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Archangel Michael:Crystalline Blessings & the Divine Timeline of One

Archangel Michael:Crystalline Blessings & the Divine Timeline of One
Transmitted Through Elanthra
17 January * 2011

The Benevolent Year of the Rabbit:

Greetings Divine Masters and Wayshowers ~

It is I, Archangel Michael, and I have come in today firstly to bid you a New Year ahead blessed with Benevolence, Magic, Great Fortune and Abundance. 2011, The Year of the Rabbit has lightly ushered in, and promises to be one filled with many fortunate opportunities. The Rabbit has the ability to maneuver ahead and leap forward towards it's Optimistic Vision of the Future during these momentous, opportune times. As much has been released and transmuted, many of you may have noticed how joyously the energies of this novel year have flown in. We invite you all to Delve Into, Embrace and Become One With these Divine Moments, for more than you have fathomed awaits you.

Lately, there has been much activity in the Etheric Light Realms, and I would like you to know that all is in Divine Timing with The Mind and Divine Consciousness of One.

The Past, Present and Future Timelines Coalesce:

Today we offer you this Divine Vision, and picture if you will:

The Sacred Funnel/Tunnel has been unwound, as It Is Time. The ancient energies have been unleashed ~ re-leased and emit their Rhythmic Dance in Sacred Flow. The Keyhole of Time invites one to look through the 'Peephole of Time,' and One and All are invited to partake and savor in the myriad of wonders. Timelines of the Past, Present and Future have engaged each other in 'Ancient Ties' and Coalesce In Divine Adjoinment. The Crystalline energies manifest as Rolling Waves that have been 'Scooped Up' and Deposited through the parted Tree of Life, with the destination Be ~ ing The New Earth. This has indeed manifested in Waves of Unconditional Love ~ Delicate ~ Pure ~ Joyous ~ Magnanimously Free-Flowing and True.

The New Earth has made way for all that is ancient, present and of the future to Be As One, and the space has been made manifest here on this Earth for this essence. What you will then find is that Synchronicity, Serendipity and Abundance will be made manifest that much quicker, and that Dreams, Imagination and Visions will be that much More Vivid and Magical.

Many a hidden truth will be unveiled, truths that have long been cloaked in secrecy and hidden. The Mass Consciousness of One is now poised in Readiness of many wonders yet to come.

The Gift of The Golden Globe from The Council of 12:

Dear Golden Hearts ~

The Council of 12 would like to come forth at this point in time with a Culmination Of Crystalline Energies in a Gifted 'Golden Globe.' One can know that this Golden Globe can be held and received by your simple request and calling to The Council of 12. What one can then expect is a feeling of Peace, Joy, Comfort, Enlightenment and Protection as One is enveloped in even more Crystalline Light. Know that each and every one of you that calls on and receives this Light will be given their own unique instructions on how to hold it and acquire it. It is not only important that you BE-LIEVE, but also that you Know That It So.

Arrival of the Benevolent Crystalline Sprinkles:

I Archangel Michael am ecstatic to relay and call your attention to the 'Benevolent Crystalline Sprinkles' that have manifested. Picture if you will Clear, Shimmering, Radiant Crystalline Sprinkles that have been released from the Higher Dimensions, that can be likened to Fairy Dust. Know that these Divine Sprinkles will be as Divine Blessings raining down on One and All and the New Earth. If one thinks of or visualizes these, one can know that they are indeed real and very much filled with Magic. With the arrival of these Sacred Crystalline Blessings, in conjunction with The Year of the Rabbit, there is nothing that one cannot experience, such as Transmutation, Abundance and Serendipity - Sacred Love, Lightness of Heart, Magic and Great Fortune. All is yours to experience through this magnificent year ahead. Know that simple wonders await you, all for the beckoning. This is indeed a Fifth and Sixth Dimensional manifestation swirling down to enmesh and coalesce with an array of Divine Timelines.

Picture Crystalline Sparkled Droplets enveloping yourself and your home, and expand it further to envelop the minds and hearts of governmental offices, hospitals, churches, children, schools, all of nature and The Whole Of The New Crystalline Earth.

A New Level of 'Awakening and Awareness' and 'Flow Into Golden-hearted Love' has arrived, and we would have you know that This Will Be The Way Of The Future. Many will look to you for your Open Hearts in the days ahead, and you will be the Examples Unto The New Timeline ~ Wayshowers, Teachers ~ Pioneers and Healers unto the New Day. We invite you today to Walk with Courage and Affirm All That YOU ARE.

The 'Optimistic Vision' has been set for the Future, even as 'The Seal' emerges from 'The River of Life,' symbolizing 'Ancient Anchorings, Adaptation, and One's Ability To Roll with the Punches.' And as The Globe of Light's waves roll through, I would have you know that the New Earth will be Sanctified. The World Is Your Oyster. What do you desire?

I leave you with these truths today, and know that I AM ever with you, and that my undying love pours out to you, as always. Many wondrous and exciting, magical times await you just ahead, and are yours for the plucking. I suggest that you re-member to have fun while you dance along The Golden Path.

Blessed Be. As above so below, and so it is.

I AM, Archangel Michael

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