Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What's Up On Planet Earth

Energy Alert===========We are still in the process of re-defining ourselves, and the solstice is assisting. It is supporting us in going deep and excavating any left-over residue energy of un-wanted patterns and denser energies. These energies are not needed for our purified purposes due arrive more fully in March. Part of this process involves appreciating who we are and what we have to offer. At times our gifts come so naturally to us, that we really do not realize who we are. We can offer what no one else can, but don't even realize this. And in this regard, we may not consciously value our own special gifts, talents, and contributions. In addition, we are greatly refining and fine tuning who we are during this time of solstice energy. So then, we may find ourselves in situations now or in the recent past, where we are simply nowhere. We have been removed from our true purpose and place because we are re-structuring and redefining..and most importantly fine tuning our true and rightful purpose and passion. When we return to our places, we will then be much more perfectly poised to bring forth what we are truly and divinely all about. Our special contributions will be much more pure and clear, as they will then assist others as never before. This process is vitally necessary, as it is simply a manifestation of higher vibrating realities. We will crave who we are and greatly want to be it. In the higher realms, things move apart. This is due to the purer energies being present and separating themselves from any energies of non-similarity. Now then, is a great time to ask ourselves what we are truly about, what comes the most naturally to us, what are we the most passionate about, and what we know the most about or want to know the most about. Anything else needs to be left for someone else to fulfill, or will leave this existence. It is not ours to do. This has been on-going for many weeks, but is still occurring to ensure that all of us are on board. When we return to our "grooves," or perfect places of residency and purpose, we will also be vibrating higher due to the solstice supports and the clarity time we have been given these past three months. We will then approach and offer our gifts in a new and different way. This new way involves a much greater appreciation for ourselves and for who we really are. When something has been removed (even if only temporarily), we then get an opportunity to realize how much it has meant to us. And when we are who we are so effortlessly, we may not even know how special we are until our groove or environment is gone (the one that allowed us to be who we are and to express it). Things will return again, only very differently. And we will be different as well. You may have had a dream while sleeping involving water, a loss of all your belongings, moving into a new home or space, and perhaps calling the police as you believe all your possessions have been stolen! This is a manifestation that we are indeed cleansing and leaving all the old baggage behind. When we enter a higher realms reality, we don't get to take any of our old and lower vibrating "stuff" with us, so here we are, with what appears to be nothing. In addition, things may currently feel as though they just are not quite right, and we do not know why. We may not feel that we are in our new grooves yet.we just feel sort of "off." Part of this is due to the waiting for as many souls as possible to be on board when the energy really surges again in March. And part of this is due to the fine tuning process that we are still undergoing. We haven't landed quite yet, but the pieces are coming together. Yes, we will get our groove back, but it will be a better groove than ever before, as we will be much more greatly connected to Source. We will then be able to offer our contribution from a greater soul level. And this brings up another manifestation of higher realms reality... humanitarianism. As we continue with our spiritual evolutionary process, we begin to move more and more into the space of service to humanity. It can arrive as an intense desire to leave all our old manifestations and life behind and dive into the humanitarian realm, or perhaps as an unquenchable need to connect to others. The ascension process serves to purge and spin off so much of what is no longer needed within us. What is then left is a purer self of God energy. And in the higher realms, with that old thrust for survival no longer at the forefront (this will become much more evident after March arrives than it is now), along with the struggle to have our needs met slowly dissipating, we are left with a vehicle of love that needs an outlet. It is not about us is about all of us. Our individual selves are no longer our main focus, as much of who we are is gone or most certainly in the process of departing. Another manifestation of our arrival into a higher vibrating reality, and one that is intensifying greatly now, is the diversity factor. The higher we vibrate, the more we will need to identify our overlap energy and value it. But we will need to identify a higher vibrating overlap energy than simply our differing viewpoints. Currently, and gaining more and more speed, is the intense anger and hatred between differing viewpoints, perceptions, and opinions. This is occurring for the purpose of letting it go so that we can go higher. This arena is getting very intense and uncomfortable, so that we will desire and be willing to embrace something new that feels MUCH BETTER. If we can identify what we ultimately have in common with one who has a vastly differing viewpoint, then we can unite within this overlap. Is it a common emotion of passion, a common level of great caring, a genuine compassion, a desire for wanting change, or perhaps simply a love for all? We usually believe what we do because we ultimately have a desire to help and make a difference. In the lower vibrating realities, great mis-perceptions still abound. We still see things through a denser filter of inaccurate beliefs stemming from our dis-connect or ego selves. We tend to hold so tightly to these beliefs as we have black and white thinking and truly believe that our way is the only way possible.because we believe it to be the highest and best way. Ultimately, then, we are all coming from a higher vibrating space, but manifesting it through these differing areas of diversity that stem from the denser beliefs. Identifying the higher overlap of a higher vibrating purpose or emotion, can unite us once again. And the hatred and anger will intensify until it becomes unbearable enough to create a willingness for unity and change. This is how the polarity reality works. Darkness always serves to spur on a higher way. Perceptions will be a hot topic in times to come, as they are so very instrumental in holding us back, at the core of all of our uncomfortable creations, and basically serve to lock us into a lower vibrating reality. This reality blocks us from unity, trust, self-worth, and much else that vibrates highly. These mis-perceptions are all in our heads and can therefore be changed. Much of what we believe to be true or believe to be how things work is simply an inaccurate belief. We can let these beliefs go. We made them all up. Staying in our creativity, communing with nature, staying out of our heads and in the reality that is really and truly before us (nature, the earth, and the simple pleasures), can greatly help. If we can over-ride these mis-perceptions by trying a different response or behavior, we can start to shake up this old groove. It may feel at first like writing with your left hand when you are a right-hander, but just think about the difference it will make in your life. If we were to ask anyone close to us how we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, they would most likely be delighted to tell us. And we can then start from there. It may be an eye-opener, or it may not. But at least it will illuminate our own particular mis-perceptions and we can then be free to create something new!Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.Until next time,Karen