Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts on Healing

Thoughts on Healing
by Jean Warner
June 2010

Your body was designed to heal itself, but you no longer have that knowledge, so you may have no faith in the healing process. As you progress into higher frequencies, your strands of DNA will become reconnected and the knowledge you have lost during the dark ages on Earth will be returned. So you might say that the secret of healing depends upon your vibrational frequency. When you are in a higher frequency the healing will be automatic. The reconnection will be established when you display a strong desire to acknowledge the oneness of all. A rise in frequency happens with your realization that all living things are connected to each other and to the God Force through the sacred heart. You know this intellectually. But you must know it within your being. You must feel it in your cells.

When you learn to center your thoughts in your heart where there is total love, you will re-establish that oneness with all, for love is the basis for the reconnection with God and every living thing. When you know only love for all mankind, for Mother Earth, and for all life, your body will heal itself. You will then have the power to bring others into a state of love, if that is their desire. Step number one is to desire to reconnect with All That Is. First you must feel the love enfolding you before you can enmesh with it. Once you allow yourself to be enfolded in love, you will be able to transmit love to those around you.

First you must learn to love yourself. Your so-called separation from God came out of feelings of guilt which developed into self-destructive attitudes of unworthiness. Know that any acts based on resentments in the past are not a part of your present. Your present lies in the now. Each moment is an opportunity to start over, to be the person you want to be. You can carry your regrets with you, or you can start anew and leave them behind. See yourself only as you are in this moment in time. If you feel that in the past you were not the person you would like to have been, just acknowledge that you did the best you could at the level of awareness you had at that time and let it go. Would you hold an adult responsible for every unkind thought or deed he did when a child? Know that when you are more mature you are not accountable for anything you did or said when you were "small", or in a lower state of consciousness and understanding. Honor yourself for being able to see things on a different level now.

So release all memories of the past that do not serve you. Forgive yourself, if you must, but know that there is nothing to forgive. Let go of any resentments you might be carrying regarding others. Take that weight off your back and set them free, for all your negative thoughts regarding others affect them as well as yourself. Keep your thoughts on the new world that awaits you. Laugh a lot, smile a lot, and see the good in every situation, past or present. Be at peace, and you will become whole.

When you have difficulty following these practices, call upon your angels, ascended masters, or whatever beings of the higher realms you resonate with. They will be happy to help you. They may be limited in what they can do for you physically, as your growth expands each time you overcome a challenge and they would not take that opportunity from you if it were in your life plan and soul's desire. But they can give you support in many ways. If you ask for healing and it does not take place, ask yourself what you need to learn from your infirmity. In selecting your life plan, you may have desired to go through such an experience for reasons that would strengthen your growth or for the growth of others who are involved in your life.

Be aware, though, that when your thoughts are constantly focused on healing or healing techniques and remedies, they are actually focused on illness. Let your mind focus on the beauty and wonders around you. This does not mean you should neglect the practical guides for achieving and maintaining good health and the necessary remedies or adjustments when needed, but don't allow yourself to let these thoughts be foremost in your mind. See your life as a glorious adventure and revel in the wonder of it all.

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