Tuesday, March 16, 2010



The world is being re-ordered before our eyes as we collectively
acknowledge that change is not only needed but necessary if humanity
is to move forward on its ascension journey. We have come to realize
that we have gone as far as we can on the current path and are facing
a crossroads in our evolution. The choice is very direct, do we go to
the light or the dark? One way gives us hope and new beginnings; the
other takes us through more of the learning and growth that we have
been experiencing through countless lifetimes of karmic learning.

Before we think we must agonize over which choice to take and the
right time at which to take it, we have help as we go through a
process of recalibration that provides insight into which decision is
the best one for us. This recalibration occurs with an energetic jolt
that reveals how far we have moved from our spiritual center through
powerful lessons that bring us to the core of our healing. Just as we
are wondering whether we have finally accomplished one level of
healing and are ready for something else, we have an experience that
brings up the issues we must address to help us move towards the
light. This is a glimpse into a different path along with the steps we
need to take in order to get there. Then we make the choices that
either move us towards our center or farther from it.

The recalibration process is an opening into our soul's purpose, an
abrupt reminder that our path is subject to change at any moment. It
could arrive in many ways, falling in or out of love, a chance meeting
that is an answer to a prayer, the death of a friend, a sudden
illness, a job offer or loss, or an awakening that completely shifts
our thinking. These happenings have one purpose, to pull us out of our
unconsciousness and into more conscious, deliberate living. The
recalibration happens to help us shift our thinking, to awaken us to
new possibilities and to connect our desire for change with the level
of vibration that can make it happen.

Recalibrations are an energetic opening that split us from our
existing reality and into a new dimension or timeline. But they are
merely an opening into this potential, we have to make the choices
that will bring us to the new level. What will we choose? It depends
on how committed we are to our healing, how much we can shift our
focus and how much we are willing to release whatever is standing in
the way of our heart's desire. With courage, faith and trust, we can
acknowledge the recalibration, stay out of fear and allow
transformation to occur. I will talk about this in greater detail on
this week's radio show on Blog Talk Radio.