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Sekhmet On Manifesting YOUR Intentions

Sekhmet On Manifesting YOUR Intentions
Given through Susan Leland
January 4, 2011

Sekhmet, on The Power of I AM, Manifesting Your Intentions and for World-wide Peace**

Well, I'm thrilled to be back. Took a little time out, sipped some water, and got the throat up to absolute maximum capacity, because this is about power, empowering your intentions. We've got this great year, Ashtar calls it 2-0-1-1. Here we are on this fabulous day! Now we know that you can't all see the solar eclipse and the meteor showers. The new moon is pretty obvious Worldwide, although there are some places where the clouds will be somewhat obscuring the place where the moon is not shining anyway.

But let's just review the power that we have here; first of all new moon. Well you all know about starting intentions, or resolutions, but we like the word intentions because it's just an 'I' word that's a lot more powerful. So we're doing intentions for the year 2-0-1-1, and the day of the new moon. Wow, what a great beginning!

Now let's talk about the solar eclipse. You all know that in some parts of the World the solar eclipse is visible and in some parts of the World it's not. That's OK because it's happening, and the energy of that is happening for everyone World-wide and beyond. And what is the solar eclipse anyway? It's fabulous energy for beginnings. Double Wow! And the fact that there was that lovely meteor shower - that's just more light, bright, fabulous energy visible.

You know the energies that are coming in at this particular time on your calendars in Earth time have been so conducive to change. They've been literally shaking everybody up, rooting out some of the old concepts and beliefs, and even dogmas have fallen by the wayside. We particularly like that one, because if you believe that power exists outside of yourself to change your life, to guide you, direct you, or in any way tell you what to do, or what is best for you we should say - oh we know there's rules and regs and laws, and all of that, and we're not suggesting that you step outside of those. You might be getting some ideas for which ones you want to keep, and which ones you don't, because your time to raise your voices about that is coming real soon. But what we want to say here is that it's really important for everybody walking the Planet in human body to know where your seat of power is. It's not outside somewhere. It's not the priest, or the judge. It's within each and every one of you.

Beloved Ones, that's where your power is. That's the power of I AM. And, here come those 'I' words again. Isn't this fun? Everything leads to everything else, and back again. That's why we like spirals so much. You know they spiral around and they come back and then go in and out and in and out, and it's delightful. It's a wonderful way to picture energy and to use energy, and why not? Why wait any longer for somebody else to say, 'Oh, OK you can have enough money so that you don't starve, but you over there, uh uh, you have to starve, because that's the way we're making it happen.

You don't have to do that anymore. It's your intentions, coupled with the partnering with the totality of who you are, which includes your intuitive thought forms, your answers that you get. And when you put those two 'I' words into use within the totality of who you really are, you create miracles the likes of which the World has never seen.

Do you think Sananda in the body of Jesus was the only one who could ever work a miracle on this Planet? Do you think the 144,000 were the only ones that could succeed in accomplishing miracles, or beings such as Gandhi, and Mother Theresa and the Buddha, and all of that. Think again!

Each and every one of you is a creator of miracles. It just depends on what you want to create. And if you've created some things that you consider to be not exactly the way that you want your miracles to turn out to be, then power up, and that's what we're here to do. We're going to power up. We're going to power up each and everyone of us here present on this call, because I've got my arms around each and every one of you - well my paws, but my nails are retracted. I have rather long ones you know, so just consider that my loving arms are around each and everyone of you, and we're all connected. And here we are, and while we're at it let's turn up the Lights shall we?

So you can close your eyes if you want too, and just see beautiful, see that meteor shower in your mind's eye. Just see it. Feel the warmth of those glowing Lights. Feel the awesome beauty of it coming in. Just open up and allow it to come in. You know you can open your fields to allow what you want, that which you see as being higher vibrational energy, absolutely let it in.

Your security fence is for astral plane and lower kinds of energies. All righty we've got that handled. The high vibe energies just pass right on through, because you welcome them. You draw them to you like magnets, because you're putting out high vibe intentions, and you're enabling your intuition to be heard throughout your entire being.

So you've got your act together, so to speak. Now turn up those Lights even more, and just let them come and flood your entire being. Yes, here we are all of us together. The Lights are on high. They are beautiful, beautiful, in our minds' eye, and they are coming gently into our fields, Lights of Empowerment, Lights of Beauty, oh yes, Lights of Joy.

