Friday, March 12, 2010

SaLuSa 10-March-2010

SaLuSa 10-March-2010

In view of the relatively short time you now have before Ascension, it
is wise to put your house in order. It would make it easier all round
for you, and your Guides will be able to help you more directly. They
are with you from birth, and as you might say allocated to you because
of their experience which fits in nicely with your life plan. Knowing
that you would be living the fullness of this particular life, they
like you want to ensure that you clear any outstanding karma. In your
moments of quietness and contemplation, you may find that you become
aware of the lessons that you came to work out. After this cycle ends
you will no longer need to experience quite the same, as you will have
become uplifted and able to live completely in the Light.

Your whole time in duality has been to find your way from the
limitations of the lower dimension, and be ready to ascend as the
opportunity presents itself. If you are honest about your
shortcomings, it will not require too much application to overcoming
them. Much help is with you as soon as you ask, and it would be
unusual if in those circumstances you failed. Once you have the intent
to uplift yourself and move into the Love and Light, there is really
no reason why you should not achieve total success. You can certainly
do it, and it is a path that you have walked before and simply
forgotten as you dropped into duality.

The affairs of Earth will gradually hold less and less interest for
you, as you detach from the lower vibrations. Your focus quite
correctly will be on the future of beauty and the peace of the higher
vibrations, and you will be helping to bring them into manifestation.
It is possible for you to let the world pass by without becoming
involved in its problems. Be aware of what is happening but do not
connect with it unless it is in your interests. Your energies should
not be wasted, but applied to anything that is uplifting. There is
plenty you can do if you desire to serve others, and you will not have
far to look to find an opportunity. Since you are all One, any help
you give is lifting another soul up and exponentially increasing the
level of mass consciousness. Everything is about energy, and your
power of thought can mould it in any way you may wish. As you climb
the ladder to the higher dimensions so it becomes more instantaneous.
As you do so you will also learn to correctly control such abilities.

There are all kind of developments awaiting you, and gradually you
will realize that the promised changes are under way. Once they
commence there will be no stopping them, and Man will have to be alert
to follow everything that is happening. Speed will be of the essence
to minimize any inconvenience to you, but you will sail through it
with your usual courage and strength. The dawn of changes will
continue increasing, until the Light fully illuminates the Earth. Then
you shall experience the peace that knows no equal, and will carry
into the New Age.

The Galactic Federation is not here just for you to see the changes
through, and we have much to offer where your spiritual advancement is
concerned. For centuries you have been misinformed as to the purpose
of your life, sometimes through ignorance and other times through
deliberate intent. All about you will be revealed, with particular
care to ensure that you are clear in your minds as to what Ascension
is about. Your world history has been distorted for the same reasons,
and when truthfully revealed you will be shocked at how you have been
used. However, it has to be said that if you had collectively aspired
to raising the Light upon Earth, you could have moved onto a different
pathway that would have rewritten it all. We do not chastise you in
anyway, but facts are facts that cannot be denied. Perhaps some
unknowingly conceded their power to those who were only too eager to
rule you for their own benefit. Now you are becoming aware that each
of you is a soul from the Source and has unlimited power. Use it now
wisely and you shall play your hand in bringing a successful end to
this cycle.

You wish to be like us, and that indeed is your destiny as divinely
decreed. We are where you are intended to be as you take your place in
the 5th. Dimension, where you will be able to fully express your
Divine Self. Many serve others now and are consciously working at the
higher level already. There is a powerful force within that motivates
you, and brings out your spiritual expression in whatever you do. You
are an excellent example of what can be achieved when you have a good
contact with your Higher Self. As we often recommend, it can be
achieved by finding yourself a suitable meditation that brings you
peace and harmony. You will benefit from such direct communication,
and you will know quite positively when that link is made. In such
circumstances, the ego will be set aside and there will be no
mistaking the source of them.

Remember that every soul on Earth is traveling a path of their
choosing, so allow for many approaches to reach the same goal. They
will differ inasmuch that you are at different levels of
understanding, and some are way behind others. There is no deadline
involved, as you progress at a speed to suit you. However, anyone who
desires to ascend will need to set themselves a target, to ensure they
are ready for it at the end of this cycle. You will already have a
good idea as to your prospects of achieving success, but never give up
trying to raise your consciousness. Success is often shown by subtle
changes in the way you conduct yourselves. Suddenly you will find your
caring and love for others extends to everyone, as you recognize the
soul within as one of Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when I ask you to see us as your brothers
and sisters, it is because our relationship is one of being in a great
Galactic family. You may at times feel you are lesser beings, but that
is far from the truth. It is simply because you have felt alone and
separated from the Source. That was necessary in part so that you
could deeply experience what it would be like. However, it was also
intended to allow you to find your way back, and at this point in time
many of you are well on the way back to full consciousness. You are on
course to complete your journey in duality with the closing of this
cycle. You are encouraged to call upon us should you require our help,
and we will respond with love and help you where possible.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinse