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The Divine Awashing & The Twin Flame Portal

The Divine Awashing & The Twin Flame Portal
Transmitted Through Elanthra
28 February ~ 2010

Greetings One and All. It is I, Archangel Michael, and I've come to you today firstly to bid you glad tidings, and I hope you are all well. I have a few messages to relay today. I'd like to start by saying, as you are all aware, the Fifth Dimensional energies have been anchored, and they continue to be anchored as dictated by the readiness of yourselves and the Universe. The energies will be anchored in Divine spurts and segments. I AM wondering, Are you growing accustomed to the synchronistic magic of every moment? Are you Paying Attention to the Universal Signs Along The Path? And have you noticed how quickly what you desire manifests and ensues in tandem with your desires and abilities as a Divine Co-creator?

Anytime that changes are made or something new comes forth, the Third Dimensional old energies often want to come back and push their way back in, sometimes serving as a reminder of what you have already been through and the lessons that you've already learnt. It is important at this point in time to Affirm and Claim, to Anchor and Solidify that which you want to be part of your world, for, as you know, you have CHOICES and your thoughts dictate your world, and hopefully You ARE making choices that are in sync with your Highest Self, and aligned with your Divine Path and Purpose.

So, here you are on the Divine Universal Frontiers, amidst the Fifth Dimensional Cosmic Christ Consciousness Crystalline energies, and in conjunction with the astrological alignment of the water sign Pisces, the latest energy that has come forth and been anchored is the energy of Water. Divine, Free-flowing, Sparkling, Refreshing Water ~ Crystalline Gushing Waters. The Peaceful, Soothing, Gentle, Crystalline Waters awash and spurt lovingly as they move and progress along the way, reaching out to carry, direct and transport the Crystalline Codes multi-dimensionally through adjoining portal, after portal, after portal. The fluid, florid waves of water create movement and momentum and mirror and reflect back an array of magical thoughts and possibilities as they continue to gracefully and poignantly swirl, twirl and carry out their Light Dance; and know that these are synced portals which serve as Mirrored Reflections Of The Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This water is not just any water, it is Magical Water that echoes in rhythmic reverberation as it Rejuvenates and Revives, restoring not only yourselves, but all upon the New Earth. This Divine Water is a Reliever; it represents Relief Consciousness, Healing, Cleansing, Nurturing, Creativity, Sensuality and Dreams and Intuition. 'Water Just Knows.' Water coalesces in conjunction with the other elements, joyfully emitting, depositing and disseminating sprinkled splashes on all in it's vicinity, allowing nature and all to flourish and grow. Warm, maternal waters awash anew ~ flowing a 'Coursed Song of Acceptance,' and engaging and embracing all in Diamond Heart of God Splendidity.

In alignment with the water, the Majestic Phoenix can be seen to rise forth, paving the way in conjunction and alignment with the opening of The Twin Flame Portal, sending, delivering and carrying Divine Love in splendid androgynous Divine Masculine and Feminine Expression. The Phoenix Rising is symbolic of Rebirth and Regeneration, and so many of you are BE-ing Reborn and experiencing New Beginnings. You have been reborn, and You ARE Awakening to many truths and to your Divine I AM Presences, in realization that You ARE a Spark of God.

The Majestic Phoenix flies forth in Divine Timing, out-reaching it's expansive wings across the Universe, in surrender to 'The Call,' and in the midst of the Swirling Spiral, The Portal of the Twin Flames opens up. The Phoenix flies in a graceful, slow, feathery flow, mapping and paving The Course of Union ~ The Union of One ~ The Sacred Family of One.

Twin Flame Love is Unconditional Love out of the Divine Spark of God that you all originated from, and when you were born you had a Divine Counterpart that in turn went it's own way - A Divine Counterpart of God. Your Twin Flame is your Divine Counterpart - your Divine Crystalline Complement. Twin Flames are now reuniting in apropos and Divine Time, in alignment with all of your ascensions and the ascension of the Planet. The energies of The Universal Twin Flame Consciousness of the Masses has made it's way down through the dimensions. And, if you so desire, I invite you now to put out the yearning to be re-united with your Twin Flame, and know that, if it is to your Highest Good, it will transpire.

I would like for you to envision, if you will, Twin Flame after Twin Flame after Twin Flame tingling across the Universe with joined hands in a Circle of Unison. In this 'Portal of Freedom' Angels can be heard to strum enraptured tunes upon their violin, and streamed unadulterated tunes emanate from the banjoes of the elves, serving to manifest a Heavenly Symphony, and as all are joined in the circle, it indeed becomes the 'Circle of One.' The energies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness are being emitted, as the energies swirl and twirl and make their way, entwined in each other, in Divine Masculine and Feminine Expression.

Know that this is a portal whereby one has the opportunity to join with, not only their Twin Flame, but with all aspects of their Oversoul or Higher Self, and in this Ascension Portal, amidst this Captivating Ambience, A Majestic Universal Paradise, It is 'Home.' Let the Funneled Twin Flame Ascension Portal entwine, unfold and be anchored in unison now with Mother Gaia. And oh what a superb addition of All That Is It Will Be. It is!

