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Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown

Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
5 May 2010 at Johannesburg, South Africa
"Allow the love to flow"

Greetings dear ones, for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

There is much love in the air, there is always love in the air these
days and much change. Many, many things are changing. You will all be
concerned about the banking sector, but don’t worry. Just let it come
and let it go. Just let it happen, for many things are changing in
government, in governmental sectors and in banking circles.

Things are changing, they are coming to an end of a cycle now as 2012
begins to draw near, and this is the end of an old cycle, a cycle
where humanity was actually going nowhere. Perhaps technologically
things got easier on the planet, especially in the last 200 years, but
many things got worse, many things don't happen in the way they used
to happen, mainly around relationships. Too much was sacrificed for
the material world. Love was the biggest sacrifice, the family unit
was the biggest sacrifice, in this country there was migrant labour
and there are great divisions between the races. Love is here for all
of us; each man whether he be black or white or Asian: there is as
much love for every man or woman as they can receive.

Everything on this planet is setup from behind the veil to make things
look very, very different; to make things look as though they are not
the way they are; things are actually another way ? it might sound a
play with words, but it is not so, things are just not as they seem.
Once you realise how things seem and how they are, then you will look
at the world in a completely different way. Through a completely
different set of eyes and through a different way of feeling.

Love is the answer to every problem ? and you may ask yourself the
question, “how can Kryon say that love is the answer to every
problem?” It is quite simple; it is just the way it is. Love is the
only way; violence and war is no answer or solution, they just create
more pain, more sadness, and more suffering than was initially there
in the first place.

Everything is on the inside of you, it's just that it is not quite
developed yet, and like the plants that grow from the rain and the sun
with their roots in the earth, the human being grows through love. The
more love you allow to flow through your body the more it germinates
those seeds inside yourself, those seeds of personal growth. Personal
growth flows around the family system, it flows in the same way as the
solar system ? being the example. If the father is the sun and the
mother is the earth, then it is exactly the same on the inside of you,
it is exactly the same. The solar system that we live in is the
example of how your energies should look on the inside. It is a clear
example, it is the only example.

This means that the sun has all the energy, or most of the energy in
the world, and this also means that everything flows through the
father. Remember this is about inner work; this is what you should
look like on the inside. This is why it is so important to do inner
work and to heal the wounds of the father. In this past series of
channelling we’ve mentioned the Fisher-King wound, but also tonight we
speak of the military, if your father or your grandparents or your
great-grand parents or your ancestors were in any kind of war or
conflict, that energy will flow through you until it is resolved
completely. You will have that energy on the inside of you and you
will feel agitated, maybe angry, maybe upset and it will be a constant
in your life.

We are here this night to release these energies from your body; it
will make you feel softer and more powerful, much stronger. All these
energies will allow you to become much more trusting in yourself, much
more trusting in the world and much more loving. The men in the West
have been seriously damaged in the last century by the last two wars.
Since the fifteenth century there has been much colonization on this
planet that has also hurt the indigenous peoples on this earth; and
not only in Africa but on every single continent on this planet. It is
the one energy that has caused this hurt on this planet, one energy...
and remember, only wounded men wound other men.

These men become fathers, these men are your fathers, and be you a
woman or a man... you all have a father. Your father operates on the
inside of you and part of the Spiritual journey is to release and heal
your inner father. The more you release and heal your inner father,
the bigger and the greater your connection to Father-Sky becomes. It
also enables in your inner world the freedom for your mother to move
into the feminine realms more fully and it gives space for your inner
child to grow and expand.

Your father also had a mother and the father is the gateway to healing
all aspects of your psyche. So if you had difficulties with your
mother, then start working through your father’s mother and heal the
mother inside your father. This will automatically allow a flow of
energy into your inner mother and allow her to start healing. We are
not here this night to say that the father is more important than the
mother. It is absurd to even think so. Without a father or without a
mother you don’t exist. These are people of mutual importance.

What happens if you have a weak father or a father who has been
wounded in some way or another, this stops your inner mother from
being in the feminine and the mother's role and she has to compensate
for the father and therefore once she has compensated for the father
she is no longer the mother?she is in the father role.

