Monday, December 11, 2006

Mistletoe Herb of Solstice

Mistletoe Herb of Solstice A most sacred "herb" of the Druids and ruled the Winter Solstice. Considered to be an all-purpose protective herb. It is Masculine in nature, ruled by the sun and the element Fire. Traditional Uses: 1) Wear around neck (sewn into or put into a white pouch) as a protective amulet. 2) Wear around neck in small spell bottle w/ red cording as Lucky Winter Charm. 3) Sew into white pouch and hang anywhere (house, car) for protective purposes. 4) Sew into red pouch and kiss your love beneath it to keep your love forever. 5) Use in floor wash to attract patrons to a business. Other magical uses: Healing,immortality, love, luck, protection, Renewal, Success, Used by Druids to see beyond the cycle of rebirth. Please NOTE: Mistletoe is Poisonous if the berries are ingested by human or animal. By Barbara MorrisMagical Mistletoe Spell Druids used the magic of mistletoe for festivals throughout the year, including Midsummer and Yule. Evergreens were considered magical because they didn't wither away each year like other plants, making them seem immune from death. Mistletoe also seemed to defy nature by growing in the upper branches of trees rather than on the ground. The Druids called it "all-heal" because of its potent healing properties and its use as a fertility aid. Mistletoe that grew atop oak trees in sacred groves was considered particularly powerful. Call on the magic of this wonderful plant by threading a string of small white Christmas lights through the upper branches of a tree at Yule or at any time of year. By: Sedwin