Now hold out your intuitions, your intentions is what we are meaning to say. We're a little bit ahead of ourselves here, we're so excited. Hold out your intentions, written, or thought forms, whatever form or non-form they're in. Hold them out. Let everybody see them And let these Lights shine upon them and illuminate them, because they deserve to be illuminated, because they're your creations, and you have done so well to bring them to this place.

Now breathe in these Lights. Breathe them in, and we shall make a statement, drawn each and every one of us from our intuitions, but I Sekhmet shall give examples softly. Listen to your own intuitions now, statements of empowerment for these beautiful intentions that you all have, that we hold dear and stand with you to share.

Oh yes, the entire company is here, the Mentors, and your Guides, the Angels, the Ascended Ones, the Christed Beings, and all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia as well. And we stand in this great circle of Love and high vibrations and beautiful Lights shining upon you and your beautiful intentions. And now see, coming up the year, coming up in crystalline form, coming up from below your feet, rising up so that you can see it above, and it shines forth 2-0-1-1.

Now create lines of energy, high beautiful lines, silver, gold, platinum and beautiful colors coming from that year that is shining in front of you to your intentions and to you. Yes! And feel the empowerment of these energy lines coming through your entire being and going back again. Now send them back through your intentions to 2-0-1-1. And let this go back and forth while you listen to your intuitions. And allow your intuition to give you words to further empower these beautiful intentions for 2-0-1-1.

This is the year when it all happens, Beloved Ones. Whatever delays have been are gone. Your intentions carry into this year of manifestation, of total creation, of all of the wondrous miracles that you have brought with you. And so to anchor them firmly, and to keep this energy flowing throughout this entire year, we shall empower these intentions to do exactly that. Here are some words. Use them if you choose, or continue to say your own words coming from your own beautiful god, goddess selves, carried, carried to you on the waves of your intuition. Here are the words:

"This is the year 2-0-1-1. All of these intentions are presented to be empowered now in this gathering, that they may truly be manifest in this year of wondrous wonders, in this year of accomplishment of miracles, in this year of true recognition by the entire Planet, willingly or not, that this is the Golden Age, that the Golden Age is the bridge to our Ascension as a Planet. And that all who choose to go, should go upon this path of Ascension, are hereby empowered to do so, and that these intentions are empowered to stay the course to keep all who choose to be upon the Path of Ascension unequivocally and eternally upon that path until the Ascension status is accomplished, and that would be in the following year. And so it is to stay forever upon the Path with these intentions brightly lit, glowing, showing the way, illuminati ng this high road.

And we bring these intentions with such Joy for this purpose! And while the road is the Ascension Path, this part of the road is intentions empowered for 2-0-1-1. And, Beloved Ones, because you have shared so beautifully, these intentions are drawing all of the intentions of the Planet which are born from the gods and goddesses, from their Divinity, from their Divine intuitions for higher dimensional Ascension living.

And so now the intentions for Peace, for Worldwide Peace, for Love, for Joy, for the Planetary Ascension are empowered, lit, and bright for everyone upon the Planet, and all of the Kingdoms represented, and those who dwell below, and those who come into the atmosphere above. And let this go out to the entire Universe, this Light, these intentions, and let the Universe respond with even more Love Light coming, even more Joy, and even more facilitation of the Path of Ascension, that it stays brightly illuminated, that everyone who chooses to even open their eyes, with their wisdom eye will see the Lights, and know this is the year that it becomes visible to all, all of these intentions which lead to the ultimate Ascension, are hereby empowered permanently!"

Yes, grrrrr, and so it is. We have accomplished a great accomplishment on this day of days. Those of us who join you from what you call the higher dimensions thank you, Beloved Ones, and we honor you for being participants, for bringing your energies, your Love, your intentions, and your intuitions to this grand gathering. Remember always and keep in your hearts, the Joy of this gathering, of this accomplishment, and know that the entire Planet Earth has taken a great leap because of what you brought, what you came here to do, and what you gave to this gathering. We see your hearts, we see your fields shining bright. And we say to you, Beloved Ones, Thank You and Namaste!

Transcribed by Arnold Neal Troeh.
Given through Susan Leland, January 4, 2011. www.AshtarontheRoad.com © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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