Thursday, June 17, 2010



A message from The Arcturians.
June/July 2010

Blue Ray Healing
Through Deb Graves / Araznu

In the coming months and that of July there will be more huge shifts
in the geomagnetic fields of Earth. These shifts will be felt by all
inhabitants. Many may choose to leave at this time and move on to the
fifth dimension in advance of others. Shifting your reality to the
fifth dimension will be the up leveling in consciousness that many are
speaking of. You have all chosen your divine blueprints for this
lifetime, each one has written in exit points. You have the choice to
exit at these times or continue until the next point. You can stay as
Gaia, Mother Earth continues to grow and shift towards her move to the
fifth dimension.

This months image shows her approaching the entrance to an inter-
dimensional stargate. Many may ask, when will this happen or is this
the energy of 2012?
Time as you know it does not exist in the entire scope of all that is,
but this shifting energies has been foretold in the teachings of the
native and aboriginal ways of many cultures. The most well known of
these is the Mayan calender and 2012 prophecies.

Dimensional Shift channeled image from the Arcturians through Deb
Graves / Araznu Blue Ray Master.

We ask at this time for all lightworkers on the planet to hold true to
their beliefs and anchor the energies of the fifth dimension. Connect
with Gaia/Mother, the Creator, the Source, the Force or the words of
your choosing and all that are here for your highest and greatest
good. Allow these amazing energies to flow through you raising your
vibration to its highest available frequency, this will assist you to
stay balanced and centered.

We of Arcturus are here to assist you in these transformational times.
You may call upon us The Arcturians at any moment for assistance. Many
may be more familiar and feel more comfortable using the term
Archangels. We are highly evolved spiritual inter-dimensional beings,
who have been overseeing the development of humanity, and guiding you
to reach for your highest potential.

Archangel Sandalphon by Deb Graves visionary artist and energy healer
"Brother" Archangel Sandalphon
"Power of the Blue Ray"

Many of you who are awakened, lightworkers, starseeds are feeling the
drive to share your wisdom with as many that will listen, but do
not preach as to convert, allow their free will and choice to connect
with us. Gather in groups to increase the vibrations of all to ready
for the upcoming shifts. Assist as many as possible to release the
energy of fear, let them know to fill themselves with unconditional

To assist your earthly bodies assimilate the higher energies stay
hydrated drink the purest of water available. Eat that which is high
in iron, such as spinach, dates, beans as this will help you adjust to
the geomagnetic forces.

Crystal Selection:

For July 2010: Any of the grounding stones/crystals such as hematite,
jet, black obsidian, garnet, chrysanthemum stone, smokey quartz and
tourmaline will assist you.

Grounding stones.

Be kind to yourselves, rest when you feel the need. Many have reported
a pressure in the back of your head, nausea and dizziness. These are
all symptoms of the shifting energies and will pass as you integrate
the incoming forces.

Much Love and Blessings

Araznu / Deb Graves