Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is here - Let's celebrate LIVING!!!!!

Spring is here - Let's celebrate LIVING!!!!!

Spring is the "official" New Year. It brings us new beginnings, fresh starts, budding flowers and leaves on trees. It's the time to plant seeds literally and energetically.

When we are planting our energetic seeds with our infinite field of potential we want to make sure we take out the "weeds", old patterns, programs and thought forms first. Then fill it with "miracle grow" and clear universal energy. After we weed and fill it with new energy we can then put out our seeds (desires, intentions). Our seeds are actually every thought, word and deed/action we take. When we unplug from the limited belief systems for the collective unconscious we can add a special "secret" method. It's surrendering MY WILL over to THY WILL.

When we come from the place of THY WILL be done we are saying to the universe, Creator, our higher self - I trust, allow and let go. I surrender "MY WILL" which means how we/EGO "thinks" things should manifest and come into fruition.

When we trust, allow and go with the universal flow that THY WILL (God Force-Creator or Higher Self) who created everything just might know what it's doing. That there is a DVINE ORDER and it's outside of the limited view of the EGO.

So if something isn't happening as fast as you want it to or the way you want it to, just relax, surrender, and FEEL yourself merge with the Creator Force energy. When you're frustrated say "Thy Will Be Done", take a deep breath and blow away any doubt. Get yourself in touch with nature and notice how nature doesn't force anything. A tree doesn't hold on to its dying leaves saying I can't let you go. What if other leaves don't grow then I'll be naked my entire life.

Re-mind yourself about the Force that created you. The Earth, the entire universe runs through you. You are a part of the infinite, universal God-Force. Rest you're tired head on the shoulder of the Creator, allow your turmoil and emotions to sink into the Earth. When you give up listening to your EGO you will start HEARING, FEELING, and SEEING the DIVINE ORDER in everything. You will be grateful for another day to experience, witness the Creator/God-Force energy that's running within and all around us as action. You will start slowing down stopping the mind chatter and experience life from the position of the Angel in a physical body having a physical experience. But not a physical experience of pain, separation, fear and anxiety. Instead a moment by moment experience of FEELING that DIVINE LOVE course through you. You will witness Love, Life and Re-Birth, Re-Connection and Re-Mamboing to an ancient memory that you are a piece of the Creator. Creator/God-Force lacks for NO-THING it just is.

So as you witness new beginnings and birth all around you may you align with the DIVINE WITHIN and SEE, FEEL and SENSE the DIVINE THROUGHOUT your entire life.


Kerrie O'Connor