It is so important inside yourself, in your inner world, that you
create a world where your father is soft and gentle, loving, powerful
and unafraid. This is the true nature of masculinity and this is the
true nature of fatherhood. We use the analogy of the river to describe
this, masculinity for the banks of the river or the father energy and
the water that flows in the river is the feminine. All the banks of
the river do is guide the feminine on its journey back to the sea.

There is much love in this room. Allow your Spirit guides to be at
your feet, to be in your presence. The angelic realm is also present
here with Kryon with full support of this evening. Allow yourself to
feel the energies moving into the room, allow yourself to feel this
connection to Spirit and allow the love from Spirit to humanity begin
to flow. Allow your hearts to open a little more than they are and
allow for a connection to the others in this room, sending love to
everybody in this room and receiving love in return. Allowing your
hearts to expand and allowing the love to flow, allowing for a deeper
and deeper connection with one another. There is nothing by chance in
this world and who is in this room this night is meant to be in this
room this night. We are here to bring you love and joy and freedom. We
are here to bring you a new way of living, a way of living so that you
can be your softness, your gentleness, so that you can receive the
love that Spirit brings, the love that is always around.

Love is in the air, it is always here and it is humanity which blocks
this love through traumas experienced on this planet and through the
many wars and the hurts that have gone on in the past. There is a
great fear around receiving love and around the true flow of love, but
this is what 2012 is about. It is about love, it's about a new way, a
new state of existence. It is about humanity becoming connected with
each other and it's about the church of love once again opening its
doors so that you can worship the true God, the true Christ, the true
masters, so that you can connect with the absolute truth, and this is
what Spirit is bringing you; we are bringing you the knowledge and the
wisdom and the love to connect you fully with the divine, to bring you
all into a state of wholeness.

This will happen in series of waves, the first will break towards the
end of 2012 when the first 144 000 people will walk through into the
new level of consciousness. These are ancient masters that have come
to this earth especially for this event; these masters have mastered
life not once or twice but many, many times. When it is safe and
secure they will move through into the new energies of the new planet,
into the new beginnings where love is known ? where love conquers all,
where everybody knows how to manage and how to handle love, where
everybody becomes connected with this force in this world. Allow the
universe to pervade your energies and allow your inner mind to connect
as one with the universe, at the same time remain absolutely rooted
and grounded into Mother-Earth and feel absolutely safe, absolutely
secure and absolutely loved, allowing you to move into new dimensions
beyond the fourth, fifth, six and seventh dimensions.

You will become masters of many dimensions of human consciousness.
Structures are at this moment being resolved, being restructured and
many things are changing. The power on this earth is being spread
around the globe to many countries; South Africa being one of these
countries receiving more power and a world standing than it has ever
had in the past. Things might not always look that way, we know you
don’t really enjoy the voices of all your politicians, but things are
changing, a new world is coming and it is for you people in this room
to allow your hearts to open and to connect with each other and to
become more loving with each other, allowing love to flow in a deep
and meaningful way.

When you feel a flow of love and you feel it stop, just know that it
is you that has stopped the love ? take responsibility for this,
wherever love stops it is a result of the inner child, that hurt
aspect, that wounded aspect of your inner self. The root cause of all
problems is hurt.

You don’t know how powerful you are ? and at the same time you don’t
know how gentle and soft the child is; for a child is like a little
antennae for everything that goes on, far beyond what scientist can
measure a child can receive. What that child does with what it is
receiving is two-fold, first of all, if it is being hurt, it closes
down. Second of all, if it is being loved it opens up, just like a
flower would open. The more you love a child the more open that child
is and the safer that child is to receive love and to receive all the
gifts of the universe. One must remember this, for in the new world
children must be looked after and must be cared for and must be love
in order for the new world to be successful.

It is children who will lead the way, it is parents that must hold the
space of safety and love and security ? for once that first 144 000
people or masters walk through into the new world it is up to you that
have not mastered the universe to begin mastering it. You will feel
the emanations from all those around you that have ascended to this
new state of being, for all the masters that will ascend came with
hurt and woundedness in order to understand what was going on on this
earth plain, how to resolve problems on this earth plain, and how to
get people once again or humanity once again to reconnect fully to the
divine, allowing a true divine flow through themselves and into their
material world.

