Sunday, December 3, 2006

December Monthly Vision

December Monthly VisionWhat's Happening this Month in your WorldEmbracing Personal, Global and Cosmic events to Enhance your Reality,written by Dana. Happy End of Year!Dec 5 Full Moon GeminiSomething comes full circle, or perhaps a chapter ends, in the realmof communication. Maybe you finally have that closure talk withsomeone, or create closure in your own mind about an issue that hasbeen churning round and round. It's time to make a decision, it's timeto stop battling between two forces or choices, it's time to pick apath and go with it come what may. Alternatively it might requireworking out how to integrate two seemingly opposite paths - can youhave commitment and freedom, security and adventure? The answer isyes: own all of these qualities within yourself and you will find yourouter reality forms to match your new inner perspective.Dec 6 Saturn Retrograde LeoSaturn is the disciplinarian of the zodiac, making sure we aregrounded in reality regarding any goals, projects or fantasies we havecommitted to creating in our life. When he goes retrograde you findyourself faced with the nuts and bolts of anything you have in yourlife that hasn't been secured properly. Is your foundation solid? Canthe structure support the great vision you want to build? Wherever Leois in your chart (see for free chart) is thearea that will naturally arise for attention duing this retrogradeperiod (until April 19 2007) with the following words in mind:stability, commitment, structure, discipline, responsibility.Dec 7-9 - Alliance for a New Humanity: The Human Forum, Puerto RicoThe founders of this rapidly growing and positive organization includeDeepak Chopra and Oscar Arias: "We call upon all people who are tiredof passively waiting for things to change." 10 - Human Rights DayOn December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nationsadopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Today is a great day to remind ourselves of this declaration and askourselves: what are we doing about it?? It's all good on paper but inreality how many of these articles are being enforced and ensured? TheUN has created a wonderful ideal but until they genuinely own and usetheir power, and we all do our bit to support them and otherlike-minded organizations, it remains just that: a wonderful ideal.The time to be true to this declaration on behalf of all humanity isnow. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here: 20/21 New Moon SagittariusDec 21 Summer/Winter SolsticeThe New Moon in Sagittarius occurs this year right on the cusp of apowerful day: the Winter/Summer Solstice. This is the shortest(Northern Hemisphere) and longest (Southern Hemisphere) day of 2006.It's a day for new beginnings, and a turning point in a chapter ofyour life. Sagittarius represents the adventurer in all of us, thepart of us that yearns for travel, exploration and higher learning,whether it is in our outer or inner world. He is constantly strivingto be more, see more and experience as much as he can. He is also thearcher - he sets his mark and goes for it. He is a visionary who putshis dreams into action. There are 10 days left until 2007 - take thistime to write your Vision list for 2007. What dreams do you have foryourself? What do you want to learn? In which area would you like togrow? How can you make it happen? Good luck!