Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arcturian Light Transmissions: Our Role in the Ascension of Mother Earth

The Arcturians wish to speak about the shift that is
underway. In times past we have talked to you about how important it is to
gather your energies together and connect to Mother Earth. We have also
talked about how your own personal energies assist Mother Earth herself as well as
how they impact you. Mother Earth stores our thought forms in her energy body, and those thought forms, those energies are those that are created by all of us, all beings on the planet. They never die, they live on forever. Because thoughts are energy, energy is never destroyed. Therefore, it always exists.

What we want you to know is that you have a choice in the thoughts that
you create. Why is this important? It is important because it is time
for you to realize how your thought forms affect Mother Earth. You are
clearing your lower and denser vibrating thoughts and so is Mother Earth.
To assist her and yourself, we ask you to be aware of how your choices impact
the ascension of Mother Earth as well as your own self. As you know, we are
moving from the third dimension into the fourth dimension. Choice in the third dimension does not exist the same way it does in the fourth dimension. When you realize you truly have choice in everything you do and everything you feel,
you are becoming more fully ensconced in the fourth dimensional energies.
We know in times past and even in today's reality you sometimes react without
making a conscious choice.

There are really only two types of emotions or thought patterns that exist within you, one on each side of the spectrum. One is fear, and one is love. One is of high density or high vibration, and one is of low density or low vibration. On the side of fear, you can include those emotions of anger, grief, guilt, worry, frustration,
irritation, aggravation, doubt, sadness. On the side of love, there are peace and
serenity. So you have two ends of the spectrum. You are beginning to know you have free choice in how to react and what emotions to choose. You can choose the thought patterns of lightness or those of negativity.

What you choose becomes part of your energy field and of Mother Earth's energy field. We want you to understand this because we want you to be conscious of the thoughts that you choose, as they impact and are a part of your own ascension process and that of Mother Earth. We are so very happy that you are awakening to the
knowledge that you are now choosing how to feel and that you can choose to
feel happiness, love, and many other powerful higher vibrating emotions.
You are also now choosing your thoughts, as you understand that it is your birthright
to create consciously.

In the August 2010 time frame, you will notice much more of the old 3D world disintegrating. During this time, we really want you to pay very close attention to your thoughts and set an intention to choose your thoughts carefully and onsciously. When you start to feel irritated, when you start to feel angry, when you start to judge yourself or others, you are adding negative thoughts to the energy field that surrounds Mother Earth. You can do more by healing yourself and choosing thoughts that are of higher vibration.

The old 3D world is disintegrating. To detach yourself from the disintegration, set a conscious intent to understand what your thoughts are and the vibration you are offering. You do have a choice. Anything that you push against with anger, fear or frustration amplifies that energy and can keep you anchored into the 3D reality. You
have moved more into a 4D reality. The fourth dimensional reality is where you exist in current time. You don't think about the past because the past no longer exists. When you bring the past into the future, you are in the 3D world. You think about something that has happened in the past and you say, "I don't want that to happen again" and you automatically bring that energy into current time or future time. When you move into the 4D, you make choices based on your current experiences
and have an absolute knowing that you can create anything from this current perspective of now. You do not think about the past or the future, in the 4D reality, you operate from the NOW. The 4th dimensional reality is what we are calling Earth Two.

So we ask that you be very cognizant of your thoughts. Know that you are powerful beings. If you begin to feel any resistance, any irritation or any aggravation, choose a different thought. Be cognizant of how you are feeling from your higher heart center, your mind. As you move into the fourth dimensional reality, you will be thinking with and through your heart center. Those thoughts manifest very quickly. As you are leaving the 3D reality behind, you are leaving behind the thought
forms of negativity. You have the ability to help Mother Earth as well as yourself. Make your choices consciously.

You are no longer in the space where you have always been. You are no longer who you have always been. You are you in the present time, and you in the present time can make choices from a perspective of conscious creation, a place where you have not been before. You are moving or have moved from a reality where you did not know you were a conscious creator to a reality where you have the ability to consciously
choose your thoughts and feelings.

There will be many changes in the next few months. We cannot tell you exactly what is going to happen, but during the months of June, July and August the rate of change will be accelerating. It may look at though things are even more tumultuous than they are now. Just be sure to know that everything is happening in the way it is supposed to happen. Stay detached and be in the mode of the observer. We must remind you that you have a choice of how to think and feel about what you see and experience. You can choose to observe what is happening, or you can choose to be a part of it. Whatever you see happening in the 3D world, remember to access your heart center. Choose to go inside and access your own inner world and create from inside. If you don't know what to do or are feeling vulnerable, choose to think from your heart. You will create a beautiful experience for yourself in all times to come.

The next few months are very important. Remember to create from your heart center. Choose to love yourself and those around you. Make decisions from your heart in the present because you exist in present time. If it happened before, it no longer matters because it does not exist. Operate from the heart of now. Feel your way through from now on.

Release self judgment and love yourself as much as you love those around you.

We are here to support you. We love and honor you. Thank you for joining with us tonight.

Until next time.

The Arcturian Circle.