After 2012 love will become the answer to every problem, love is
becoming more and more the answer to all your problems, for love
resolves every problem, and love resolves a problem in a very
different way than the mind and logic and all that you have learned on
this earth so far and the next lessons that are coming in these next
two years are about love and understanding love and about becoming

We spoke earlier in this channelling about the great example, of the
sun, the moon, the stars, the ebb and the flow of the ocean on the sea-
shore; and the moon and its cycles around the earth and the different
planets. You are part of them and they are part of you, we exist on
all dimensions and we will begin to reconnect on all dimensions. Any
forces on this planet that stand in the way of this reconnection will
be gently side-lined and resolved in a loving and caring way. There is
no need or any cause for war or any violent behaviour on this planet;
everything can be resolved with the energy of love.

This was all started some time ago and it is for each individual to
open to the energies of love and to know that every time that there
has been a divine society on this earth that it has been destroyed; it
has been broken, people have become hurt. This time this will not
happen, this time you have all the technology, the Internet, to share
and communicate with others just how you found love, how love found
you and what love does for you.

Love will heal your aching joints, it will heal your difficult
relationships; love will put money in your pockets, love will make
life and loving just the way it’s meant to be.

In order to receive love you have to become strong in a way that your
energy stays soft and receptive, love is a very fine and high
vibration and love needs to be guided and needs to be channelled in
such a way that it works for you. There is an order and sequence in
the way in which love flows and there is an order and a sequence in
things that must be healed, that sequence is not usually explained and
the most important thing is to do the thing that you would probably
hate to do the most.

If you had a father who was abusive, that is to begin to heal the
father. That is the first thing you need to do. Do not do this in the
outside world. Don’t think you can go to your father and change your
father, you change your father on your inner plains, and you recreate
a loving caring father. When you are children your parents are your
gods, there is a direct connection from you to your parents and you
are becoming exactly like your parents, this is the mirror.

The mirror means your emotional state on the inside and you will
reflect your mother and your father, just as your mother and father
reflected their parents. And so it goes on and on and on until the
very beginning of time, through all your ancestors and your past
lives. This is why it is so important to allow the love to flow
wherever it needs to flow.

In this world the fathers are being deeply hurt and in many cases the
energies are very shut down and closed. In the male world it is
competitive, where men stand out, isolated in their jobs and in their
lives; they are not like woman who bond together, who can discuss
their problems easily together. And once the men begin to recognize
that their inner work is with their fathers they will recreate that
bond with their fathers. If there is no bond with their father then
there is no bond with the divine. When they rebuild and recreate that
bond that is the energy that will make the heart plain shift?when the
men see how beautiful life is, when they have a beautiful inner father
and the energies of the beautiful inner father flow through them.

Everything is a mirror. If a man had no father, even though he has
children, then he will also be absent from his children’s lives. So
this bond is very, very important to heal. Both in men and in women
for the great shifts of this planet will come when the men begin to
heal their relationships with their fathers. They will open up to
create a great divine connection and that will create much love and
much flow into their wives and their families and into their
relationships with other men, connecting them with more and more
aspects of themselves.

The new world is coming dear ones and the ladies have done their work;
they have done much, much inner work and now in these next two years
it comes the opportunity for the men to do their work, to heal the
wounds with their fathers, and to connect fully to father-sky; and as
they heal their wounds with their fathers, their mothers will once
again be able to flow into the feminine and into the softness and into
the gentleness. This is by choice of course, and men will become men
and women will become women. How you define that is up to humanity,
how you define your families is up to humanity.

There will no longer be a competitive world constructed around the
energies of love; there will be a more social world. Don’t be afraid
of the word socialistic, it will be Spiritual, there is enough on this
planet for everybody, in fact there is far more than enough, food,
energy, whatever anybody needs, on this planet. There is a world of
plenty, and the world of plenty will only come when you take off the
lid of the energy of control, and release control and allow your
farmlands to flourish in an integral way; in alignment with the
universe and the divine.

As you become more and more connected to Father-Sky and Mother-Earth
and you become that magical being that walks that magical path between
heaven and earth, you will know instinctively how to plant your crops,
and how to make the things that you want to make. Your life will
become more pleasant, loving and carefree. Most of all you will feel
absolutely safe, absolutely secure and absolutely at one with the
universe. You will feel a wonderful synchronicity.

