Thursday, December 7, 2006

What's Up On Planet Earth?

Head Colds and Body StiffnessIf you've been feeling like you have a head cold, or even a full bodysinus ache, with stiffness and pressure, you are most likelyparticipating in yet another purging or transmutation process.December brought in some "old" energy, and as lightworkers usuallydo,many are transmuting this denser energy through themselves in orderfor it to be released.Our spiritual evolutionary process involves integrating and embodyingmuch more of the feminine energies. With the holidays at hand, muchofthe feminine is at the forefront.with nurturing, support (giving),andunity energy. In this regard, the old masculine energy is becomingblatantly evident, creating a very low tolerance for it. I am notreferring to men and women here, but simply the old masculine energyverses the new feminine energy.Because we are now vibrating much higher than we have in past holidayseasons, this clash of old masculine energies with new feminineenergies is magnified more than usual. When we have resistance, itcreates allergy symptoms. When we are vibrating higher than oursurrounding energies, this can create a natural and even subconsciousresistance. Thus, sinus pressure, chest congestion, body aches, andstiffness. These symptoms also occur when we are releasing ortransmuting denser energies through ourselves.With the added stresses that the holidays can bring, there is a lotofextra energy flying around out there. If you are one who is unusuallysensitive, and most of us are, it can be easy to feel these flyingenergies. And even if you are not experiencing any extra stress orpressure in your life, being sensitive will allow you to feelstressedor pressured just from outside energies that are not even your own!The holidays can bring in "boxes" and rituals that we are no longerinalignment with. In the higher realms, most everything has to do withsynchronicity, a natural flow, and no time constraints or "haveto's."Because of this, there is again a clash with some of the "old"holidaytraditions. If you are one who loves the holidays, you will mostlikely be in alignment then, with some of their energies and feelbetter than most. For some, you may feel pressured and some of thepleasures may no longer be present. Attitudes and perceptions have agreat influence with alignments.We are now vibrating higher than we were before, so in this regard,experiencing the once a year holidays forces us to "go back" to thelower realms of prior 3D creations and some of them simply no longerfit. This, on top of the clash of the old masculine energies with theintegration of the feminine energies, can cause pressure withinus.physically and emotionally.The Future EnergiesSo what is coming up energetically on the horizon after the holidaysare over? The month of MARCH is going to be huge. MARCH, MARCH,MARCH.Huge. Although March is several months away, we have been preparingfor a month or two now, and will continue to be preparing until itarrives. Much energy will arrive in March. It will be a time ofanother big surge of light. March will be magical. It will contain anavalanche of light energy that will fill our souls and bring ussubstantial amounts of anything and everything.The solstices bring in depth.going deep and purging, releasing, andtransmuting what denser energies are still remaining. This processprepares us for the equinoxes, which usually bring in the forwardmovement that is ready after the purging is complete for a particularstage. And then there are times where the addition of certainplanetary alignments to this scenario greatly magnifies the energiesas they support us in arriving where we are planning to go as well.So then, this detoxing, purging, releasing, and transmuting we arecurrently experiencing is simply preparing us for more light to enterour reality and certainly ourselves. These stages of ascension arenecessary, as we would not want to be creating from an old 3D realitybased perception of things, or from our ego or dis-connect selves.Releasing the denser energies allows us to create from a much moreconnected stance, thereby allowing us to create a much highervibrating reality. We would not want to be creating and receiving somuch when these surges of light arrive, until we are primed andready!Otherwise we might end up creating something that is much moreundesirable when these high vibrating energies arrive.The connections and unusual supports we have been experiencing willcontinue to arrive. We are not necessarily receiving large amounts ofabundance right now in the form of money, but are continuing toreceive the supports and manifestations that are necessary for theimplementations and creations of our storefronts. In this way, whenthis energy surge arrives in March, we will all be good and ready formuch abundance to arrive through these gates of our storefronts.January will bring in much more forward moving energy. It will have amagical feel and things will feel light, airy, and as though much isfalling in our laps. As in past years, there will most likely be anindepth energy alert posted at the beginning of January that willaddress the year of 2007 as a whole, so I won't say much more aboutJanuary just yet.(P.S. If you were one who subscribed to the new e-list and hadtroublewith the confirmation link, please wait awhile and try again. In mostevery case, a future attempt is successful. You may also re-subscribeif you gave up, as e-mail addresses are never duplicated.)