Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Energies of March

The Energies of March

February sure went by quickly, it seemed that it was over before it
began. Now we are into March, and we are not sure what is going to
happen. On the world stage, events seem to be pointing to some
potentially dire consequences. This is what happens when the dark
loses support, it looks darker and darker because there is less light
around it. This month we must remember that we can change the energy
of any situation when we refuse to allow ourselves to go into fear or
to believe that we are helpless against the energies that have
dominant for a long time, but whose time is at an end.

Since late 2009 the planet Mars has been retrograde, which has slowed
much of our activity and when we tried to move forward, things always
stood in our way. On the tenth it goes direct again, which allows
stuck energy to be moved forward, re-energizing us to take action,
awakening our motivation and preparing us for action at the equinox,
the beginning of spring. This one is particularly powerful as it
combines with some new energies that open a new portal. The action we
could not take last month begins to open up.

The most challenging aspects of March will have to do with indecision
because there will be many issues competing for our attention, most of
them having to do with other people. These aspects begin the last week
of February and continue through June. Many will be making decisions
about which path to take and the options or choice will not always be
clear. This is a month for courage and almost laser-like focus on our
path. We are going to be more pressed to define what we "really" want.

As more and more energy opens up, it brings with it new potential
which seems well out of our reach. While we think we are questioning
whether we are up to the challenge, the real question has to do with
our fear about stepping too far out of our comfort zone and not making
'mistakes'. As long as we are afraid to take action, whether we are
unsure of our path or are waiting for someone else, we will delay the
wonderful opportunities March has for us and continue to feel stuck
and without direction. The first two weeks are excellent for planning,
setting intention and preparing for the equinox, which is the start of
a new astrological year and brings the promise of spring and new
beginnings. Have a wonderful month.


Uriel's Message -- Live Through Your Potential

Potential is unexpressed energy, waiting for intention, thought and
belief to create form. Each of you has potential in the form of many
different levels of energy awaiting connection and expression. Within
each of these levels you can create a different reality and each of
them is available when you are in right alignment and have an
intention that matches these vibrations. All energy corresponds to
Universal law so when manifestation does not occur it is because some
aspect of the process is out of alignment.

You are always fulfilling the potential that is available to you in
each moment. You may want more than you are currently experiencing
because you know it is possible but are not yet at the vibration that
will allow connection. Or you are seeing potential in others and
trying to manifest it for them and for yourself. While it is a gift to
be able to provide others with insight into the possible realities
that await them, it is through their efforts alone that their
potential can be manifested. The greatest gift you can give the world
is to live through your potential.
How do you create a reality that expresses your potential from one
moment to the next? You begin with the understanding that
transformation is movement from one level of potential to another.
This timing of this movement is divine and occurs beyond the level of
mind. It is the communication your soul has with itself, that compels
your transformation in response . You can interpret the movement
through the ego and respond with fear or through your divine center
and know that you are preparing for new potential and the template for
a new reality is being created within you.

The need for your conscious mind to understand these movements
reflects your fear of the unknown and the belief that the Universe
will do things to you that you are unprepared for. As you move into
trust you can practice creating an unfolding reality that moves from
one transformation to another each one expressing a new level of
potential. You can do this without fear because this process reflects
your growth and understanding and the potential is that which you have
already created as a possibility for yourself. When you have an
intention to live through your potential you are expressing the
highest possible energies you can access in that moment. And you gift
the earth and humanity with the your highest presence.