness of Our Beings.

Making inroads into the amazing wonders or secrets that lie deep within our searching hearts and expansive pureness of souls, are all re continuing 'Aha' moments to be further enlightening, as answers and synchronicity become ever more evident. With years of wandering or wondering over any incident of bemusement, will we suddenly find a multitude of things that suddenly all fall into place and simply fit! Such things as chance or luck will surely start to be challenged as time will inevitably show us in these coming months or so, just how balanced and synchronised life truly is, as circumstances start to simply slot into place, and perfect matches are made in every area of life and living.

So, watch out for those forthcoming 'lucky' stars and allow that recognition.As we travel along life's pathway aligning more and more with the universal mind then shall all manner of once hidden 'gems or miracles' suddenly be an every day normality. We were once assured by the beloved Nazarene, during his magical and wondrous sojourn here some 2000 years ago, that everything that he did shall we do also ...and even more!

Lending our hearts and healing attributes daily as we assist beloved Gaia in her momentous mission and associated transition, simply by sharing our love that wells up from our crystalline heart centres, to encompass and embrace her. With the ever loving and assistive devas and elementals, let us merge and uphold her in these times of certain change, for our elemental fellow travellers are ever willing and desirous to combine energies, to work and walk side by side as we did before.The whole angelic and elemental kingdoms are reaching out to us for our continuing pure soul recognition of the Oneness that we all undoubtably are. Mother Earth is needy of our sending forth love and support, that she has so long afforded us, without flinching, without redress.

We are blessed at this now time to repay her loving uplift in very like way or manner, for she too continues ever to support us, and now in like manner, and in joy, can we return the honour. She is grateful indeed as this we now do and direct loving energies daily, to beloved Lady Gaia, and this we now do

'Mighty are the words that hold the sway' and mighty are the souls whom walk this way; for mighty are the hearts that beat as One, and mighty are the gifts from out of central sun! First to issue is the thought followed closely by the word; and mighty is the energy that e-motivates the sword! The sword of truth and valour cuts adrift unwanted dross; the sword of freedom, courage, never sways to any loss! For within the hands of Michael is the sword of liberty, and yes the sword excalibur is there for you and me! We each have in our heart and souls the sword of life to be - and together with the Chalice cup we'll ever freedom see!


The Universal Mind thro' Alec Christos Gabbitas