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Ashtar Requests Action

Ashtar Requests Action
Received by Susan Leland

Ashtar addressing the Conference Call, March 23, 2010:

Well good evening! It appears we had a little miscommunication, or something was not quite together with our length of time [referring to a gap between the meditation and Ashtar's entrance]. You know, time is a no-thing where we are; we just simply don't have it, so sometimes we get off in the ethers and that is what happens. But we are so delighted to be here with all of you, in this joyful, joyful occasion of our family gathering and it is in grand celebration, is it not? Hmm, did you think it was ever going to happen that at least some of those elected representatives of yours would get their act together long enough to do something for the people? Now, of course there were some compromises and it is not perfect, but at least it's done. Well, the first step is done. And so there are those who are really not happy about it, among those who did the voting, and of course they voted 'no.' Well that was more than just a vote about healthcare, you all know that anyway. This was momentous! This is a turning point. It is what you call 'power to the people' and it's time, is it not? Because unless the people are empowered, things would just go on and on as they have been going on and on all of these centuries on planet Earth. And that is over! And you have seen it, and you have read about it, and you've heard the words.

Now there are those who have been behaving with integrity and honor throughout. There are those who have fulfilled roles in all of this and whether they are wearing a dark hat at this moment or the light hat - the white hat - there're all to be honored and thanked for what they have done because the ones in the dark hats have shown the people, have they not, that these big insurance companies and drug companies are all about greed and all about taking as much as they can from the people and giving as little as possible. And so it is that this must cease.

Now, we've told you that we've already done some roundups. We've told you that there are holographic representations sitting in those chairs of the Congress that you see when you turn on your television set and look at them. Nevertheless, the programs are still running to a certain extent. That is short lived. But in the meantime, it is up to each and every citizen of planet Earth below, on and above, because we are one with you, to utilize these wondrous energies which are coming into the planet which are indeed the energies of change. 'Change' - what a wondrous word, it implies so much. And there are meanings to this that you have not even thought of yet, Beloved Ones! But that's all right because it's all going to unfold before your very eyes. And it does involve you, and guess where your place is in the parade of change? It's out in front! Because you're light holders and you're sharers of light. You can call yourself a lightworker, how about just simply being the Joy and lighting up the planet? And as you do that, you light up the whole universe beyond, and it is so wondrously beautiful - millions of candles in the darkness of the night that outshine even the stars, and that is who you are, Beloved Ones, and that is what you came here to do. So rejoice that the changes are happening. There will be stories, unveilings of truth that will come in front of you. Some of the most heinous acts that have ever been perpetrated upon mankind and womankind and childrenkind are being revealed even now. And there will be more.

So hold on to yourselves, Beloved Family. Remember that you are here to shine the Lovelight on all. Take a time out if you need to when it gets to be too much, a vacation as it were, from the truthful unraveling and simply hang out with yourself. That's where your greatest truth is anyway, isn't it - the Love you are and the Love that you experience when you access your own heart and all of the loving energies you are? And that is the best advice we can give you because the times are changing. And we shall be discussing even more in our next gathering and celebration together because in as little as what you call two weeks as you measure time upon your calendars there will be momentous changes, that you will be feeling blessed by. No, we're not giving a date for NESARA, everybody sit down! It's okay! No dates. We're not saying it will be announced, we're not saying it won't. We're saying 'no dates.'

But we are telling you that huge changes are coming. More and more, those who still persist in executing the programs of the dark will make themselves known. And they will be very blatant. They have been running these programs and living these programs for so long that they don't understand that not everybody wants these programs to continue. Or rather, it isn't a matter of whether they care about what you want, it is simply that they feel that they still have the power because the program tells them they can do whatever they want to do. They can kill. They can rob. They can do horrible things, well, we won't say 'to their fellow humans' because their fellow humans who are having these things perpetrated are starseeds in human bodies. And they have allowed this up to this point because it's part of the veil situation. But guess what, the veil is so thin now it's hardly ever there, and you all know how to get beyond the veil because you do that on a regular basis. The veil has very little left and it's only real to those people who don't know any different.

But even they are going to be experiencing these changes and they're going to be feeling these energies - they already are. Have you talked to anyone recently who is uncomfortable because they know that changes are coming and they know that change is literally in the air NOW? They don't know exactly what the changes are and they don't know exactly what to do about it. Well, this is how it is for some people, but you know what the changes are and you know that they are long overdue. So rejoice in that, thank the players as their switches are turned off and just be in Joy that all of this is coming forth in this NOW moment. Because time is still available on planet Earth. And it will be less and less, as it collapses and so on, there'll be less and less working within the constrictions of time. We had a good example here a few moments ago in this gathering. And it will be more and more, everything flowing sequentially. And most of you already have a sense of sequential flowing of events.

