Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: January 9-16, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: January 9-16, 2011
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,

Many of you are stepping into your new roles as the Light Emissaries upon the Earth. This is a great responsibility and requires that One has total self mastery on all levels of Being. You are beginning to realize the power that you hold within yourselves, that you have the power to heal or the power to hurt with just a few words. There can be only one choice as you progress and that is to choose the way of Love. Do you see now that wielding power is not for the faint of heart, that true power requires constant self discipline at all times, thus the need for the immense testing that each of you has been going through.

As you continue to experience the power of kundalini rising within you, you are learning about the ways and means of balance. The most important element of this is to ground your energies into the Earth each day and sometimes more often in order to maintain balance and equilibrium. This is a time when your Higher Self is slowly coming into your lower bodies and 'testing' the waters, so to speak. If your Higher Self came in all at once, it would most likely burn your circuits very quickly, and so great care is being taken to acclimatize your physical vehicles to the higher energies to make this process more filled with grace and ease. Your Higher Self is a Being of Immense Power.

There will continue to be great changes taking place in each and every one of you, Dear Ones, and you will find yourselves shunning and avoiding any lower energies that manifest within your fields until you have mastered the art of shielding yourselves from the energies of others. This is a difficult lesson to learn as you go about your daily lives, for you usually have interactions with many people throughout your day. It is important to start your day clearing and connecting to your own energy so that you can recognize when you start to take on someone else's. The Tube of Light decree and intention at the start of each day is very helpful to set up a radiant field of protective Light to help with this possible occurrence. This can be found on the Scribe's website on the "Decrees" page.

The mind is very busy and talks non-stop and so it is time to learn how to detach and disengage from the constant barrage of 'ego talk.' What might be helpful is to distract yourselves with something else each time this happens in order to train yourselves to substitute life enhancing thoughts for every thought of worry and anxiety that bombards you. If you can make this a new habit, you will soon find yourselves in control and able to choose your thoughts in the direction of your true goals and spiritual progress. This practice alone will free up so much energy within you that you will be amazed and you will also feel so much freer in your physical bodies.

The more you walk upon your Path of Light, Beloved Ones, the narrower it becomes in terms of leaving behind earthly pleasures and concerns and you will find yourselves easily choosing to say no to habits and patterns of thought and action that will become undesirable to you in your more Light filled state. You may even find yourselves composing poems of great joy, perception and beauty to take the place of the former thoughts that consumed your every waking moments and the habits that kept you from feeling fully alive in your physical body and World. The more the denseness is transmuted, and the poisons removed from your cells, the more aliveness you will experience. The rewards are great for those who continue to persevere upon their Path and the feeling of joy will become a constant companion.

Walking this Path is not easy, we know, since we also once walked as you walk, that is why we have chosen to stay close to the Earth in order to be of service in this most amazing of times. Remember to call upon us, just choose one of the Ascended Masters or Lady Masters with whom you resonate and call upon them. We are here to help, guide and lead you into the new Golden Age. We just love to be called!

Until next week..

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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