Sunday, December 3, 2006

Paradigm Shift: Living 4th Dimensionally

Paradigm Shift: Living 4th DimensionallyMaybe it seems like I think too much about this stuff,but, really, I�m not actively �thinking� about it, itjust comes to me, and makes so much sense� LOL!The process of becoming, or rather learning to just BEa 4th Dimensional Spiritual Being is so absurdlysimple, it amazes me at how complicated some like tomake it sound. I�ve read so many channelings, andteachings, and dogmas, and �thou shalts,� and rituals,and rules and so forth about �How to� and �what not todo�, etc. its no wonder many people are confused andlooking to OTHERS for the answers. The very sameanswers that are just as easily obtained be lookingINWARD and seeking our their own inner wisdom andguidance. It is so amazing, to me, how easily the spiritualreality of the 4th Dimension is that it becomesobscured by our constant �doing-ness�. All theseeking through external sources only serves tofurther shroud the simplicity.Think about it� if we are truly more than wephysically perceive ourselves to be, then why is it soHARD to realize then what we truly are? In truth, itis NOT hard at all, but we have been conditioned tobelieve it MUST be hard. Remember the axiom,�Anything worth HAVING is worth WORKING for�? This isa remnant of our religious WORK ETHIC. It is the VEILthat keeps us from enlightenment and thus ascension. We are so caught-up in the belief that we MUST �do�something to �become� something. This iscounter-intuitive. The key to �BECOME� something isnot �DOING�, it is just �BEING.� Doing something, assilly as this sounds, would be more correctlyreflected in a word such as �Docome�� the root of�become� is �BE�� not �DO.� This is such a hardconcept for people to accept. Think about mankind�s evolution of consciousnessagain. In quantum physics, the 2nd Dimension isphysically comprised of 2 dimensions of existence. Physics teaches it is comprised of such qualities aslength and width, or we could say it is manifested inideas made up of points, lines and planes. This isspiritually conceptualized in primitive man�s mindsetwhen he thought the world was FLAT and the Earth wasthe center of the known universe. That only what hephysically experienced was REAL, and since he onlylived in small tribes and had limited understanding ofdistance and the way things worked he developed aFear-Based Religion to explain all the unexplainablefactors. As mankind�s consciousness evolved he slowly began tounderstand how things worked, they fear-factor startedto fade away as he realized there were natural reasonsfor weather and so forth. He realized the Earthwasn�t flat and that it was just one of many objectsthat actually revolved around the Sun, and that fearshould no longer rule his actions. This was aParadigm Shift. Mankind�s consciousness began toevolve from 2 Dimensional thought to 3 Dimensionalthought. Even so, there were those who were stillafraid, and desperately clung to the old paradigm ofFear. Of course, as Spider-Man is known to say, �Withgreat power comes great responsibility.� This lessonwas sorely lost among many who realized that this newknowledge did, indeed, bring a greater comprehensionof the world they lived in and thus a greaterunderstanding of how to manipulate it. People werestill living with one foot in the 2nd Dimension andone in the 3rd, metaphorically speaking. The lastvestiges of stranglehold of the 2-D world weremanifested during what we appropriately call �The DarkAges� or Medieval Times, when the struggle to retainthe OLD ways was at a fevered pitch and it manifesteditself in so many horrible ways. From that point on,the Bell Chart would show the gradual movement downand away from 2-D consciousness. The height of 3rd Dimensional consciousness wasachieved during the Industrial Revolution, but alreadya new Paradigm Shift was underway. People were slowlywaking up to a new way of perceiving life known as the4th Dimension. This is what we call the GreatAwakening or New Age thinking. The shift was slowthen, and only those who actually sought outenlightenment could find it, even though it wasreadily available to anyone who desired it. Religionstill played a powerful role in controlling thethoughts and actions and beliefs of the generalpopulation. Fear (a vestige of the 2nd Dimension) wassuccessfully integrated into 3-D consciousness as itstill proved to be a powerful tool for control. Now, we are living in a time when more and more andmore people are AWAKENING to the 4th Dimension andrealizing that there is more than just the physicaland natural, but there is the spiritual, as well. Notthe false spirituality which the Church taught byplacing itself as the only door through which onecould travel to find it, but the TRUE spiritualitywhich inhabits each and every one of us and is foundsimply by looking within. We are awakening toourselves and our true ESSENCE. We are rediscoveringwho and what we really are. And the most profoundattribute of this truth is found in it�s basicsimplicity. To �become� who you really ARE is to just�BE.� There is no denying that it is not easy just �being�all the time. This is where we are confronted withthe circumstances of duality. As in the previousparadigm, we are faced with the metaphor of dualexistence of having one foot in the 3rd Dimension andone in the 4th. The first step, naturally, wasAWAKENING to the understanding of there being MORE toexistence than just the physicality of 3-D reality. That was our �baptism� into the Spirit realm. At thatmoment we pierced the Veil that separated ourconsciousness from the Astral Dimension (the 4thDimension). Quantum Physics calls the 4th Dimension�Time� or rather �Space-Time�, but we don�t reallyunderstand what that truly means. Yes, TIME is theforth dimension, when added to the previous threespatial dimensions of length, width and depth/heightwe get �Space-Time.� The better way to understand the4th Dimension is to understand that it is BEYOND timeand space. It is the ability to comprehendnon-linearly. To use and trust your OWN intuition andguidance for understanding the world and the waythings are (not just work, but ARE).To �SEE� beyond physical sight and notice theconnectivity between apparently unrelated things. Howone thing that happens in one place literally effectsanother in another place, even though they are notapparently touching each other. Albert Einstein was a4th Dimensional thinker. People we call Autistic orIdiot Savants see things 4th Dimensionally. As we Awaken more and more we are actually travelingback and forth, in and out of the 4th Dimension and weare receiving more and more and more wisdom andunderstanding. Fear loses its stranglehold on ourminds. Death becomes a non-issue as we realize thereis no REAL death, only a transition of energy andmatter from one form to another. We understand we areeternal beings and thus, everything, all of ourexperiences, are merely transitional phases. Nothingis truly permanent, so ANTHING is possible. We becomethe creators of reality we were always meant tounderstand we are, thus we see Magick and Miracles assimply a natural and normal part of our lives. Welearn to distinguish the difference between our dualnature and control the baser side to a point where itno longer has any lasting effect. We learn to askourselves �What is the worst that could happen?� andthus fear loses the battle. Each time we are AWARE ofour raised consciousness we are actually widening thehole in the Veil and making it more and more a part ofour constant state of being. As a result we canbetter see ourselves as ALWAYS having a portion of ourmind connected to the 4th Dimension and we see exactlywhat is happening �behind the scenes� in the 3rdDimension. We just KNOW, instinctively andintuitively and thus the fear fades into comfort andunderstanding. We may not always like what we know,and we may even struggle against it, due to our 3-Dnature, but as we relax ourselves and lessen thestruggle, we are better able to control the way we�react� and thus tap into our �re-creative� powers.For me, meditation is a key way of learning how tojust �BE.� The better I become at just �BE-ing� thebetter I am at handling the 3-D world I still residein.Next Stop: The 5th Dimension. All ABOARD!!!