Thursday, June 10, 2010

SOLARLOTUS: The Flame of Ascension

SOLARLOTUS: The Flame of Ascension

June 2010

Every moment that you breathe, every moment that your eyes gaze upon
this world, every beat of your heart you add to our grid, to our
ascension, and the unveiling of our new world. Your light is the base
of ascension, its food that nourishes the truth and dispels that which
is not, its healing and remembering that will enable a birthing of an
ascended humanity--you are the eternal flame of ascension. Each person
carries the light of our humanhood, our universal-hood. Your simple
presence is divine. We are now in the Age of application of our
collective lovelight energy. Humans are increasingly applying their
energies as ONE towards healing and the further blossoming of

There are those who wish to slow or stop the awakening - this is
simply not possible. This evolutionary event of human awakening will
unfold within your lifetime because you are its author, its flame, its
truth. Humans are daily embracing an interconnectedness towards a true
understanding of Oneness for all on Earth. More of you are making
higher life choices for your body and modes of living-because your
light chose. Many of you are sending prayers and light to damaged
areas of mother earth--because your light chose. Many of you are
setting aside the pains and mistakes of the past in order to walk down
an uncluttered path--because your light chose. You remain the flame of are its grid, its birthing, and its fulfillment--
because your light chose.

Humans are at a crossroads where they will begin to exercise their
energy and apply it. Trust deeply that your healing prayers for earth
WILL be heard throughout the universes. Trust that your contribution
DOES matter. Groups of lightbeings throughout earth are bravely
rejecting ploys and games, without engaging in the events sent to
create mayhem and grief. You are proceeding forward with well ignited
plans that have always been recorded within your being-the seeds are
now awakening. The collective light, itself, will expose and clear all
without engaging you in harm. Time will continue to appear to speed
forward, while every drop of love will hold for an eternity. Your
lightwork is like the candle on a birthday cake that shines and is
celebrated through existence.APPLY YOUR LIGHT.

Lightwork is when you choose to act from the purest place in your
heart, separate from ego, mind and self. The more you do lightwork the
more you realize it gives back far more than you will ever give.
Lightwork means you offer the highest and something more flows from
that action. Lightwork means you bless life. Lightwork can mean being
simply silent to allow another person to grow rather than dictating
their path. Lightwork is truly simple, like honouring another person,
honouring nature, honouring your body. Every day hug someone, hold
their hand, send healing prayers to others, apply your healing energy
to areas on earth...every day shine--you are called. Working in
lovelight honours, supports and embraces all life. Lovelight work sees
everyone as itself-thus there is nothing to judge, only to unending
love. We ARE ready to radiate as One.

Lightwork is transformative work, it uplifts, it encourages, it
supports, and loves. Loving is a great gift...share everywhere-you are
called. As the light continues to increase, you will find people
unable to keep their anger, unable to harm, unable to remain bitter.
The shells that bound people are releasing-allow them to be new-don't
hold people with your old thoughts of them. The ocean of lovelight
will continue to triumph over anything and everything. Allow.

This is the time when humanity engages the Age of Lovelight Energy.
You are awakening in great numbers and realizing there is truth to the
application of ALL of our lovelight energies - the collective light is
breathtaking! Life on Earth is taking on a new face, a new frequency,
a new radiance. Together, we WILL unfold the great garden of heavenly
awakening. It is written, heaven on earth shall be.

You are the flame that helps create the Universal Flame of love, hope,
healing and all understanding. You are letting go of that which
separates and destroys, you are letting go of your habit of suffering.
You are allowing life to flourish in new ways. Why? Lovelight is
naturally rising because you have come to the end of what this
dimension of separation and polarity can teach you. As the light
continues to grow you are seeing through the veil into a new time.
Your light, your flame, will illumine the truth through the veil, to
dispel maya(illusion). It is written, it is time.

Your light, your flame of ascension shines so clearly. Everyday more
and more people join hearts to create and heal this precious dear
planet. Never underestimate the power of your individual light, never--
soon the collective power of lovelight will astonish even the most
ardent lightworker. You are the flame of ascension, an ascension that
you chose so long ago. Allow and honour your flame to be present.
Without each and all the drops of water the ocean would not exist.
Imagine your light transforming all that is around you, imagine it
uplifting and healing the planet. The more you apply your light, the
more it will move closer to its own fullness...ascension is your light
in full bloom! It is time for earth to grow into its new role in the
cosmos. As all else rises so you shall also continue to rise, for you
are equally, one with the body of all existence. You are, and have
always been, a lighted divine being. Your presence fills the universe
with gratitude for what you shall accomplish in the days ahead. Fear
finds no home in the transformation now. Rise each day and apply your

On those days when you begin to waiver or fatigue, join and make
contact with other will be amazed how fast the
clouds will drift away. As a great sign of the increase in light on
earth, judging has lessened, and, instead, people are focussed on
solutions rather than judging. Solutions are not bound by geography,
countries, or beaurcracies. Lightwork upgrades life and births answers-
answers for healing, for new modes of energy, to connect with our
galactic family, etc. Lightwork also revamps global economic and
ecological realities - lightwork creates and blesses a new emerging
frequency of life itself - EVERY contribution matters.

Intentful lightwork is ascension energy in motion, ascension energy in
application - the flame of life so bright and full that it transforms.
People ask for ascension dates and timings....well, you are in it,
this moment, this heartbeat. Our collective light IS the timeline of
ascension - it is up to each of us. Apply light as often as possible--
eventually you will simply BE lightwork, rather than doing lightwork.
We are becoming the light, we are ascending even now.

Your light and your choice to apply your lovelight is your gift to
life itself, your gift to your future which is becoming your present.
Together, we stand and ride the ever rising light and love on Gaia -
we enter into a new love ecology, a new song of light...Oneness in



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