Thursday, June 3, 2010


Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

This year, 2010 (21/3), will be full of opportunities for choices at
all levels. There can be a deep inner peace underlying everything this
year as long as you stay who you are. This is the year to begin
forming the groups that will create and manifest the new institutions
and organizations that will have a “prime directive” to serve
humanity. You will have opportunities to define “friendship” in terms
of unconditional love and learn to be ok making the discernments
necessary to choose and work with those who can put excessive
“emotion” (self-created fear) aside and be the true leader who
understands cooperation and unity as tools to create the new world. It
will require you to continually understand that it is loyalty to Self
first that will keep you on your path.

June (27/9) is a month of completions and beginnings, of reaping your
rewards from past achievements and, at the same time, preparing for
new adventures. This is not a month to withdraw, but rather, to
interact with meaningful companions. This helps you to gain deeper
understanding of you and others which improves your relationships.
Underlying everything this month are the energies to maintain harmony
and peace so that all interactions lead to uplifting yourself and
others. The goal is to stay in the inner space between physical and
spirit so that you reap your rewards which are always in direct
relationship to what you have previously earned.

JUNE 1 to JUNE 5, 2010 (15/6)
You end this cycle of reaping your harvest with the energies which
make your deep Inner Knowing easily accessible so do not ignore your
intuitive feelings. It also gives you an increased magnetic ability to
pull forces to you as long as you are willing to make the changes
necessary to bring order to any situation. This vibration helps you to
understand the balance between freedom and responsibility by
understanding the truth about detachment and the meaning of change.
Perception and evaluation, with an eye to seeing the situation as it
really is, are key words during this time. It begins with the ability
to crystallize your desires using your imagination to mold actual
substance while relying on your Wisdom combined with a strong sense of
justice to begin. This is followed by a Master Messenger intensity
that will give you opportunities to emphasize Spirit in your life when
you willingly accept responsibility to listen to your Higher Guidance
to accept the Spiritual messages that are everywhere, thus reaping the
great rewards possible. A day of somewhat restless energies is
presented to encourage you to celebrate your expression of you so rely
on your intuition to stay centered and you can experience great joy,
harmony and peace. A different kind of intensity comes to you as the
Master Builder energies come to help you think in large sweeping terms
for all humanity and if you make those ideas a part of your life, it
can bring fulfillment and completion. You end this period with a day
of changes that will require keeping yourself in balance so you can
enjoy the adventure. The goal for this period is to understand you can
pull forces toward you so make sure those forces are truth, love and

JUNE 6 to JUNE 12, 2010 (27/9)
This week intensifies the vibration of the month since it is the same.
You will have an increased intensity pushing you to move to your
highest ideals, universal love and brotherhood and completion of what
you require for your foundation to move forward. You begin with a day
of more intensification from the Master Builder vibration which
combines with an increased sensitivity to what is beneath the surface
so you can be sure your foundation is firm before you move on to build
the new you. Now it’s time to be reflective and evaluate how far
you’ve come and listen to your inner voice about where you want to go.
You are given a day of easy flowing external energies to examine and
investigate any details in your life which come up spontaneously for
examination to insure they are where you want them to be to move you
forward. The vibration of the month is intensified a 3d time as you
are reaping the rewards you’ve earned, share your accomplishments and
prepare for new adventures. From this you receive a heightened ability
to crystallize your desires and use your power of imagination to
manifest them into the physical as you move forward in wisdom and
justice. Then you have another intense day of double Master Messenger
energies that gives you opportunities to deal with your affairs at the
Spiritual level so be aware of what is “important” and what is not as
the messages are everywhere. You end the week with the restless
energies of celebration of what you have accomplished in your
evolution into becoming a human so stay connected to your intuition
for direction and you’ll experience great joy, harmony and peace. The
goal for this week is to accept your role as creator and artist of
your life and live in the highest level you can achieve.

