Monday, December 11, 2006

Jupiter Security Spell

Jupiter Security Spell Incense of the day: Geranium Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of stability, authority, and money. This makes Thursday auspicious for spells relating to security or finances. In winter, the conifers remind us of life everlasting. Their green needles bring us hope during the bleak weather. The colors green and gold likewise stand for life and wealth. Carefully pull a few needles from a live evergreen tree. Lay a dollar bill flat and place the needles along the short edge of the bill. Roll it into a tight tube around the needles, then secure it with a rubber band. Say: Evergreen, evergreen, Growing so high, Grant that my money grows Up to the sky. All through the winter Let it endure, Growing toward the Sun Golden and pure. Store the rolled dollar wherever you keep your money�in your purse or wallet, in a coin dish, and so on. By: Elizabeth Barrette