Monday, January 3, 2011

Be The Lights Unto The World!

Be The Lights Unto The World!
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
December 31. 2010

Greetings Dear Ones, thrilled we are that you take time out to make these conscious contacts with us again, thank you for this honour! Times are rapidly changing as you are most aware, and to maintain balance in all that you do is quite a difficult task in these climes. Never the less, satisfactory balance have you indeed celebrated for you have found this time and space in furtherance of communication with us, your soul family at last. We are pleased that this opportunity has been honoured and relevant effort and time duly afforded,

You, and all, are feeling it quite 'impossible' to seemingly satisfactorily deal with all of your insistent variant energies that are to be accepted as part of the deal or package in these ever moving times. There is so much that is being levelled on the planet at these now times and the need for compliance with your inner voice is the priority for these moments of frustration and even despond that you at times are feeling. We say to you, that these times shall not last, and we are also aware that words at times are of little or no seeming comfort. We can only but suggest as ever always that when you are feeling down or at disarray then do call our names, our energies for our help, and we shall do all that we are able to help and assist you - call us - you need to do that first so that universal protocol is not besmirched and free will and true spiritual law is duly observed.

All these things are you well aware of, but at times the reiteration of some simply truths need animating once again, it is right so to do! We are ever in touch as the call is sent out.This mode of expression and expansion is indeed something that has not been realised in this manner before, and therefore is unique and also an UNKNOWN factor where no similarities can be compared. You are indeed the trail blazers and these are not words of indifference or of false applaud, they are indeed factual and we are amazed at your prowess and faith that at times are well stretched and tested.You have still stayed the course and it is commendable to observe from our vantage point in the stars, so to speak! Your missions are working truly wondrous results..believe it!

Problems of 'intensive mental dissertations' are over expressed and dwelt upon and seemingly does all become way out of proportion as this pattern is allowed to continue and fester so to speak. It lowers ones energy levels and affords only a false and downward outlook on any situation or new possibility. Taking a few deep breaths drawing down the golden white light and invoking the blue power ray into assistance will 'protect' and animate you, and with the violet flame swirling up thro' you, dispelling all that is not of/in highest good, and releasing all into the higher ethers for transmuting. At times is it maybe too hard to make this simple exercise, but we do suggest that you continue 'faking it until you make it,' so to speak! 'Keep on keeping on' are those simple words of eternal wisdom, for eventually the illusive place of peace and repose will so surely be retrieved and joyfully realised. It surely will. It is so!

A new year stretching out before you and new opportunities in abundance, all readied and raring to go as the brake is taken off to the roller coaster ride and the journey recommences into 2011 with an abundance of surprises and tests to unravel and many Christ-mass new realisations maybe to take on board also for your own enlightenment.Year 2011 is indeed a challenging year for all that you have decided is right to hold fast to will have a need to stand the test of time, purpose and due effort, for time continues to hasten and 'visual time' is still collapsing in on itself.Time waits for no man / woman and you as the army of light beings that walk daily the beloved planet, are way-showers and veritable lifesavers as your channeled energies from on high, stream out to everyone blessing and caressing, loving and consoling, touching all with a magical potion of pure unconditional love, the light you emit is immeasurable.

You start this new year in fine fettle, whether you accept this or DO! With the many layers of expansive light energies of multi purpose origins yet with highest divine mutual intent, there is truly an abundance of energies that are queuing up to make themselves known and are of substantial benefit for the planet and all thereon. A little at a time as opposed to a wanton deluge as you upon planet are sampling and pre-testing these pending inputs, affording the requisite balance to be injected and shared globally, yet also universally. Much to be realised, many changing scenario's but as ever only the highest good for one and all and for Mother Gaia in her wisdom, nurturing those parts of her earth body in tune with the harmonic heartbeat of the Universal mind. The scales of justice and universal balance are being weighted, readying for further animated input of purest crystal energies that bless all and everything.

So beloved light beings, hold sure your bounty and your inner strength as you greet and welcome whole heartedly the abundance of opportunities that you are blessed with in this new year of 2011. You are commended many fold by those in lighter realms and by Ultimate Being Itself, so again simply be your wondrous lighted beings that have balanced and held the light quotient on the beloved planet,with Lady Gaia and her consorts. BE THE LIGHTS UNTO THE WORLD, tarry awhile longer for your wondrous efforts are moving mountains. Go forth and once again multiply, for the seeds that you carry shine from the souls of recognition and of pure loving divine intent. Go forth, ignite the spark in all others and watch them multiply. Be the lights unto the world! Shalom..

Selemat Ja

(c)Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. Please Copy and share affording credit to the source. * * Life is to be lived and savoured, not feared and laboured. *