Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Soul Infusion and DNA Illumination

Soul Infusion and DNA Illumination==========================Ascension is the embodiment of the totality of our soul essence--to infuse our higher vibrational light bodies into our incarnate forms--to incarnate fully and illuminate, and thus to live in quantum or unified galactic awareness (Soul-Source Aware). Ascension is the refinement of the vibrational mode of the body, not leaving the body. The vibrational mode of the body is tuned by the hydrogen atom, which composes the phosphodiester (light-bearing) circuitry or lattice that forms the double-stranded DNA molecule. The hydrogen atom is also the primary component of the intercellular water that makes up our bodies. The structure of this water, or lymph (which means living spring), is determined by the resonance of the hydrogen atom and its bonding angle which organizes water's molecular form.Hydrogen is the Mother Element, the element of the Sun / Soul. The DNA is the "Urn of the Soul." Our soul intelligence, or subtle-energy light-body, expresses through the DNA. The current tuning of the DNA impedes the flow of consciousness, our soul intelligence only trickles through the DNA, not quite lighting it up. Thus, the double-stranded molecule functions in its lower-vibrational reflective mode of shadow and reflection, of bio-logic--the mentalization of life, where we use the reasoning process only comparing opposites to learn. This is why we perceive and experience a world a shadow and reflection--the world of duality. It is also why we continue to experience pain and struggle and live in disharmony, disease, degeneration, and death rather than in radiant health and unified awareness. As the atomic mode of hydrogen is re-tuned, the DNA molecule begins to super-conduct consciousness. When this fully occurs, the DNA illuminates into one radiant spiral of light, which is the DNA's intended functional mode. We no longer experience a world of shadow and reflection but one of radiant light. We no longer function as bio-logical beings, but as unified bio-luminescent beings in galactic awareness (in God consciousness / cosmic consciousness). We realize (in epistemological awareness) rather than mentalize as we become self-realized beings of light in love.NamasteKamiLight House Yoga * Holistic Healing Center * 224 W 4 St & 7 Ave South * Wed Dec 20th * 8-10PM *