The Breathtaking Baby's Breath Flowers spring forth in enraptured swirls, and in picturesque touches wrap themselves around the Twin Flames, and in a Splendid Coil continue to reach, stretch and branch down through the dimensions. And it is a wonder to witness the Flowering ~ Far-reaching as it Opens, Rises and Out-Spurts gloriously in every direction throughout the dimensions. The Baby's Breath Blooms and Blossoms, spreading ethers reminiscent of yesterday's sheer Heavenly Ecstatic Delights, and emits promises of splendors yet to come.

The Twin Flame Re-Union

When two have been gifted with the reality of uniting with their Twin Flame, their like essences are heightened with Light energy.

Creativity and Intuition are heightened. You will experience shared heightened Insights with one another. You will both have the feeling that 'You ARE Home.'

Twin Flames emit a feeling of Recognition, Remembrance and Reminiscence, and it is as if They ARE experiencing an aspect of themselves, for in fact They ARE. There is a Divine Connection and Affinity with each other. There is the ability to know what the other is feeling and experiencing, and understanding beyond words. Telepathic communication is very common, even across great distances.

There is a sense of Joy, Well-being and Wholeness, Unconditional Love and Completion. You both feel that you have all that you need, and you are no longer in want or need of anything. The feeling of being hungry often subsides for periods of time. Often, there is an Enraptured, Surreal and Fulfilled Heavenly feeling of Balance as you are re-joined with your Divine Complement.

Twin Flames will often share the same love of music, may have had similar past histories, often have resided not too far from each other, and carried on similar or complementary occupations and modes of education.

Twin Flames will often come together to contribute towards a common work project. There does not have to be a romantic affiliation or interest, although it is very common for Twin Flames to link romantically.

The Twin Flame Union is orchestrated when both partners have balanced their Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects within their respective selves, and are ready and have put out the yearning to the Universe to be re-united with each other. Thus, they will serve to carry on an Interdependent Relationship, as opposed to a Dependent one. Even so though, Twin Flame unions are not without their challenges, and, like with any relationship, it is still up to both parties to make it work.


Next, the Genie's Lamp breezily floats forth and spews and emits Magical Essence, for it is indeed time for the Magical Expression ~ for Magical Synchronistic Co-creation. As the Ambient Essence filters through the ethers, it moves Slowly ~ Smoothly and Sensually ~ stretching, reaching, emitting an aura and ambience of grace that flows ever forth. And the Genie's Lamp carries out it's smooth, Ethereal Dance, and can be seen to transform into the 'Cloak,' that represents one's ability to 'Cloak Their Life In Abundance,' if that is what one so desires.

Know now dear Children that the Fifth Dimensional energies are here for you to Reach Out And Believe in them. Reach Out And Embrace Them; they beckon you to embrace them this day. Come don your Light Cloaks, tailored especially for you, and see how perfectly it fits. Everything that is created now will manifest even more quickly. The energies have quickened, and the manifestations have quickened, and YOU, like each water droplet, are unique in your own individual expressions. The New Earth awaits you now to step forward into the Light. We suggest that you 'Make Your Mark' and seize the Divine Opportunity to Leave Your Own Unique Energy Signature Upon The New Earth, and emit it in your own unique way. What special effect will you leave upon the New Earth?

Every new project begins with a vision, for it could not exist if you did not envision it, and You ARE unraveling the pieces of the puzzle. We suggest to you that you orchestrate your building of the New Earth, piece by piece, and as you Awaken To The Reality And Truth Of Each New Day and walk and step hand in hand with your Higher Selves, you will know what is appropriate in each moment. And in each moment, we suggest that you consult with your Higher Self, who is anchored in the Heart Of Your Being, as to which path to take, which road to take upon The Golden Path. Enjoy your journey, and on the days that You Are tired, rest. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. And when you Reach Out and you Step Out in Love and Light, and Disseminate Your Light, we suggest that you Do It With All Your Heart. You ARE Loving and BE-loved.

All is in order and all is well, and we would just have you know that the building of the New Earth is indeed ahead of schedule, as all is happening in such a speedy fashion. We often gaze upon you in admiration, and we are very proud of your efforts thus far. Continue on in Courage, Strength, Faith, Trust and Truth. My Blue Flame and Sword protect you, as always, and you have only to call on me and my legions, and I will be by your side.

May you be bestowed with Amber Crystalline Droplets of Divine Blessings, even as you, this day and everyday, are Healed and Refreshed, and may you rise up upon the Peaceful Shores and become all that you were born to be. Enjoy your Divine Ecstatic Reunions, and may your hearts float lightly as if on Butterfly Wings.

Blessed be. So be it, and so it is.

In Strength, Solidarity and All My Love,
I AM Archangel Michael

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