We know sometimes it feels as though you're going the wrong way on the rushing river and you're paddling up stream. Beloved Ones, this is the time for the end to all of your traumas and dramas. This is the time for you, as we said, to access these beautiful hearts of yours and rejoice that the changes are finally here. And to resolve or settle whatever there might be that has come up and splatted you in the face recently. That's it, that's all you have to do! Unless you opt in for another round or two, it's all you have to do. The distance from where you are to where everything is resolved and you are well elevated upon your path to ascension is so small, Beloved Ones, so small it might be just a matter of a slight tweaking of your attitude, a few more 'ho'oponopono's, blessings to all, a great conversation with someone you thought was no longer a part of your life and you'd been missing them, or whatever it is, when you see something to do, when it starts with a big capital 'R' for Resolution, don't hold back, plunge right in and go forward and get it done!

Things are going to mellow as a result of the announcements which are coming and you know what they are, as a result of the changes, the upliftment that everybody is going to get, just think! And we ask that you do this a lot. Just envision yourselves, take yourselves out of the 3D box and lift yourselves up higher, higher, higher! You don't have any bills to pay, you don't have a J-O-B Job that you dislike, you're on your way away from that now.

You have a time to be in Joy about whatever your situation and circumstances are because in the next, hmmm, very short time on planet Earth all of these things will be past, behind, no more - unless you want them to continue. So instead of your tummy scrunching up because you're not sure how these changes are all going to roll out and you're not sure you really want change and you just want to be absolutely in charge of everything - relax, breathe and be in a state of joy - and that more than anything will get you through to the next part of your mission and your lives, and ooh, have you got some fun and joy waiting for you! We cannot tell you enough times that it's all done anyway. You can change your course, and we're kind of promoting change here anyway. You can change your course if you want to and stay down in the dumpies as long as you want, you don't have to ascend either, and you can be in dire straits, as they say, if you want to stay that way. But we don't see that any of you do, so let's just not be there, shall we? We want to be high, we want to be in Joy and we want to be enjoying the Peace that passes all understanding.

Now as you know, there are some institutions, some locations, and so on upon planet Earth, that really haven't gotten in the flow of change yet. They're what you might call holding out, they're resisting. Why? Because as we've just said, these programs are still running. Even in holograms they can still run. And there are those who have not been, shall we say, transmuted just yet, and you can believe that they are really trying to hang on to the position they have been in.

There are movies from a bygone era, your 1930's, your 1940's, even your 1950's. You know the beautiful people, the women were all decked out in diamonds and fur and silk gowns, and the men all wore their tuxedos - they changed for dinner, if you can believe that. Now this is in the halls and palaces and in what they used to call the swankiest of restaurants - Ha! How do you like that one? I pulled that one out, that's an oldie but goodie, is it not? Ha, ha, ha! We love your language! Alright, see these movies, the ballroom - everyone is dancing, the music is playing, the drinks are flowing, the champagne is bubbling and everybody is having such a lovely time. (In a swanky voice) 'Darling, did you hear the latest news about Matilda?' And so on. You saw that a lot in the movies, but guess what folks? That was made up. There were very few who were living that life compared to the millions of people and not just where these movies originated from, you know - Hollywood. They were around the world and they were living in poverty, and then there was this middle class, the kind of vanishing class, the one that's almost vanished - you know? And they would go to these movies and they would say 'oh, that's wonderful' and they were told well 'you can do this too, you can live this life, just work hard - work harder.' There was no truth there at all, was there? Because what you know is those who made the movies were taking all the money anyway. That is, those who put the money up to make the movies. And they had some real programees who were only too happy to spread that kind of an image.

