Thursday, December 14, 2006

The One Speaks ~ Lauren

The One Speaks ~ Lauren
Sananda: I am joining the legions for combined and universalintelligence. I speak for the collective, I am in union with allsouls. Regard the text that I send forth as preliminary, if you will.The meaning, or the subject shall follow.sending forth transmissionsof unified thought.."Greetings from the collective"
L: hello
" We speak with you as one, we use our combined force of thought totransmit high levels of frequency through the density of earthphysicality during these especially turbulent times. You may addressus as "The One".
L: Greetings, The One.
"We are especially proud to be in exchange with you today, we aregrateful for your service to the light. We come today to remark on theend days of the year of 2006. We are collectively bringing energythrough this transmission for cellular restructuring and wish tocomment a bit on how this works.
First and foremost, each of you is an energy matrix combined with themany layers of energetic form, each more dense than the one before.The makeup of your cellular activity is one that is performed based onthe consciousness of your higher bodies. This means that as you makechanges in the higher levels so too do you make changes in thephysical. This is process by which you filter consciousness througheach layer of reality until you have effectively completed the changethat wish to see before your earth eyes, so to speak.
Now in the case of cellular restructuring, there is an encodingprocess that is transmitted to each of you via different yet similarmeans. Those of you with conscious awareness of your higherdimensional realities will be affected by those things that youperceive as truth. That truth is discerned by your higher intelligenceat any given time. Regarding transformations, you are indeed beingaffected by each aspect of consciousness that you attach your energyto. That is to say that as you begin to focus upon a thing, you are infact melding with or becoming part of the consciousness of that thing.What we are doing then is programming your DNA with codes of light asyou join energy with this transmission. Why do you suppose that is?
For the purposes of reaching the masses and spreading the infectiousenergy of truth to mankind. This energy that is being transmitted toeach of you is of course contagious. It is a vibratory essence thatcan not be contained and is rubbed off on those who need or require itand it is transmitted accordingly. This contagious stream of energyinfection, if you will, is the subtle way in which spirit walks theearth. It is the non-invasive approach to change and it is the way ofthe future, your future.
Now as we begin to impress upon you the implications of the present,lets begin to look quickly at the past. The past of each of you,regarding your personal development and estranged spirituality at thetime, has quietly , yet profoundly crept up on your present awareness,has it not? We indeed can confirm this to be true.
The subtle layers of spirit that have been working to change yourreality have had powerful and limitless energetic effects on the wholeand these effects are indeed lasting ones. The momentary strife thatyou are experiencing is actually indicative of this growing awarenessand as you progress toward the final days of this earth year of greatshifting, each of you will come to know the suffering as a great andtimely gift of the "present".
These trying days can seem unending and the amount of strife thatsurrounds you can seem overwhelming at times. The collective cry ofhumanity is precisely the oil needed to lubricate the mighty wheels ofchange. This machine, once oiled, can rotate and swirl into the newreality of conscious living that you are intending into your present.The plan is in motion, the cries have been heard by you, thelightbearers, and now the battle cry is far reaching and growing inintensity. The movement of earth is beginning to groan and roar as theshifting takes place in each layer of dimensional reality. "As above,so below".
The moaning of earth and her inhabitants is the great thrust of energythat is tied to our assisting you in your endeavors. As the womb ofcreation labors in rebirth, each of you labors with her, for you areinextricably tied to the body of your great mother. The birth of a newage is tumultuous at best, but the pain of labor is short incomparison to the rewards of lifetime.
Many of you are experiencing this pain personally. Many of you arewalking into the fire armed with spiritual pride and yet again bearthe burdens for the benefit of all. These last days are the mostintensified and turbulent times of your cycle of light work. This toilis the last push from your collective contraction into a new year ofeven greater change. As we connect with the energy of humanity, wefeel this pain somewhat intensely and confirm that each of you aredoing the spiritual work of thousand men.
What then does this upcoming year hold for you at your new level ofawareness? What is it that each of you see for yourself in a tangibleway? We have always said to you that the sky is the limit, but haveyou determined this yet to be true?
My people of earth, this upcoming year holds the energy ofactualization for many of you. This means that as those cycles ofcompletion wrap up the past, you are free to manifest in the presentto create your future in the current linear fashion. You need notdetermine your success by the conformist views of others, but merelyallow for your realitites to blossom from bud to full bloom. You arethe makers, the creators, the visionaries, the warriors of light. Youheld this light for so many who had not the strength. You listeneddutifully while others cried on your shoulders and you wept forhumanity each time the suffering was too much to bear.
Now is your time. Now is the time to make manifest your dreams andcreate the unconditional realities that you will support yourendeavors for mankind. Now is the time to be vigilant in your desiresfor a better world, for now you have the power to create it.
This will not happen overnight, no, but it will be an enjoyableprocess of hard work and unlimited energy for all that you desire. Wehave come collectively to transmit this energy of hope to you so thatyou can bear witness to the transformations within yourselves andconsequently in all.
Now is your season of merriment where tidings of joy abound. Take thisspecial energy to assist you in spreading good cheer, for days oflaughter and peace are inevitable after so much hard work. Soon youwill come to know the lightness of being that we refer to. Each in hisown time, yet collectively as a whole, you advance to higher andhigher levels of consciousness.
We surround you now in anticipation of your glorious victory. We watchas you stretch your new found wings and fly to unprecedented heightsto explore the truth of your existence. Each leap of faith results ina higher altitude of awareness and your wings grow stronger so you canremain in flight longer.
Blessings abound and joyous times ahead for each of your weary souls.Your homecoming is well underway and we are prepared to nurture youwith great gifts of ease, health and abundance for all. Letting gowith faith is all that is required. With great love and respect foryour journey, we are The One.
L: Thank you kindly.WWW.FREEDOMNETWORK888.COM