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Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Digesting Calamity: a 5D view

"There has been a magnificent shift in the earth's balance extending
from the western hemisphere to the impact which will have
global ramifications." -Pleiadian High Council

It has recently come to my attention that we are beginning to mentally
align with (become aware of) the great shift in perception that the
unseens have been talking a lot about lately and this shift is
apparently the result of some massive global (energetic) re-balancing
that took place over the last 3-4 weeks in the form of a magnetic pole

These re-balancing energies started to aggressively bubble up on the
winter solstice/lunar eclipse and are currently completing a round of
physical aftereffects in the form of solar and geological activity.
geomagnetic storms, solar flares/winds, coronal mass ejections,
auroras, quakes and fissures, etc.

So much of what is currently happening around the world is related to
this shift and the unseens would like to clarify some things to settle
any fears that may be festering from the uncertainty of such dramatic
forward movement.

First and foremost, we are being urged to matter what
surrounds us.that nothing is "out of hand" in this evolutionary
process and that all is well despite external appearances. We are
constantly reminded that everything is perfectly in could
it be any other way?...and that the increasing calamities on earth
serve a great purpose in the planetary ascension.

That being said, I realize how this may sound to, say, our fellow
brothers and sisters in Queensland right now trying to "stay afloat"
in a very literal sense...but the unseens are making it clear that the
purpose behind calamity is not merely myopic mysticism from a secular
spiritual society or standpoint, nor is it some new age platitude.
Its science. And tho to most this is still considered pseudo-science,
that too is soon to shift because mainstream science, as we know it,
is quickly running out of answers.

"For those who still cling to fear, we reprise: All is well, perfectly
orchestrated and systemized, as are all things in a vibrational
universe." -PHC

The Birds & The Bees.(and the fish too)

I have definitely been getting my share of emails with questions and
concerns about the recent bird and fish deaths, and tho there are many
"speculations" and theories out there, I thought I'd share some of
what our galactic family has to say...

What I have been hearing is that the recent magnetic pole shift.which
incidentally caused a Florida airport to temporarily close down.
created massive pockets of electromagnetic distortion which resulted
in some freakish occurrences in specific geographic locations and
planetary ley addition to the rerouting of our own internal
GPS's. If you have recently been feeling lost in your world, unable
to figure out which way to go or why, most likely its related. This
magnetic shift is essentially responsible for reorienting us to the
new timeline...translation: erasing our hard drives and rebooting our
operating system now that we have all the latest updates.

(Keep in mind that just as our bodies are powered through a
geometrically structured energy system, the earth is also powered
through a grid system that forms geometric patterns which meet at
various intersecting points creating a power grid or matrix. And just
as meridians pulsate energy around our body, these grid points pulsate
energy around our planet. Akin to acupressure points on the human
body, these grid points are some of the most energetically potent on
the planet. )

According to the unseens, ley lines form and connect these major
intersections of geometric patterning and occupy physical space as
powerful vortices of restorative energy, which animals, fish and well as some humans...are tuned into due to their highly
sensitive navigation systems. As I understand it, certain groups (if
not all) of animals, fish and insects cluster together in herds,
flocks, schools and swarms to travel from power-point to power-point
via the ley lines to nest, rest, mate, birth, heal and congregate due
to the neutralized healing energies of these vortices.

When a significant shift occurs, it is possible and even likely for
these creatures to become completely confused/disoriented and to lose
their bearings.hence, fly into the ground, or wash up on shore. Though
this can be unsettling, it is not the first that we are seeing of
these phenomenons... we are just seeing more and more of them (with
the help of the internet). There have been plenty of headlines in the
last several years about unexplained bee deaths...dolphins/whales lost
in strange waters and/or beaching themselves in greater and greater
numbers.thousands of bats in the northeast United States dying of
something unknown, etc.

Most likely, these natural events will continue to take place and
maybe even increase as the earth sustains her transition into higher
consciousness. As with all things, it is imperative that we claim our
sovereignty through our ability to remain fearless, detached and
neutral to these happenings by realizing that everyone and everything
has their divine part to play in this game called "planetary

Dismantling the Old Grid

The internal navigation/grid system that governs the planet and her
people is aggressively shifting to a more balanced and harmonious
state.that is to say the old paradigm of the masculine dominated
hemisphere of the human brain (and therefore the global brain) is
becoming equal to to the feminine hemisphere of the human brain/global above, so below.

Though these changes will ultimately result in the highest good for
all, it will definitely not appear to be so from a lower dimensional
perspective.which is ultimately why the courageous, and slightly
crazy, way-shower group of souls chose to go allay fears and
provide an example of an alternative to the doom and gloom scenarios
that inevitably abound.

We are being asked not to react to the fears that rise around us, but
instead to realize that the earth's changes are only ascension
symptoms (the release of stuck energies and collective memory
imprints) and are no different than the biological symptoms that we
have been experiencing for many years. Mostly, these changes are a
necessary part of our planet's evolution.

From a higher perspective, these pockets of chaos are collective
symptoms of (a lack of) symbiosis, and represent the contrast needed
for harmonious relationships to form between all living things. And
this is what the transition to harmony looks like..the shift IS
happening...tho not always in a gentle or subtle way.

A Greater Perspective

The unseens are giving me the analogy that from the old polarity-
paradigm perspective, "earth is to humans what a host is to parasites".
suggesting that from a separated sense of self (duality consciousness)
we see the world as our host...the environment for humans to thrive,
to suck-off of the sustenance that earth provides without

But now that humanity is aligning with a 5th dimensional (unity)
consciousness, and therefore has a greater capacity to see the world
from a more complex and expanded view, this outdated and one-sided
outlook is shifting...albeit by force. Meaning that in many
situations, earth changes are the potential impetus for collective
awakenings whereby consciousness ensues, and the ramifications of
natural disaster become the greatest teaching method for masses of
people to move into the unity timeline.

From this vantage point, its easier to digest calamity because the end
result of many eye-opening situations that we have been and will be
presented with, will ultimately be a shift from the host/parasitic
relationship to symbiotic co-creation.a brand new way to exist/coexist
with the world in a mutually beneficial way.

In other words, the masculine (western) dominated approach to living
is finally giving way to a more balanced exchange of give and take...
thanks to the long-awaited return of the divine feminine.who
consequently ran like hell eons ago to escape the harsh brutality of
this rising imbalance..can't say I blame her.

Of course, indigenous cultures have always understood the delicate
balance of giving and receiving, the divine masculine and feminine
forces of nature... but until now, their voices have been drowned out
under the mechanistic clamor of a western, industrialized society.
Luckily tho, these voices will again be heard, honored and respected
for their wisdom, truth and understanding of sacred coexistence.

In the coming days, those who ignore this wisdom and unconsciously
take from the earth and her inhabitants without care for the
relationship between all living things will have the opportunity, many
times over, to awaken to the fundamental principle of harmony thru the
greatest teacher of all... mother earth.

The Bottom Line

For those still on the fence or resisting the planetary changeover. a
quick heads up: as the compression of time collapses and folds in on
itself, the polarized law of karma (cause and effect ) will more
powerfully descend upon us and anything that lies outside of Source
vibration (integrity) will come crashing down on us with unbridled

The bottom line: Now more than ever, aligning with the co-creative
energies of love, integrity and mutual respect for each other and our
planet is a must. Depending on where you reside on the spectrum of
consciousness, the backlash of misalignment can be b r u t a l.

When in doubt, remember that the overriding purpose of this
unrelenting pressure is to squeeze us into the crystallized diamonds
that reside at our core... to reveal life's perfection "as-is", to all
those willing to see.

Until next time,

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