Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Archangel Michael: the Energy of 2011 and Ascension

Archangel Michael: the Energy of 2011 and Ascension
Channeled by Marcia McMahon, M.A.

My beloveds, it is I Archangel Michael. The Year of 2011, on this auspicious day of 1/11/11 is an opening to Galactic center for many of you on the ascension wave.

As you know there isn't much time left before the closing of an era- and the opening of the New Earth in all her splendor. So I bid you beloveds to cleanse, heal and recover from any and all earth wounding that you have experienced either in this lifetime or past lifetimes. And I recommend my channel as an excellent source of help in that endeavor; for she has passed her tests and stands ready to serve the light in her regression work. But also many of you my beloveds face so many challenges with new work, new career and the desire after so many lifetimes to finally manifest your dreams. And 2011 is a year of dreams come true for all of you who do aspire to serve the race and help mankind.

There will be more powerful earth changes this year in the way of the Earthquakes, tsunami's and other changes occurring as we speak. Step forward to serve your brothers and sisters in the light; and stand your ground for them. When someone is in need step up and give your time, your talent or your money. Do not look away from the needs of humanity as the hour grows near where all will feel the accounting of their deeds, on that Great Day of the Sun. The Great day of the New Sun Day approaches and it will be a reckoning unlike anything ever witnessed.

You will stand with all humanity and watch as the earth herself ascends into the fourth dimension, and you will be judged by your own thoughts words and deeds at his moment in time. While some in fundamentalist circles describe this as a final judgment; you will feel no judgment except that of your higher self-experiencing everything just as it occurred from a multi-dimensional viewpoint.

If this seems frightening to you remember that you at a soul level elected to be here at this most auspicious time to reconnect with all past lifetimes and all deeds, all thoughts, and face them, forgive them, and bear whiteness to the truth you have all lived. And when you know and understand that Love is the final determiner you will all rejoice at this moment, and from there move into the refined energies of the New Earth where all will live in grandeur, splendor and light.

It is a New World and New Earth awaiting you for those who hold fast to my teaching and my sword of truth.

Fear not my beloveds but be strong as I take your hand into the New World.

You have crossed many boarders before and now you are graduating from a difficult journey and being rewarded with a paradise earth.

I leave you in peace to contemplate my words. Enjoy the year 2011 and give to others as best you can . . . heal your past, make amends and find inner peace.

I am ever at your side when you call. I leave you in peace,
Archangel Michael.

About Marcia McMahon, M.A.

Marcia is an accomplished artist, channel and voice for Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters, including Princess Diana. She has published two books the latest being "With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts." She offers readings with Archangel Michael for personal growth, as well as sessions in hypnosis. Readings are on sale now through March 1 for the new year. Reach her at marciadi2002@yahoo.com and visit her sites. * www.dianaspeakstotheworld.com * www.enlightenedhypnosis.netii.net *