Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uriel's Message -- Let It Be

Uriel's Message -- Let It Be

All of life is an energetic flow, an endless moment in time and space
that exists simply because it is. Each of you has a level of vibration
that allows you to stop and connect with this energy at any point on
its being. You choose these pauses carefully, as they represent
energies you need to connect with, resolve and gain closure from. It
is through your karma, the incomplete aspects of your being, that you
connect with people, events and situations that have an energetic
connection with you. As you progress through your healing, though,
there will be fewer occasions for you to find these connections and
this is where you exercise choice over free will and learn to let the
energy be.

It is part of your human experience to want to fix yourself and
others, to gain understanding and to find closure within all of your
experiences. There is a need to bring resolution in all things and in
ways that satisfy you at the levels of the ego and emotions. You feel
responsible for all of the earth's energies and their transformation.
Because you know that this is an important time in humanity's journey,
you want to ensure that all of your actions resonate at the level of
healing. But you do not ask yourselves whether this is your highest
path and allow the Universe to bear some of this burden of this
healing, allowing the energies choose their healer instead of
connecting to them yourselves out of your fear that they will
interfere in the ascension journey.

Your free will allows you the choice of your path but without the
presence of a higher vibration, it chooses from energies within your
karmic cycles. The choice of other potentials arises when you are
willing to release yourselves from choosing the path of healing for
others and the world. For your intention is to ensure that the world
is healed, that your soul groups are in alignment with your energies
and you feel that your healing role is complete when there is no more
healing to be done. There will always be opportunities for healing and
transformation and you can choose that path, or allow others to step

Activate your intention to heal the world and release the need to
watch over every step of the healing process. Within your mastery you
can set the intention to create the energies of healing and your
personal involvement is not required. Allow others to find new healers
and teachers. There is so much work for you to do in setting the
energies for the new energetic paradigms, to create the templates for
the new earth and to become the way-showers for all of humanity. Each
time you pause to connect to energies you want to heal, you step back
into energies you are no longer connected to. Acknowledge your
progress by allowing yourselves to step forward into the new
potentials of the higher dimensions you have worked so hard to create
and let new healers and teachers step in to work with the energies you
are no longer part of.