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ASCENDED MASTER KUTHUMICHANNELING @ WEST KENNET LONG BARROW BURIAL MOUND, AVEBURY AREA, ENGLANDCHANNELED THROUGH MICHELLE ELOFF©09 NOVEMBER 2006This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditionsthat no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain,and the source of the information be acknowledged. Thank you toMaryanne Gosling for transcribing this channeling.To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please note that reading this information will have an effect on you.You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and asimilar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same asbeing in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effectsare just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding timelines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be takenthrough a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing &Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left inthe transcript as we have found the answers too have been of greatbenefit to our readers.I Am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom togreet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings oflaughter, lightness, tranquillity and humility. Greetings, BelovedOnes. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we maygather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heartof Christ and securely upon the hands of God.Beloved Ones, as we gather with each of you at this Sacred Point ofLight, we offer all planetary consciousness the opportunity to Embracethe Divine Aspect of their Christ Self. Much is changing in your worldat an accelerated rate, as most of you are already aware. Thesechanges are for the purpose of giving rise to the Divine Insight ofthe Soul's Voice of Truth leading humanity into a new way of Being.Very recently we have been working earnestly with many Light Workersacross the planet. This process has been one of great importancebecause all Light Workers have been given the opportunity to breakthru the Matrix of old paradigm consciousness. All of this has lead toeach soul choosing this pathway to manifest a gateway thru which topass into the Fluid Universe.Experiencing life from the perspective of fluid consciousness bringsforth a whole new way of being, a new way of living and theopportunities in which to co-create with the Company of Heaven. Livingone's life in accordance with the Laws of the Authentic Truth of Selfis what opens the doorway to new ways of perceiving life. This alsogrants one the opportunity to merge with the aspects of self thatembody the Authentic Divine Truth in accordance with the Universal Lawof Divinity and Truth.To begin with it is vital that all souls understand that Every Soul IsOn Earth Finding Its Way Back To God.Every Soul is Re-Membering that to be At One with God means BeingUnited within the Self. The Ego is a Valuable Teacher and Always WillBe. When one realises the ego's purpose one opens one's heart toaccepting the Divinity of the Dual World and Embracing the Lessons itbrings.Very recently I spoke of the belief systems around Duality. Thedefinition of Duality that you were born into and accepted as beingthe only definition. Polarity is the Existence of Masculine andFeminine. It is not about good and bad, or light and dark. Darkness issimply the Absence of Light, therefore, the Absence of Love.And what we have come to do here today, with all of you present,whether you are a part of this group or not, is to Anchor The Presenceof the True Polarity, the Authentic Essence of the Divine Father Godand the Divine Mother Goddess.You see in order for the world to be at peace within itself, theDivine God and the Divine Goddess must merge and experience SacredUnion so then balance in polarity becomes the order of the new day.This is already evident in the changes happening within the governmentof the United States of America. Balance is coming into Being. TheDemocrats are bringing in the balance so that the Republicans can seethat only one way of power is not the way for all.This also brings in the true understanding that in truth no person hasthe right to judge another's pathway to oneness. Every soul has aunique aspect of the collective authentic truth and those souls willvibrate with that authentic truth and it will be their compass home.As we stand with you in the presence of this site today, we areunravelling many areas of stagnant energy and we are amplifying theareas of Light Energy. This particular site has been used for theactivity of those who follow the pathway of Light as well as those whofollow the pathway of so-called darkness. So here the dualities, as isperceived in the old paradigm, have met and every single one of youpresent here today embodies the light of either the Holy Father or theHoly Mother. Yet you embody both. As you represent the