Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Power of "I Love You"

The Power of "I Love You"
by Joe Weaver
January 8, 2011

Just sharing something that has become a very powerful experience for me, and that is using the words "I LOVE YOU."

There are many levels of the POWER the words I LOVE YOU can carry. The power comes from the FEELING, not just by "thinking" the words. FEEL the words I LOVE YOU, embeds your DIVINE LOVE "without conditions" within the channel that you are extending to who or whatever you are focusing on.

Once you FEEL pure LOVE without conditions from your I AM, Source, God or another BEING of Light you know the FEELING for which I am speaking of. It is the FEELING and KNOWINGNESS that there is nothing more pure, so FREE, beyond duality where no darkness can ever exist within. It is this FEELING for which I am describing that YOU focus on when using the words I LOVE YOU. The main reason being, you/we are already this LIGHT beyond duality, it's just that our brains cannot conceive this. So the FEELING, is the connection through the heart not through the brain. The brain works to make the image for which we are focusing on, but it is the connection through the heart which brings the ENERGY that can "dissolve" ANYTHING within the lower heavens for which we exist.

In the past we might have looked in the other direction of "darkness" or have tried to shield ourselves from it. The deep and dark energies that lie within us or that you may see within other areas of reality. It is within darkness that lies a part of us all. So simply not facing this side of yourself or having fear of it will not just make it go away. It will just intensify and present itself to you in different ways. So the next time you get in a situation like this, you can FACE this energy, and try to embrace it. Say to it I LOVE YOU! I do not fear you for I AM the LIGHT that created YOU and I LOVE YOU! Again I say this has to be done through the HEART, not just through the words of the brain. I LOVE YOU! This will dissolve ANY control, ties or limitation. Pure beauty IT IS and within us ALL lies this beauty, this LIGHT that NO darkness can exist. These days I try and HUG IT, of course I can never catch IT. . . LOL. . . it dissipates. I have been doing this so much that now wherever I walk I am projecting this LIGHT consciously/unconsciously to everything I see. The people, parks, buildings, Earth, all SEEN and also UNSEEN, I HUG IT. Nothing but the LIGHT beyond duality of I LOVE YOU to EVERYTHING!

The same principle works with building your channels and clearing them so that you have a clear stream of Light coming through you. For example with your I AM Presence. M/F Source, or any of the Ascended Masters, Buddhas or other Beings of Light. WE in ourselves are really just a circuit for energy to flow through, within this can flow the knowledge and energy of many streams of Light. Within all Light is energy and within energy is information and consciousness. By dissolving the barriers that restrict these channels from flowing you have the potential to embody an endless supply of knowledge and Light energy within your physical presence.

So the next time you are confronted with a family member, co-worker or anyone on the street that is projecting fear, drama or anger against you or someone else say to them "I LOVE YOU." It does not have to be said out loud, just through your heart. FEEL IT!

To build or clear your channels say to your I AM through your heart I LOVE YOU. To M/F Source I LOVE YOU or to any Being of Light that you wish to connect more closely with say I LOVE YOU through your heart. Most importantly say to your physical body I LOVE YOU! For it is the vehicle for which you are experiencing this reality through. By doing this you will dissolve all boundaries and limitations that limit your awareness and connection with all that IS.

The choice in NOW for all to choose. To live and exist from the heart or from the brain of limitation which only sees fear and judgment. Make your choice by your daily activities and how you treat people. Not just through a thought, but the feeling of I LOVE YOU to ALL. By doing this you will be moving your perception of what IS from a belief to a physical experience and knowing. From a brain filled with beliefs and illusions to a knowingness and feeling of I KNOW what IS. This knowingness for which I describe is beyond religion, beyond practice, it is the living reality for what IS. This WHAT IS, is only found through your heart, not through someone else's truth or something written in a book, but the truth within your heart. The choice is yours and the doors are open for all to SEE, who wish to SEE. With every choice we make we are creating tomorrows reality and the life beyond for which is currently know. The choice is ours.

I LOVE YOU. . . may the Light of your Divine Presence shine through every element of your Being. Thank YOU for BEING YOU!

Happy Days to ALL!

Joe Weaver of www.thedivinebalance.com * Check out our NEW radio shows and music on www.radiorealization.com