Now what's the real image? You've seen that too. The other side of the coin, the other side of the pendulum or the scale, or whatever you want to call it: poverty, unhappiness, suffering of all kinds. So guess where the pendulum's going? You might think it's going back to the middle, mmm, not really. It's gonna have to swing a little bit more over toward the abundance side in order to get things really evened out - it's called reparations - it's called giving back what is rightfully yours. Oh, you can say it's atonement if you want to, but it's where the world is going, all that has been stolen, not just in this lifetime, not just in your 1930's and so on, but for eons of time. Ever since the Annunaki got this great idea that humans could do their work for them and be their slaves and they might as well come on down and steal whatever they could from Mother Earth, and so on and so on. And you all know that story too. It's been going on - telling you one thing so that you can believe it, oh yes, it's called propaganda, while the truth is being hidden and being covered up. That is even going on today! Most of your news media is not really telling you what is going on. But of course as we all know you can listen to Rachel [Maddow], and Keith [Olbermann] and Ed [Shultz] and all of those wondrous people who do tell the truth and who say this has to stop; whatever it is they are talking about, because in their minds everything has to change, pretty much, and there is truth in that, is there not?

So it is that these changes are coming, and people such as these wondrous tellers of news are finally able to start telling some truth. And there is more to come, and as we have said when it gets heavy take some time out for yourself but keep on shining your light. If one day you say, 'Well, I know I should, I know I am asked to love these dark hats but I just heard something they did and I really can't,' well then stay neutral and love yourself, Beloved Ones, and then start loving your neighbors and before you know it, you'll get around to it. Love the white hats, the white knights that are out there doing such courageous things to help these changes come about. Pretty soon you'll get around to where you can be loving the dark hats for the contribution they made because they more than anyone, actually, by hiding the truth are helping more and more people to go looking for it and to find it and they are helping the tellers of truth to tell you.

So, we did what you might call a sneak preview last night. The Maui Five watched a movie that we would ask you to all watch. It's the latest from Michael Moore. And some of it, well he has a sense of humor, some of it's pretty serious, a little bit of it is humorous. And there is an awful lot of 'Oh, I didn't know about that!' for instance, the Bill of Rights that the one you call FDR was going to publish, so naturally, he had to be put out of the picture. Well, Michael Moore is a great researcher and a great humanitarian and he has found information that he has put into this movie. So we are going to ask you all to watch it. The name if it is an interesting one, it's called, 'Capitalism: A Love Story.' If you haven't quite connected with the propaganda that I was just telling you about, watch the movie and it will become very clear. Now after you have seen the movie we have an exercise of the 3D type to propose to you. And we shall ask Fabulous Fran for the details of how this will all work, at some point during this wondrous gathering.

For now, we want to tell you what this exercise is, and we ask each of you to go down into your own heart spaces and ask yourself whether you could do this. It's going to take a little bit of courage, but not really. These Congress people and these Senators are hearing from their constituents around the clock. The waiting lines to get on the phone with them or to give a message over the phone is very long. Sometimes they close up their e-mails because their in-boxes are full. So we're going to suggest something a little different, it's called 'snail mail.' Ah yes, we love the kingdom of the snails, and they can get the job done just fine. We're going to ask you to send the DVD, get a new one, you can get it on the Amazon, to your particular Representative, or if you choose, to your Senator, with a letter - you can write your own letter or Fabulous Fran will post some ideas for you to include.

It is the message of sending it that is important. If they don't watch the DVD, that's okay because they all know what's in it anyway. Trust me, as we trust you to do this, this is important, Beloved Ones. This is involving a little bit of money out-of-pocket - for those of you who can get connected with each other, some of you are - see what you can do to send these DVD's along with a letter that simply says you've watched it and you know what's been going on, and it's time for change NOW because 'we the people' are calling for it in this exact moment. Now, it's a demonstration. You can't all go to demonstrate at the steps of the Capital in that city called Washington D.C. We understand that. So we're asking you to send your energies in this letter along with this DVD. Let them know you mean business. If you just simply say in a letter 'you should watch this,' they don't think you mean business. Let them know you mean business. And tell them that if they've already seen it you'd appreciate them sharing it with their staff. Perhaps they could have a movie night. If you really feel up for it you could send them a little popcorn or something. But the point of it is that it's a demonstration just as surely as if you were standing there on the Capitol steps with a sign that says 'Change is Now.'

Now if you want to say something about the 'N' word that's up to you, like 'N-N' [Nesara Now], you know what we are saying. That's up to you, we're not asking you to do that, we're just simply asking you to identify yourselves as a constituent of that being. If you feel you can do it, send one to your Senators and your Representative. Fabulous Fran will get the 'we the people for peace' [ ] website up and running, and when you send it, email her [ ] to let her know who you've sent it to, the name and the state, and she will post it there so that we can hopefully avoid duplications.