energy ofeither the God or the Goddess you will enter a Seed of Light at thisparticular site which will be linked to many of the other Sacred Sitesacross the planet. The energetic seeds being anchored at this placetoday opens a Golden Age Portal to the Second Universe.The Second Universe is the Doorway into the Fluid World and all of youpresent here today are receiving yet another Tool of Light to take youout of the Fixed Universe of old paradigm identities and showing you away into the Fluid Universe where all is possible.As we create the Ninth Dimensional Buddhic Column of Light at thissacred site, all of you are experiencing the Blessings the NinthDimension offers. In the year 2007 your earth will be blessed withNinth Dimensional Energy. This means the Ninth Dimensional Energy ofSpiritual Illumination, Unconditional Love and HumanitarianConsciousness will sweep through the consciousness of humanitypresenting opportunities for individuals to choose the direction oftheir path.One can choose to follow the path of Love Motivation or FearMotivation. You have already integrated the concept of manifestingAbundance. You are tapping into the quantum field that grants youaccess to worlds of co-creation where everything your soul requirescan be manifested in abundance. However, the trick is this. Are youmanifesting an abundance of negative energy or an abundance ofpositive energy? What you focus on is what you will create. That is avery simple rule of manifestation. It is the Law of Attraction thatall of you have been practising for the duration of your lifetime. Itis nothing new to you. Most of humanity has mastered the process ofattracting their greatest fears to them incurring an abundance ofnegativity in their lives.You are now moving to the other side of the coin, seeing that on theother side of that which has been created up until this point exists.Each of you are a Beacon of that Positive Abundant Light. However, itis NOT your purpose to go out and save the world. You DO NOT have torun after those who have chosen to follow the pathway of fear. ALL YOUNEED DO IS LEAD BY EXAMPLE. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO ITS FULLEST. INDULGEYOURSELF IN THE DIVINITY THAT EXISTS WITHIN THIS CREATION YOU FINDYOURSELF IN.The Earth Plane is the most amazing plane in which to co-create. It isa School where you can Learn the Most Diverse Lessons in any plane ofexistence. In this plane you have come to harness the energies of atrue master. Mastering the material plane is THE most importantinitiation any soul will undergo in the entire evolution of a soul'sconsciousness. In order to master the material plane, Beloved Ones,YOU MUST BE ANCHORED IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY.Some of you have heard me say this before. But I will repeat itbecause it is very important. Many Light Workers reject the physicalbody; reject the material life, seeing financial wealth as a root ofevil. Seeing living a blissful life as an easy life, one that wouldperhaps distract them from the journey into the spiritual realms.However, being financially wealthy offers you a tool to assist others.It gives you a means to get to many souls that require assistance.Living in Joy and Living Blessfully is your Divine Right. And takenote I said Living Blessfully. So if you allow yourself to receive theBlessings that Spirit offers in every moment, that your Soul attractsto you in every moment, you live a Bliss-full, Bless-full life.This is part of breaking out of the old paradigm where old paradigmconsciousness believed that if you sacrifice your entire life you areconsidered to be saintly. You are considered to be worthy of God'sLove. This is No Longer a part of this new Reality.You see, Beloved Ones, you are having to move away from all the oldparadigm of thinking and creating. You are living in a modern worldbut what has happened is that humanity's consciousness has chosen tocome through you re-creating all the old ways of being, re-hashing allthe old systems. One must grow with the flow.The flow is moving to a new system of co-creation, therefore, youautomatically must move with that flow. When you move into the newflow, you are creating the new energy. You are in alignment with thenew energy, synchronicity manifests and the harmony that comes fromthat synchronicity relieves you of whatever stress you are experiencing.For those of you who were not present with us in Carcassone in France,Mary Magdalene spoke about Trusting the External World, which issymbolic of the father figure, and in other words Father God and theSpirit World, in supporting you, in helping you manifest your needs asmet. Now in order to be in alignment with the external world, you needto be grounded in your physical body.You are on Earth for a Purpose, therefore, ROOT YOURSELF TO MOTHEREARTH. She too is a support system. She too is a system that willNurture you as much