JUNE 13 to JUNE 19, 2010 ([22])
As you finish up this quarter of reaping you are given an intense week
of underlying Master Builder energies which increases your power,
energy, strength and courage 4 times normal to bring you to
fulfillment, possibly on a large scale. Think in terms that will
benefit all of humanity while staying balanced in your peaceful place
within and you will use this combination of the Master Teacher and the
practical Master Builder effectively. The watchword is to find the
middle road and avoid extremes. You start the week with expanded ideas
of how to use the value of system and organization to effect better
conditions so use your intuition to meet any challenges to the old way
of doing things. You move to a day of restless energy that must be
used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and
determination so remember to do things your way and you will manage
the energy and accomplish the task. Your awareness of what’s beneath
the surface increases so be prepared to get centered and put things
into harmony so you can get into the flow and respond to “unexpected”
events. Stay in that centered place and use the next day’s energies to
examine your mental forces, your thoughts, and move those energies to
a positive force for building, if necessary. A day of spontaneously
occurring events in an easy flowing environment is combined with the
energies of the Master Healer and Teacher which intensifies your day
and gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for your choices
giving you courage and faith in the Higher Forces and knowing all is
in its right order. Now it’s time to finish up what you’ll
accomplished, examine what is presented and share what you’ve learned
for greater understanding. You end the week with the energies of both
the seed and the harvest so you can move forward in conjunction with
your power of imagination and new ideas for building justice into your
creation. The goal for the week is to accept your insights and visions
and be the Master Builder in your life through cooperation, harmony
and responsibility.

JUNE 20 to JUNE 26, 2010 (26/8)
This week is all about understanding the flow of give and receive to
bring you prosperity and success as long as you use your material
possessions to serve humanity, that is, as long as you learn not to be
attached to physical “things”. This week will bring you the Wisdom to
pioneer in the realms of human relationships. Use your generosity
wisely and in balance so it becomes an asset to yourself and others
and find that this energy is the greatest expression of God on the
material plane. Choose your actions wisely and you will reap the
harvest and abundance under this influence. You start the week with
the intensity of the Master Messenger to help you find balance while
you are emphasizing the Spiritual areas in your life and take on the
responsibility and effort that, with the help of your Higher Guidance,
will bring you great rewards. Three days of celebratory new paradigm
energies are given to you now when news of the new order comes to mind
to help you realize better conditions with the Master Builder energies
underlying it so you can make it “practical”. You end this period with
a day of restless energies that you must use constructively with
patience, persistence and determination to insure you will no longer
do things in the “traditional” way, but rather use your own unusual
and possibly unconventional approach so make sure you’re centered for
these three days. After what may have felt like chaos energies, you
are given a day of increased awareness so you can take responsibility
to bring your creation into harmony and balance by staying centered
inside and watching your outer world become centered as well. Stay in
that inner center as you are given energies and opportunities to
reassess where you are and use your mental energies, the thoughts you
have, to gain clarity and be a positive force for humanity’s
evolution. You end the week with energies that will bestow abundance
in your life if you flow with the spontaneity and examine any details
in your material world that may need adjustment. The goal for the week
is to the unifier through understanding the balance, authority and
responsibility needed as you find the power in service to others
without martyrdom.

JUNE 27 to JUNE 30, 2010 (15/6)
You end the month with the energies of your deep Inner knowing and a
magnetic ability to pull things to you. Make sure to look beneath the
surface and use your keen perception to evaluate all circumstances
presented because it is time to choose what will set you free,
understanding the balance between freedom and responsibility and the
truth about detachment and change. You begin the final part of this
month with the energies of rewards so interact with others to gain
deeper understanding of yourself and others. Then you move to an
intense day with the underlying vibration of the Higher Master
Architect which gives you thoughts of how to know that your security
lies within and not in the material world. You move to an intense day
of Master Messenger energies so remain aware and connected to hear and
see the messages that will be everywhere and bring balance into your
affairs. The month ends with the energies of celebration and creative
expression so stay connected to your guidance and do not get carried
away by the restless energies. The goal for this period is reach the
depth of your inner knowing to draw the forces of truth and order to
you and use them responsibly.

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