Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Find an Item Spell

Find an Item SpellDecember 12th, 2006Color of the day: Red Incense of the day: Evergreen This time of the year can be rather hectic with socializing and family gatherings and so on. It's easy now to lose or misplace an item. Use Mercury's energies of clear thinking today for a spell to help you find your lost item. To do this you will need a mirror and a small magnet, two candles�one black, representing loss, and one orange, representing memory�and some patchouli incense. Set up the candles in front of the mirror, and place the magnet in the middle of the mirror. Walk around the room clockwise with the lit incense three times, saying: I invite the elements As I walk around To help my lost item Be soon found. Touch the magnet as you recall when you last saw the item. While the candles are burning, try to find it.By: Emely Flak