as Father Sky Nurtures her body. To be within theplane of Earthly Experience, you need to Merge with all the Elements.You are made up of Water. In fact the majority of your body is water,therefore rmbrace the Water Element. Connect with Mother Ocean, withthe Rivers, the Streams and the Rain. Let it Bless your body with itsLight.You are made up of Minerals. Therefore, connect with the MineralKingdom. Allow the Crystals to assist you. Their light reflectedthrough you and your light reflected through their bodies.You are made up of Matter. Connect with Mother Earth. Acknowledge thatshe matters as much as you matter.Your Inspiration, your Motivation to Live is the element of Fire.Therefore, embrace this element. Allow the Flame of Life in your SolarPlexus and your Heart Chakras to motivate you forward.And the Air that you breathe is the Air Element. Without it you willnot be able to live.So you are a part of every thing. You have natural instincts, ananimal nature. Therefore, speak to Nature. Connect with the AnimalKingdom for they are communicating with you all the time. And withyour consciousness open, with your heart open and your mind open, youwill receive the information they are sharing with you.You see, man has separated himself and herself from the entire body ofconsciousness – the body of life. No man is an island unto himself.And even though you see islands across your planet, little pieces ofland popping up in the ocean, if you dive beneath the water – if yougo into the emotion – you will see that every thing is connectedbeneath the water. Nothing is separate. The only thing that separatesyou is your belief in separation consciousness.And Beloved Ones, that is the definition of polarity you were borninto when you chose to incarnate in this body. And today at this pointwe are changing that. And the way that it will be changed permanentlyis by you making the choice to TRANSFORM POLARITY CONSCIOUSNESS INTO ANEW REALM AND TO LIVE YOUR LIFE MERGED WITH ALL THE ASPECTS THAT MAKEUP LIFE.Life communicates to you in every moment of every day. And this is theopportunity for you to begin a new journey, to experience life in anew way.Therefore, the ninth dimensional Buddhic column we are anchoring heretoday embodies the frequencies of energy we have just spoken to youabout. A Buddhic Column is an Etheric Pillar of Light embodying anEnergy of Intense Light Frequencies that can never be dismantled. Itis the Light of Father God, the Light of the Mother Goddess and allthe fibres of Light within every soul creating the Buddhic Column ofLight harnessed into One Field of Energy. Buddhic Columns can only becreated through the Intention of Pure Light. No Buddhic Column canever be created if Integrity is lacking.So, Beloved Ones, we ask you to gather together, to join hands if itis possible, and let us begin using the Intention of Light to anchorthis Buddhic Column. Every body please join together, whether you arepart of the group physically travelling together or not.Please close your eyes and begin by taking a deep breath in thru yournose exhaling fully through your mouth. Another deep breath in and asyou exhale move your focus to your Heart Chakra, the point in thecentre of your chest and imagine a beautiful light shimmering withinthe core of your heart. With each breath that you take visualise thislight expanding. Now, begin to project the light into the centre ofthis group.We now welcome the presence of the Buddhic Lords and Ladies. Wewelcome the presence of the Cosmic Lords and Ladies and the Council ofLight from the Second Universe. Call upon your personal guides,masters or angels who work with you.Imagine the presence of Light, the pure Unconditional Love growing inintensity, moving beyond the structure of this site, and as this Lightbuilds, try and feel the presence of Love building inside of yourbody. Each breath in and out is an expansion of Light and an expansionof Love.The Cosmic Lords and Ladies, the Universal Council and the BuddhicLords begin activating the Buddhic Column made up of all the fibres ofLight and Love that you are projecting, harnessing the Light and Loveof Father God, of the Mother Goddess and every other Divine Aspect ofNature embodying Light and Love. Use your intention to strengthen thisPillar as it moves all the way down to the core of Mother Earth'sheart as it extends from the core of the Universe.Now feel the presence of this column expanding, enveloping you in itsLight and Love, until this entire site is enveloped in a SacredBuddhic Column of Light which now automatically becomes a portal tothe Second Universe.With the activation of this energy, any work embodying fearmotivation, any thing embodying lust consciousness, povertyconsciousness, victim and conditional love consciousness is nowdissolved and is replaced with Unconditional Love Consciousness,Prosperity and Victory Consciousness and Divine Love