Let's try to get this done before our next Family gathering, shall we? That seems like ideal timing. Now if you need to get the DVD from the Amazon they're pretty fast with the mail. And you can get it, and you can watch it, or you can rent it to watch and order it in the meantime, or however you want to do it. It would probably be nice if you sent it on, if you have watched it and the package was open just tape it shut or whatever, and just put a short little note in there because this is a demonstration to let these people know that you know, and not only you, but everybody you know, knows. And your whole e-mail list knows. Let them know.

We promise you that a few hundred DVD's showing up within the same period of time is going to be way more effective than thousands of e-mails that you might send in. We have asked the Maui Five to send this to Obama along with a letter thanking Obama for doing what he is doing and letting him know that this is highly recommended and that if he has already seen it perhaps he would give it to Biden, or someone else who is more, hmmm let us see, we're scanning a little bit here, we're taking a quick look, yep he's still wearing a dark hat. You see what we're saying? This is to let them know that we know, this is to let them know that the truth is coming out, this is to let them know that it's time for change and as we want to make this absolutely clear we're going to say this again, whether or not you mention the 'N' word is up to you - they will not respond to that.

"Those of you who are not familiar with all of the in's and out's of NESARA you can find it on your internet at [ ]. Don't go to [nesara].com you'll get misinformation and that's really a nasty site and we don't want to send anybody there. [ At the above link] you can read up on it, but we're going to tell you right now that if any of these beloved ones, even the authors of it, who are beloved Dennis Kucinich and beloved Ron Paul, among others, who put this together, and it did pass and it was signed into law, more than once, and it was to have been announced on that day we call 9-11, and since then it was to have been announced several times. And it is very close. But in the meantime, anyone who acknowledges that in public, any one among the politicians or the Supreme Court judges or anyone in public life who acknowledges that, according to the way the non-disclosure is written, they have just committed treason and forfeited their lives. Now you can just imagine who made that contribution, but never-theless it stands. You can mention it because you are not a public figure but they cannot acknowledge it in any way.

So it might be wise just to use the information that you have and perhaps some of the information which is in this wondrous DVD about capitalism, acknowledge who started it, and you know why. And if you have a story to tell such as, you are about to lose your home or you have just lost it, you can include that. And if the Representative voted for the healthcare bill you can congratulate them for that and tell them that it took too long and it's not enough and get busy and fix it and go on from there, or whatever you want to say. That's up to you Beloveds. But without a letter, the DVD is not quite as vivid a demonstration and without the DVD the letter will not have the impact.

So we're asking you to send a demonstration to Washington D.C. in your names. And we shall post as you send us an e-mail and you can send it to and Fabulous Fran will give you some other addresses when she addresses you. Just let us know; we want to get these postings up*** and going within the next couple of days. This is huge. If you want to know the truth, we have already seen the impact it would make. We would not ask you to do this otherwise. So let's move forward together and let us do something in 3D, or of a 3D nature, to address those who are holding things up. And let's get on with it!

Now, we have a very special presentation for you tonight, and we shall ask Fran to speak to you at the end of that presentation. But we are going to have a special guest come. We have another in the series of Peace Exercises, and as we have already told you, we are going to be pinpointing our focus with laser-like precision all around the world at the banks and the other corporate institutions, because their day is done. We have done other exercises.** But stop and think about it, it's the corporations which have created the wars, rather we should say it's those running the corporations who have created the wars, who have raped, plundered and pillaged Mother Gaia, and let's add pollution to that too. It is those at the top of the corporations who have made so much money. And where has the money come from? It's come from all of you, Beloved Ones. And it's time to either close the doors or bring them under new management. Ha! How's that for a picture? We like it.

Alrighty, thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for listening and for being with us. I, Ashtar am about to leave the stage and bring in our special guest speaker who will lead the exercise sending Peace to the banks and the corporations of planet Earth whose day for change is now. And so it is! Salut.

I'm Susan Leland, and I have the honor of serving as a voice for Ashtar and others from the Lighted Realms. I've had several careers, beginning in a family-owned retail business, then as a wife, mother and community volunteer. In 1985 I became a real estate agent and was blessed with many clients who came to my community to attend an ancient wisdom school. Through my association with them, I "woke up" and started upon my own spiritual quest.

I learned from these wonderful students and from other teachers, and I connected with my own guides in 1996. Then came an intensive period of attending healing classes and workshops and almost daily practice, while quitting real estate along the way in 1999. I have earned 6 Reiki degrees along with other certifications in energy healing and spiritual ministry.

Today my "work" is joyfully fulfilling as a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings. Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!


© Susan Leland (c)2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered. *
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