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The Vastness of Being

The Vastness of Being

Forgive yourselves for your mistakes, for you as a human species carry wounds that are deep within the genetic makeup of your physicality. Many of you are star beings who have travelled throughout the galaxies of the vast ocean of creation. You have chosen to incarnate on Earth through time - you have come here to work within this system of reality to assist in healing the separation of Humanity from Creation. You are not and never have been separate and you are all One connected by lines of light through which Divine Energy of the Creator flows. These light lines form sacred geometries within the many dimensions that exist in this physical experience on Earth.

Earth has been seeded by many beings from other star systems. For many who read these words your Souls began on other planets in other star systems throughout this Milky Way galaxy and other neighboring galaxies. Your Soul and consciousness is very vast and you chose to incarnate here knowing you would forget who you are at a multidimensional level. This is why we cherish and deeply respect you - for you are brave beyond measure for diving into the ocean of consciousness and joining the dance of life on Earth. You are awakening to the wisdom of who you truly are at this time.

By the nature of being in a human body, you have inherited the genetic memory of all of humanity. You each have a lineage of ancestors that goes deeply into the Earth, through bloodlines that travel through "time." This genetic history contains the deep wounding of humanity. For the last 20 or more years, you have been working on healing the wounds of yourselves and your ancestors. We ask that you be kind to yourselves and practice forgiveness when the wounds rise within you for clearing. It is vital at this time that you clear the emotional wounds that have been held in your energy fields. The wounds that come up for healing and clearing run like a river through your ancestral lineage, so when you clear something, it flows through the river into the "past." You clear other lifetimes your soul is expressing in and you clear your ancestral heritage, so you are actually changing the past and this is how a new world is created.

This is a time when humanity is realizing the truth about their origins on a soul level. This cannot be denied any longer. This is your birthright. You are awakening and growing into a new strength and you are stepping up to claim your empowerment and live your authenticity.

And now you are being called to go deeply into the nature of your being and align yourselves with the nature of Earth. It is essential to continue clearing energy patterns that limit your full expression and authenticity at the Soul level so that you can live in the center of your authentic self with clarity and knowing who you are when the consciousness shift occurs.

The Great Teacher

You have been manipulated through false belief systems that were put in place thousands of years ago by beings who did not - and do not - have the good of humanity as their primary focus. We call these beings the Great Teacher. They have manipulated you through religion and through fear and survival issues. The words and actions of Master Teachers, such as Jesus and Mohammed, may peace be upon them, who came to this realm to plant seeds of humanity's true nature were twisted and manipulated by those who wanted to enslave and control humans. Their teachings were corrupted into separation and judgment of others. The false beliefs that resulted create fear, separation, hatred, hopelessness, self-hatred, guilt and doubt and the energy that is produced from these feelings is food for the Great Teacher. This is a long story which we will speak of in small doses.

You have been manipulated by the Great Teacher to fear your nature as humans. Many have been raised on a steady diet of criticism that has led you to feel unworthy of love of the Creator. Humans have been taught that they are separate from each other and the Creator and yet the truth is that you are Spirit, you are the Creators. You are Divine Source - this energy flows through you all, so you are One. This energy is consciousness. You are very powerful creators and when this power of creation flows through false beliefs, you create that which causes fear, the food for the manipulators. You see, the Great Teacher has used your power of creation against you. But a light has been growing within the consciousness of humans for many years and it is constantly increasing.

As we tune in to humanity and open our energies to observe what is happening on this planet we see the plume of oil that is flowing like a volcano into the sacred waters. Does humanity want to make this planet uninhabitable for themselves? It would seem so when you observe the actions of those who behave as if the Earth is not alive, plunging into her being and tapping into the energies in the telluric (2D) realm. What if we tell you this is being done on purpose?

What if we tell you there have been beings on this planet since the time of Atlantis who have intended to take over and change the dynamics of life on planet Earth? We have called this dark force the Great Teacher so you do not feel yourselves to be victims. This force has come to inhabit human bodies just as you star children have. This Great Teacher has been instrumental in turning Humanity away from their true nature.

The teaching in this is that Humans come into loving themselves and then they will discover their true nature and their power of creation. We know you are all working on this and offer our love and support.

Humans are deeply connected to the Earth herself through the blood - the iron in human blood resonates magnetically with the iron core of the Earth. The elements in the Telluric realm - the inner Earth - elements such as conscious biology is also in the blood of humans. You have the elements of earth (iron), water, fire and air in the biology of your physical bodies, as well as your energy bodies - emotional, mental and spiritual. There is an electromagnetic resonance within your physical body and within the Earth that you can tap into any time, which is why we say it is important to be with nature - even if you live in a city, there are trees and parks for you to find that connection.

As you love yourselves and open your hearts, you will be able to connect your Nature to the Nature of the Earth - reawakening your kinship with the elementals and with the non-physical consciousness of earth called the "Aluna." Most of Humanity has become disconnected from the Earth and from their true nature and creative power and this has been poisoning Humanity. Why do you think there is widespread depression and escaping from Self through drugs, alcohol, food, sex, violence, television? This disconnection has broken the hearts of humans. But a broken heart can be repaired by the golden elixir of love.

So you are being called at this time to love yourselves into right relationship with your self, your Earth Home and with each other.

Now is the time to take back your home

Humans belong on Earth. So when you think of the oil volcano, do not think with anger and hatred towards Humanity. No, instead begin to consider who you think Humans are. We have so much love for Humanity. We see humans as those who love to love and play. They love the sensuality of the taste of food, they love to be with the ones they love, they love to create, to laugh, to make music, to dance, to create beauty in all forms. And this is done through the heart. If you gather up human beings from all the countries of the world, you will find they share the same simple desires, a love of their children, of the Earth, good food, music and the creative force. These are the elements of the Garden of Eden. For you, this is Home. Consider what this would feel like. Fantasize about the Garden of Eden and how it would be to live there. Creative visualization is how you create your world.

Many people want to know what they can do to heal the oil volcano. We say first to love yourselves, celebrate the delightful aspects of being human. Find love for the real humanity and pray for healing by opening into what it would feel like to live in the Garden. Communicate with the Earth, send her love. In meditation surround the oil in the waters with love-light, see it going deep into the Earth, creating an orb of light all around the oil and into the Earth. See the reverse of the flow sucking the oil back into the Earth. Ask the oil to retreat, see the hole being filled with golden light - like packing a wound with light. Allow the high vibration of love to flow out to those who are linked to the actual physical responsibility of the creation of this breach in the Earth's body. The Great Teacher is lurking there. The Great Teacher does not thrive in the vibration of love. Love will cause an alignment within the hearts and souls of those who do not see the Earth as alive, so an awakening is possible, causing the Great Teacher to retreat. And remember to radiate love in all the moments of your days.

We have so much to speak on and will continue our communication in another moment in time. We say for now, remember who you are. You are the Loved Ones.

Blessed Be. . .
The Vastness of Being

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