Consciousness.We now ask each of you to focus your intention on your Heart chakraagain and to sincerely feel the Light and Love of your co-creativeself and begin to verbalise the words of Light you wish to place inthe Buddhic Column that you firmly believe will help to uplift theenergy and maintain its integrity. Proceed when you are ready. (SilentPause)The Council of Light of the Second Universe now begin manifesting anAscension Spiral in the Centre of the Buddhic Column, which each ofyou will be linked to if it is your personal wish and will. Therefore,if you wish to have your energy linked to the Ascension Spiral of thisSecond Universal Portal, then please give permission to the Lords ofthe Second Universe to make the energy connection. (Pause).While the Energy Links are being made, the Cosmic Lords have asked togive each one of you a Blessing. Therefore, I need to address each ofyou individually. Please will you give your name so that I mayallocate the correct energy vibration to each of you. Please beginwith the person on my left. Personal blessings given.So, Beloved Ones, as we stand within the presence of the SacredBuddhic Column the energy is being extended to Silbury Hill and toAvebury. It is extending to Stonehenge, to the Tor in Glastonbury,Chalice Well and the Abbey. It is being extended out to Newgrange, tothe Sacred Site that was activated in Clonmacnoise not too long ago,through to Egypt, to Africa, the Sacred Sites all over Africa, Canadaand Australia. The energies in Sweden that we have connected to thisparticular process are also being activated. And Lake Geneva is anessential and important part of this process.So as the energies swim out to touch the consciousness of those LightWorkers in the area we speak off, know that we are integrating theLove of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother.Sister Francesca, we wish to thank you for your presence as yourepresent the energies of the United States of America. You arebringing the Light of Phoenix Arizona. You are also embodying theenergy of all the sacred places of the United States of America thathave chosen to be a part of the Light Path. Do you understand this?Inaudible.You see, Beloved Sister, the United States of America has representedthe Ego Centre of the Planet. The United States of America has been avery important template for the planet. They have been ahead of theirtime in Terms of Illumination, Integration and Application of Energyand there was a point where the energies could have turned in anydirection. The Light Workers of America have stood fast in theirintention and you are representing the intention of all the LightWorkers of America at this place, embodying the frequency of theBuddhic Column.Therefore, every single one of you who are here in physical body, youare a representative of the geographic location you come from, and,therefore, anchor that Buddhic Column through your Pranic Tube thatruns along your spinal column, which is emitted through the vibrationsof the chakras linking to the chakras of the planet and extendingforth beyond the membrane of the old paradigm matrix into the fluiduniverse.So Ambassadors of Light, will you go forth seeing the Divinity of thePresence of the Unified Mother-Father God-Goddess at one within you?Please take your hands and place your palm chakras together. Givethanks to that which you have manifested upon this day. (Pause).Give thanks for facilitating the anchoring of the Light that has comeforth today. (Pause).As the Light of Love continues to pulsate forth thru your body, thruyour mind, thru your heart and thru your being, any darkness will betransformed into Light simply by your presence.As you leave this place physically today taking the Light toStonehenge and to where ever else it is you will be travelling KNOWthat you are a Mobile Anchoring Mechanism of the Seeds of the DivineFluid Love of the Second Universe.Give thanks to your personal guides and Masters for being present withyou today. (Pause) And Give thanks to yourself for the choice you madeto be part of this process today. (Pause).Know that those souls who choose to come to this site in the futurewill be Blessed by the Blissful Energies of this Column of Light thathas been anchored today. And that anyone who comes with the intentionof anchoring darkness or ignorance within this site will experience aTransformation into the Light.So it is. Our work is done here. As all of you leave this place knowthat you are whole.I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greetand belsee you in love. Adonai. Michelle Eloff083 478-6777Founder/Director - The Lightweaver™ & The Lightweaver Children's Fund,Kuthumi's Library of Light™, & The Lightweaver University of QuantumConsciousness™Trance Voice Channel Specializing in Ascension Initiations, AscendedMaster Teachings & Old & New Sacred Site Tours locally & InternationallyFor more info visit