Allow the energy of this room to move higher and higher to the
energies of 2012. In the next few channellings this is what we are
going to do, it is to lift the vibration of the room and let you feel
what the new world feels like. Some will get picture and some will get
feelings of what life is like in 2012; and, change is never easy,
there is always fear standing in the way.

This night dear ones, Kryon will hold the energy of your fears, and
allow the new energy of this new world to come into this room and
allow you to feel the love, the joy, the freedom that you can begin to
expect on your journey to 2012 and beyond into the new world. The new
world is of your own choosing, you will choose how the sea and the
oceans look, you will choose how the weather looks, many, many things
could change, but just allow the energy to rise higher and higher and
give permission for Kryon to hold your energies, your energies of
fear, and the negative energies that hold this earth plain; and the
duality and the fear that it lives in you, for the duality will
initially stay, the duality will result in an understanding of each
other, men will understand women and women will understand men. You
will be comfortable with each other, you won’t blame each other, and
you will accept each other.

You will find your twin flames here on this earth and you will create
a world with your twin flame; your twin flame is that part of you that
left the divine at the beginning of time, it is the opposite aspect of
your energy and you will become healed enough to live in love and
peace with your twin flame, with that part of you that you belong
with. This takes inner work and you are being supported by the
planets, by the energies that flow between the planets, by Spirit, and
you are being supported through your guidance and through every way
that we in Spirit world can support you.

We put an umbrella of love around you and we ask that you spend time
alone, allowing your body and your energies to reorganize themselves.
Allow yourself to be soft and gentle. Take away the energy of
suppression, for suppression prolongs your agony, if you release the
energy of suppression and allow different aspects of your inner self
to have a voice and let them say whatever it is they want to say, this
is an aspect of healing. These inner parts will release their
energies, their tensions, and you will become softer and softer,
gentler and much more secure.

The energy in the room is around 80% of what it will be in 2012, so
once again allow the energies to go higher and higher and higher, and
observe your feelings in your body and let the feelings come and let
the feelings go, and whatever you are thinking it is absolutely
appropriate in this energy. Let your thoughts come and let them go. In
the new world everything will flow. There will be a new state of being
where there is a genuine flow to your life, where you feel a deep,
deep connectedness to Father-Sky and to Mother-Earth. Be in your
feelings. Let them come and let them go. Whatever you feel; you can
let it come and let it go. Your feelings are also a gateway to the new
world, when you are not feeling love, there is always an aspect of the
inner child in the middle of that feeling.

Tonight we have a special dispensation to allow these inner children
living within your feelings to be healed, and your whole family
constellation to be healed. So whatever you are feeling that is not
love... let it come and let it go... let it come and go... allowing
the energies to go higher and higher and higher. Be in the energies.
You are between 88% and 95% now. Let these feelings come and go; and
once again give Kryon permission to hold your feelings as you go
higher and higher into the new energies. Allow the love to flow.

The higher the energy flows the more love that flows through you and
you will feel a form of ecstasy and connectedness. We ask that your
body remembers this connectedness and this ecstasy. This ecstasy
allows you to connect deep into Mother-Earth, and higher and higher to
Father-Sky... and releases what stops this connection. Allow the new
world to come… the new world is coming... it is on its way. And in
your mind's eye just observe what the new world is like... and feel
what the new world is like... and let the feelings come and go. What
is not the new world... let the feelings come and let the feelings go.
What you can acknowledge that you can let go of... let go of it.

Observe what your life looks like. We’re up about 97% of what the new
energy will be. In your mind's eye just observe how the world will be,
how your world will be. Feel how you're feeling. And now you’re
roughly around 100% of the energy of 2012; just as the first 144 000
people are moving through into the new world and the new energies are
beginning to flow from the universe. Be in that feeling and observe
the feelings... ask your body to remember this feeling and just know
that this feeling is a safe place to be. Know that it’s ok to be in
this energy... and allow the love to flow.

So dear ones, this is Kryon signing out, thank you all, go well. God
bless and take care. Thank you.

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