Thursday, December 14, 2006

VAligning yourselves to the NEW GRIDS OF LIGHT

Aligning yourselves to the NEW GRIDS OF LIGHTWe greet all of you with joy and request that you leave behind thetrepidation and fear. The snowball effect of lightworkers has raisedconsciousness beyond measure and all of you are feeling the affectsoftime speeding up. You will notice this in how your physical bodiesrejuvenate and grow. Your hair and nails are an indication of this.Today we speak of the New Grids of Light. The New Grids of Light aretheforerunner and essential part of the earth ascension process. It isnecessary that all align themselves to the New Grids of Light. TheseGrids of Light form a connection between all the Cities of Light. Thealignment process is the releasing of yourselves from the old earthstructures set up for disconnection and aloneness. A set up that youallagreed to. The New Grids of Light are exactly that- Grids of higheralignment. They also represent a connection to the 5th dimensionwhichis your higher awareness and ALL IS ONE from which there is noseparation. As many of you are in the stages of higher selfintegrationand alignment, it cannot be completed until you are fully connectedtothe higher dimensions of this New Earth Grids of Light.The cities of light have come to teach and aid all in this process.Asyou alignyourselves to these New Grids of Light you will not bebombarded with the negativity of the old earthly structures. Manystructures of negativity were put in place over the eonsparticularly bythe darkness. These are no longer necessary and we ask you now todisconnect from these old energy structures that no longer servehumanity. The more you align yourselves to the light, the higher youwill vibrate, and the higher you vibrate the less any negativity willaffect you. This is known. As you vibrate higher you access thehigherlibraries of light and will become more "knowing". As you become more"knowing" within yourselves the less you need to rely on outsidesources. You become each and every one of you sovereign beings,galacticbeings of light and bearers of the light and truth from within.Alignment to the grids of light can be done by placing yourselves inthePyramid structure on top of Table Mountain, or through your nearestcityof Light portal. Merely ask to be placed in the Pyramid structure.Within this Pyramid structure, request the Ascended Masters, yourguideswho are working with you and the beings of light from that City ofLightto aid you in this process. It is a simple request to disconnectyourself and all your bodies, be it physical, mental, emotional,lightand merkaba from all old energy grids and MATRIXES that were set upinthe old earth, including all your soul fragments and through alldimensions and in all directions of time. And re-align yourself fromyour physical, emotional, mental, light and merkaba to the new gridsoflight of NEW EARTH.Do not be surprised if many issues come to light after you have donethis. For as you align yourselves you further begin to clear manyoutstanding issues in your entire body structure. Your ascensionprocessrequires this of you and we also advise that you ask for CrystalChambers of healing within the Cities of Light at your nearest cityoflight. These chambers serve as healing chambers accessibly now forALLon planet earth. So request these chambers, for your needs will bemetwith joy for we are all here to aid you, Masters of Light on yourfinaljourney into the NEW EARTH.We leave you now with much love and joy in our beings for all of youandwe joyfully await the day that we shall be among you.This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.