Saturday, June 19, 2010

Huge energy wave coming our way

Huge energy wave coming our way
by Dr. Meg Blackburn
Online Messages June 14th, 2010

Greetings to each of you! The energies have been creating effects up and down lately ranging from periods of intensity to times of complete calm. There have continued to be dimensional overlaps with may reporting hearing snippets of conversations, voices in the background, and seeing arcs of energies as well as occasional other dimensional beings flitting in and out of our reality.

What is kind of mind blowing to think about is that when these overlaps occur, not only do we see and hear those on the other side of the veils, they see and hear us. Imagine.

As we move into the summer, there is going to be a steady escalation of the energy, a wave that builds through the next several months that will culminate through our reality in late September. This wave is going to be bringing a lot of emotional clearing and releasing as it builds. We have experienced this kind of thing before but this particular wave is an offshoot of the star gate system alignments and so is much more intense than before.

When these kinds of events affect us emotionally, we may find ourselves experiencing extreme intensities of grief, anger, bliss, and everything in between. Remember that when these feelings become so intense, the best thing to do is to feel them, let them roll on out. They will be immensely intense but brief. Like bubbles of unacknowledged past, they will rise to our surfaces, cause us immensely intense feelings, then be gone. Just ride with them and don't hold back. The reason the emotions are hiding there in the first place is that we didn't deal with them when we had them in the first place.

Another thing that is occurring is that the frequencies of the energies are rapidly changing. They are much higher but not more subtle as we expect. That is because as the energies rise in frequency, so do we. In our states of density this can be both very exciting and challenging. A couple of months ago I had written to you that the energies were unusually orange, red, and intense. Now they have moved into states of sage green, golds and light purples. As this has occurred, out two causal bodies, those, which are our connection between our earthly selves and our divine nature, have attuned to higher resonance and changes not only color but alignment. This is a sign of a huge shift in consciousness that is happening now.

We have talked about the shift, we have worked for years in order to create it but now it is creating us. There are so many light workers on our planet that we are creating a greater affect than we had realized. The shift is coming into full swing as we move toward 2012 and will continue for years after that magical moment of alignment. You see, it isn't a momentary event, but a great shift that began in October of 2009 and will continue to refine for many years until we reach the time in 2018 when there is a harmonic event that involves every pyramid on the planet. I will write you more about that as time moves on.

What can we expect in our bodies as these changes in consciousness happen? Since our bodies are so dense, they do not adapt as easily as our unfettered consciousness does. There will be issues in our central nervous systems, muscle cramps or spasms, need for more hydration, changes in our diets as we begin to slack off somewhat on our desires for heavy foods. What our bodies require will shift and change directly in relation with the energies.

There will be times when we do not require as much food as our bodies adapt and other times when we are voraciously hungry because the energies that are moving through us are so intense and we are burning up a lot more of our minerals. Calcium and Magnesium may need to be supplemented as the current energy wave builds because they are the first to deplete when we encounter or use a lot of subtle energies. I am also seeing that most people are not drinking enough water to assist the energies in moving through the body. Remember that we are mostly water. Water is conductive. It also evaporates, especially when it is carrying energy. That being said, with huge amounts of subtle energies running through us, we are more likely to dehydrate so keep that in mind.

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