Monday, January 31, 2011

The Art of Blessing and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines By DL Zeta

The Art of Blessing and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines By DL Zeta

Today we would like to talk about a simple but sometimes overlooked
practice that can transform your life and bring greater access to the
expanded energies now available on the earth plane.

Mastering the simple art of blessing can grant greater access to
fifth-dimensional timelines where you are experiencing radiant health,
limitless abundance, unconditional love, boundless creative energy and
all your other highest and best visions.

Life's Choices: Problems or Perfection

At the heart of the art of blessing is an acceptance of all you see, all
you imagine and all you encounter. There will always be those situations
that seem challenging, unfair, unloving and tragic. There will always be
perfectly justified reasons to focus on what is wrong. However, the
choice to place your focus on these situations will bind you to
lower-vibrational timelines.

It is a choice to see the divine perfection of the universe. Implicit in
this acceptance is a nonjudgmental, non-preferential attitude of seeing
the blessings in all that comes before you. Even those situations you
don't prefer hold blessings. We might say blessings exist especially
within those situations you don't choose because they hold the greatest
potential for transformation.

Blessings are Present in Every Situation

Many people are still bound to their past by energy they hold around old
situations. This is because they have not yet chosen to see the
blessings in those situations. This can be changed within any moment by
looking at an old situation with new eyes. This can be done even if you
must employ a strong magnifying lens in order to see the blessings.
Blessings are always present in every situation. Maintaining a positive
outlook in the face of the worst scenario imaginable requires mastery in
the art of blessing.

Negative Energies are like Viruses

To respond to any situation with negative feelings and negative thoughts
is to feed more energy into your "negative bank account." This insures
your future "withdrawals" will be imbued with the same undesirable
essence. Negative feelings divide you against yourself because they set
you against the calm, loving part of yourself that sees the world in the
light of divine perfection. As long as you are divided within yourself,
you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to remain in a calm,
clear place within yourself.

Negative, lower-dimensional energies are like viruses - they are
everywhere around you. They float through the airwaves looking for a
host. Those who are on the same frequency with these energies are
susceptible to them. This susceptibility can result in one feeding their
energy to the virus and having their life force energy drained. Having a
low life force prevents one from being in resonance with
higher-vibrational timelines.

Those who exist on negative frequencies unintentionally become energy
vampires, draining all who come into contact with them. This is a
learning experience many souls pass through. Bless those who are having
this experience and any other experience you do not choose. To judge,
criticize or have a negative response will surely pull you into the
energy field of what you don't choose and magnetize you to those
timelines you don't prefer. By blessing everyone and everything, you
become immune to lower-vibrational energies.

The Power of Stillness and Inner Peace

Stillness of mind and inner peace are at the heart of being able to
exist in a positive and high-vibrational state. When your mind is clear
and still, you are able to see the blessings in every situation and
become transparent to any negative, lower-dimensional energies you may

By choosing to align with your highest and best perspective, you see the
blessings in all your experiences. By blessing everyone and everything
that comes before you, you shake off the tentacles of lower-vibrational

Unconditional Love aligns you with High-Vibrational Timelines

Unconditional love is the highest vibration in the universe. When you
exist on the frequency of love, you access and energize timelines
aligned with your highest visions. From these timelines all is possible,
all is healed, and all is understood. Whenever you feel yourself out of
balance, come home to the blessings of love and you will automatically
energize timelines of eternal bliss and limitless possibility.

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