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Spiritual Telepathy is Key in Navigating Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

Spiritual Telepathy is Key in Navigating Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness
DL Zeta

Navigating the fifth dimension requires a high level of awareness that
paves the way for constant telepathic communication with your higher
self. This spiritual telepathy is created by setting the intention to
align with your higher self. As you harmonize with this high-vibrational
aspect of your being, you begin to receive frequent information
downloads and guidance.

At first, you may not understand all that’s being downloaded into your
consciousness. Becoming adept at translating intuitive downloads is like
learning to speak a new language. In the beginning, you may only
understand a few words, but as you persist in immersing yourself in the
new language, it becomes easier to understand. Over time, you become
increasingly fluent. As you flood your mind and consciousness with
information contained in spiritual downloads, you naturally magnetize
further downloads. In time, becoming fluent in the language of your soul
allows you to develop a telepathic connection with your higher self. As
soon as you formulate a question in your mind, the answer is downloaded
into your consciousness.

The Nature of Spiritual Downloads

Receiving downloads of knowledge and information is nothing new. Answers
to your questions have always arrived the second you formulated a
question. In the past, it may have seemed some answers never arrived. In
fact, all the answers arrived the second you asked them, but you were
not always able to receive them. This often has to do with levels of

As we have said, lack of skill in translating spiritual information is
one reason some answers are not received. But receptivity plays an
equally important role in understanding spiritual guidance. If a
download arrives in a moment when you are less receptive, you may not be
aware it has arrived. These less receptive periods may occur during
times of stress, physical illness, exhaustion, emotional upheaval or
extreme absorption into physical reality. A busy and chaotic mind is
generally not a good "receiver" whereas a still and peaceful mind is an
excellent receiver. You will likely move between these states during
your day, but keep in mind that when you are seeking answers, it’s best
to enter a peaceful state to receive them.

Optimal Receiving States

Optimal receiving times are moments when your mind is still, as during
meditation, quiet contemplation and reflection; during times when you
surrender and reach out for answers beyond your conscious understanding;
during times when your health, vitality and life force energy are
flowing and your body has a balanced (7.5) PH; during times when your
heart and mind are open, when you are experiencing unconditional love,
when you are experiencing gratitude, joy, absorbed in creativity and
following your spiritual purpose. Focusing your mind through
concentration is another technique, as is walking in nature or spending
time near water. Even a shower can enhance your receptive ability.

If, after working with these techniques, you still have difficulty
receiving guidance, examine if some part of you has reservations. These
may be younger parts of yourself that need help understanding and
embracing "unseen" dimensions of your existence. Sometimes you
intuitively sense that an answer, if fully received, would trigger
quantum changes in your present existence. You may draw back, feeling
you aren't ready for such sweeping change. As the earthly manifestation
of your higher self, you’re able to work with aspects of yourself that
exist at all levels to bring about needed healing and understanding. As
conductor of your orchestra of selves, you’re able to harmonize your
consciousness to bring the laser focus needed to breathe life into your
highest dreams and visions.

Your Etheric Escrow Account

There is no need for concern that you have missed important downloads of
information in the past. Answers remain in an etheric "escrow" account,
still waiting to be accessed and reviewed. This is why those who undergo
spiritual openings suddenly find their consciousness flooded with a
backlog of unopened etheric mail.

Developing Spiritual Telepathy

In a rapidly evolving world, the only reliable way to navigate is
through spiritual telepathy. In this New Time, you will encounter many
new energies, ideas and challenges. The best way to navigate these
scenarios is by maintaining constant, direct telepathy with your higher
self. Your higher self and its repertoire of "past" and "future" life
selves contains the vast wealth of knowledge and spiritual understanding
your soul has cultivated throughout time. Each time you encounter a new
situation, you're able to formulate a question and receive immediate
answers from your higher self. Once you receive this information, you
can fashion it into the tools needed to navigate whatever is before you
in your present moment. Spiritual telepathy allows you to meet each new
situation in your life with the enthusiasm and confidence needed to
transform it into the golden opportunities and spiritual signposts that
enlighten your spiritual path and allow greater access to
fifth-dimensional energies.

We offer here some steps to developing spiritual telepathy.

1) Write down and interpret your dreams every morning. Dreams are
messages from your higher self that provide you with important
information for your day.

2) Interpret your waking dream. Just as you translate dream symbols, you
can translate the symbols of your waking "dream." Everything that
happens in your physical reality is pointing the way to deeper spiritual

3) Follow your highest vision. Record the images that arrive in your
conscious mind and see how you can put them to use in your life.

4) Write your spiritual autobiography and examine the symbols of each
occurrence, especially those you still hold energy around. By seeing how
a situation was helping you grow, you’re able to receive the gifts it
offered and expand your understanding.

5) Eat a light and healthy diet that helps heal and clear old energies
in your physical system. Detoxing at the physical level triggers healing
at all levels. Clearing up the energy in your environment is another
form of healing. Examine to see if there is any dead energy in your
environment and release everything that no longer serves your highest good.

6) Practice silence and meditation. Set aside time each day when you can
slow down, breathe and reflect. This helps you cultivate inner peace and
the stillness of mind that is crucial to receiving spiritual guidance.

7) Practice Q and A's with your higher self. By writing down questions
and using techniques such as automatic writing to receive answers, you
strengthen your skill at communicating with your higher self. One of the
keys to developing spiritual telepathy is learning to formulate
questions that bring the information you need within the moment.
Formulating questions requires clear seeing, intuition and discernment.
Cultivate these skills to help you know what questions to ask. Questions
are the gatekeepers to receiving spiritual insight with impeccable timing.

8) Open to the possibility of cultivating advanced techniques for
receiving spiritual guidance such as channeling. Conscious channeling is
a skill you can practice by opening your consciousness, entering a light
trance and allowing your guides, angels, higher self and other
high-vibrational beings to speak through you. To free your conscious
mind from the need to remember what is said, you can speak the answers
into a tape recorder.

9) Study self-hypnosis and learn to put yourself into a light trance
where answers freely from flow into your consciousness. As you become
skilled at entering a trance, you can slip in and out of this state
throughout your day. This "soft focus" state allows you to download
messages from your "etheric email" account. The equivalent of this in
your physical world is downloading your e-mail from a server. In this
case the "server" is your subconscious mind which receives the
information from your higher self.

10) Practice relaxation and other techniques such as yoga and t'ai chi
that help you coordinate and harmonize body, mind and spirit. This
allows you to function in the state of oneness needed to navigate the
fifth dimension.

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing
Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
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