Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating Heaven on Earth Now - Kerrie O'Connor

Creating Heaven on Earth Now

When Jesus said to me during meditation in September 2010 "Create Heaven on Earth Now", I knew it was the theme for this year. This year is going to offer all of us the opportunity to break old patterns and karma. We can work with this transformational energy or resist it; it's totally up to us.

It's time to release our "his-stories" and start re-creating new ones. This time we can re-member that we are divine, eternal, immortal parts of the Creator. You can see the Creator as a grand master-piece of music similar to a symphony. We are all a "note" in this master-piece. No note is more special, entitled or louder than any other note. When you make beautiful music the space between the notes could be compared to the "void", the place of pure potential or infinite possibilities. As writers, directors and the "actors/musicians" of the symphony the only thing we can perfect is our note or what I call our heart signature, it's your "Creator Name".

We can't perfect it from outside of ourselves it's deep within ourselves. As we stop looking outside (jobs, money, relationships) to make us feel perfect we have to re-adjust our perception and go within. Finding our "note" or heart signature with all the "static" we create in our lives can make it difficult. We have been programmed for eons to look outside. Many people are used to hearing static its "normal" to them.

As we begin to re-align, re-member that we all ready are whole, holy and that we came complete. We then can get rid of anything or anyone that causes "static". You will become very sensitive to the static and will crave the sound of your perfect pitch. When you take the accountability and responsibility of how you're directing your life-force you'll notice we are the "Holy Grail". The search can be over from filling our minds and e-motions with static and re-adjust your heart dial and tune into your heart signature. As you do this you'll feel peace, joy, bliss, whole and holy. Just one minute of feeling that completeness and your whole view of this Earth experience changes. We can create Heaven on Earth Now, "We are the ONES we have been waiting for". You will hear the songs of the trees, flowers, wind and waters. You can feel the Grand Master Piece that has been playing for eons. You will see the Purple Rain that allows us to open up our hearts. We can become more like human beings instead of human doings. We can be very busy in the human "doing" world or you can STOP, BREATHE and look at your life and ask yourself "Am I Happy? Do I feel connected to your unique song? Or am I living in fear, old programs and stuck in my e-motions?"

The great news is that NOW is the "time" to get the "static" out of your life. It starts with yourself and ends with yourself. Everyday we have an opportunity to radiate our unique "note" or heart signature out to the world. As you do you will notice that you can Create Heaven on Earth NOW. With every thought, word and action we are either creating more static or harmony.

For myself, I am creating more "Heaven" first by feeling out what "Heaven" means to me. Then I am letting go, releasing anything that causes static in my life. I am pausing throughout the day and noticing, feeling this beautiful planet we live on. I am staying away from dramas and conflicts and re-member to have an attitude of gratitude to be grateful for everything. I am forgiving myself and others and letting my "note", heart signature feel free to radiate. I can feel, see Heaven on Earth Now. You too can take off the "glasses" of separation and start feeling your way back home in our hearts, where "Heaven" has always been.